I hate pop music.
Posted by FoolProof 9 years ago
...but Lady Gaga is pretty much the best thing ever.
I disagree with you...
crataegus: but I still think she rocks.
FoolProof: Don't hate. Appreciate.  
Fzcking amazing at 4:58.
FuzzyDave: you made a rhyme.
AB: Well crap, I think I like her.
FoolProof: SEE!?
vinfille: Was that Deathburger she's in bed with?
FoolProof: Hehe. Could've been, but I don't think she's his type.
I like Lady Gaga because
SpearmintFur: She's like Madonna but actually relevant to my generation.
Dyskolos: Are ya tryin' ta 'cause a big s-s-s-sensation?
FoolProof: WRONG! This is different.
Darwish: You're all wrong.
AB: Not on MY internet, we're not.
FoolProof: Trumped.
Trumped FAIL.
Trumpet win.
Everyone wins with pancakes.
FoolProof: [angelic chorus]