Cool Stuff About The 2009 Marine Corps Marathon...
Posted by LinusMines 9 years ago write down before I forget.  
-- After arriving at 7:30 AM for an 8:00 race start, I found myself rushing toward the starting line not from behind, but from the front. As I rushed along the shoulder of the road, taking in the sight of the elite runners lined up under the arch, I came within 20 yards (I'm guessing) of the Howitzer used to signal the start of the race. I moved up the hill a couple yards to take in a sight I'd never seen so close in any of my other races. When the gun went off, I could feel the percussion hit me square in the face. As the elites started moving, I took to the grass off the road and made my way further down to my pace corral (no sense in running with faster runners...with 30,000 runners, it would take 15 minutes for my corral to get in motion, anyway).  
-- Near Mile 21 (The Bridge of Death): Someone dressed as the Grim Reaper, banging on a cowbell, behind a gigantic sign reading THE END IS NEAR.  
-- Between Miles 16 and 17 (Constitution Avenue): Two spectators, each holding giant prop cigarettes with foil tinsel balls simulating flames and reading YOU'RE SMOKING on the sides. I LOLed.  
-- At multiple spots along the course: The Inspirational Phrase of the Day: Pain is weakness leaving the body.  
-- At only one spot along the course, past the halfway point: The Inspirational Yet Slightly Strange Phrase of the Day: That isn't's your fat cells crying.  
-- Between Miles 20 and 21: Spectators in costumes handing out little shots of beer (I declined).  
-- Between Miles 4 and 5: A 77-year-old runner (back of his singlet read Dr. Roy / Born 1932) getting mad props from younger women.  
-- During the first half: Looking up and seeing Marine One, and later what I think was a pair of Osprey.  
-- Near Mile 22: A girl dressed as a pumpkin (and a spectator berating everyone else for being outrun by a giant squash).  
-- Either near Mile 18 (the National Archives) or between Miles 22 and 23 (Crystal City, VA): A dog on a spectator's leash that looked a mix between a spotless dalmation (or a greyhound) and a pit bull...I should've stopped and asked what breed it was!  
-- Three spots along the course after Mile 16: Surprised by people I knew who were out being spectators...that rarely happens to me.  
-- Mile 12 (Hains Point): Hearing a rock band play that classic inspirational song of runners everywhere.  
-- Throughout the first half: How much the race resembled an event in a certain Python sketch.
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