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Posted by XIV 9 years ago
Inventory of XIV's Personal Items (from list inside many, many boxes containing my former desk, direct transcript)  
Books: In The Flesh, Slaughterhouse 5, Dark Tower - Gunslinger, The Proud Highway, World War Z, Playboy Book of Science Fiction  
DVD's: Labyrinth, Death Proof  
CD's: Bowie At The Beeb, Aphex Twin - Richard D James, Death From Above 1979, Origin - Echoes of Defamation, The Berzerker, GNP, Franz Ferdinand, Helmet, The Streets - A Grand Don't Come For Free  
Statues: Crow T Robot, Assassin's Creed, Fallout 3 Bobblehead, Portable Diorama (portal papercraft), HG Giger, Spawn, 1 Miscellaneous  
Sony Portable Speakers  
1 Insignia CD Player w/Speakers & Controller box  
24 Crayons  
Grip Master  
1 Green Shirt  
1 Green Pail  
1 Water Bottle  
1 Blue Coffee Mug and Glass  
1 Popcorn Tub  
1 Plate  
1 Bowl  
1 Fork & Spoon  
1 Renu Contant Solution  
1 Aqua Liquid Glue  
2 piggy banks  
35 cents  
1 exacto knife  
1 rubber cutting mat  
2 lizard buttons  
1 Asimov Lied button  
1 Crossword Puzzle Book  
2 Vials of Unknown Liquid  
1 Robot Pen  
1 Nameplate  
1 T-Square  
Kids In The Hall, Many Miscellaneous Demotivational Posters, GNP Flyer, 2 OBCT, The Obese, Resistencia, David Bowie, Transformers (WARHAMMER 40K GODDAMMIT), I Want You!, THX 1138, The Esoteric
crataegus: They let you keep your nameplate?
Hey, on sec...
FoolProof: WHAT?!?!!
pneum0nic: I like your inventory. Too bad it is only under such circumstances as losing ones job that we get to make such lists!  
Hang in there, buddeh!