Card Night
Posted by FuzzyDave 9 years ago
Every afternoon, after I get home from work, i play a few hands of UNO on facebook to wind down.  
Now I know many of you don't like that game, so I'd like to propose this:  
Card Night.  
We decide on a card game (or even a boardgame) that 4 of us can play online on facebook or another free site. We'd have just as many players as needed so we don't have to deal with douchebag strangers.  
Also, we'd hook up via Skype and chat with each other. So, it'd be like we were all sitting around the same card table hanging out.  
Suggestions welcomed.
cornpone: Poker, obviously. Though I know not many Lfer's are into it. I'm down for anything, depending on the day of the week.
FuzzyDave: i think FB has a texas hold em game.
cornpone: It does.
AB: I'm also good with poker.  
Uno and Go Fish too.
FoolProof: YOU Go Fish!!
clu: QuakeLive. :)
cornpone: This looks fun. I think I could enjoy myself even if I sucked.  
cornpone: What days of the week work best for people?  
Monday night is best for me. Wednesday ok, but i'd prefer mond. Tues and Thurs I work evenings. Weekends are up in the air.
FuzzyDave: Monday night is fine with me.