Apple branded graphics tablet?
Posted by FoolProof 9 years ago
I'm told that there exists, somewhere out there, an Apple branded graphics tablet that's of decent quality and a fair price. Anyone have any experience with these units and/or know a good place to get one?  
I'm told they're supposed to be a fraction of the price of WACOM tablets, which would be nice since I don't have $300+.
FoolProof: bomp
clu: I've never heard of these. Though I did have a Koala Pad for my commodore 64 back in the day. You might be able to find one on ebay for two bucks.
FoolProof: No, not one of those tablets. A drawing tablet. An input device for graphic design. One of these:  
...never mind, then.
FoolProof: C'mon, people. Anything??
LinusMines: I have an older Wacom Graphire (4x6). I believe they're Mac-ready and are otherwise less expensive.  
Not knowing your size requirements, here's an Amazon search.
FoolProof: I'm not sure what size she's looking for, either. She told me that her instructor has one. She say's it's comparable to a WACOM but actually branded Apple. I haven't seen 'em anywhere. I wonder if she's not mistaken.
clu: They sell Wacom tablets at the Apple store. Could this be the source of the confusion?
FoolProof: Nope. It has the Apple logo on it.
FoolProof: Maybe dood's a fanboi and put a sticker on it. :D I'll tell her what I tell everyone else: Pix or it didn't happen.
clu: That was going to be my next response.
FoolProof: Yeah. Get me a model number or something.
LinusMines: There was an actual Apple Graphics Tablet once upon a time, but it's long been out of production.
FoolProof: Old school. Nice. I doubt that's it, but cool find.