New job
Posted by Mac 9 years ago
I startz one in January
LowFlyingMule: Congrats!!!
w00t, indeed.
Hugh2d2: 'Grats.
FoolProof: ^^^?
Mac: upgrade (to a new company).  
Fancy new 'director' title to go wif it.
AB: fw00t!
FoolProof: Rawk! Congrats.
kingskyprawn: Pay that man!
bozino: so are you with a totally new company, or did you get upgraded with the acquirers of the old place?
Mac: New company. I had an offer from 'acquireco', and was technically an employee for 2 weeks.  
If I was making a list of companies I wanted to work for, 'acquireco' wouldn't be on that list. As a result, I left.