It's AB's 20th Birfdai. Tell Him How Much Love Him
Posted by FuzzyDave 9 years ago
This much...
Serisan: iFail, new from Apple.
FoolProof: Oh, you're in for it now.
Have a happy day, buddy!
^^^That's the G rated version. The uncensored DVD will be coming out any time now.
I am nothing but pure fail at HTML image coding if this didn't pop up this time. If so, have a link.  
FoolProof: <img src="">
LinusMines: Very well, then...  
AB: Thanks guys.  
And Dave, I love the pic in the OP.
cornpone: WOOOO HOOOOO!!!  
since it looks like the promised cuppicakes were forgotten....
Darwish: Happy birthday, kid. Remember: it's all downhill from here.
AB: Downhill? Like on a rollercoaster ride?  
vinfille: Dude, it's not downhill yet. It's all downhill after 23. Get it right.
Darwish: I think I remember reading that the long slide into decrepitude starts at 27.
Dyskolos: You gotta watch out for the cube years, man.
You Never
groinfowler: Fuzzy Dave, you are like Nathan Jones....  
You never write you never call  
but anyway, new series of Buzzcocks this Thursday 9:30pm (gmt) BBC2.
groinfowler: PS: Not a teenager anymore,  
Happy Birthday AB you old git you
badbunny: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lorddimwit: My mind. Blown.