Avatar versus Ratatouille
The wife & I saw Avatar yesterday. Very nice! I have only a few quibbles/observations (with spoilers):  
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1. In the future, mercenary companies will have a "do not hire" policy on asians, and asians can only be found working in nerdy fields like "science". Or, maybe asians will be too smart and/or rich and/or sane to hire into a mercenary army.  
2. Initially it bothered me that, once Jake found out that a human's mind could be transferred into a Na’vi body, why didn't they just do it before the big battle? But then it occurred to me that it hadn't been proven to work, and they had to get ready for the battle - no time to try another transfer.  
3. [3D tech] The circular polarization that REALD uses in their 3D glasses works a lot better that the old linear polarized glasses. Circular polarization allows a person to move their head much more that linear polarization, which makes for a much more comfortable viewing experience.  
4. Just a bit o'whimsy - the similarities between the plots of Avatar and the Disney-Pixar movie Ratatouille:  
Hero uses an avatar to infiltrate a tribe.  
The hero is smaller and weaker than the avatar.  
Tribal female teaches the hero the skills needed to be a member of the tribe.  
Tribal female falls in love with the avatar.  
Hero has information that proves key in defeating an unethical foe.  
Upon being told the truth, the female initially rejects both the hero and the avatar.  
Hero becomes a respected member of the tribe.  
Did I miss any other similarities?  
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Well - I bow down to this!: