This Saturday, I'm Going To The North
One of the things I've always wanted to try, in my time of living in the south of the San Francisco Bay Area, was to walk from where I lived, northward to San Francisco via El Camino Real. I would take my time, stopping to check out interesting places as the whim strikes me. At night, I'd sleep at a motel or with friends. My terminating goal would be to touch the Pacific Ocean at Ocean Beach.  
As a test in support of that goal, this Saturday I'm going to walk from our house , northward up El Camino Real as far as I can from 7AM to 7PM. I intend to take breaks every two hours, and a longer break at lunch. Whichever city I end up in, my wife will meet me there and we'll go to dinner at a local restaurant.  
This Saturday walk will mostly be a straight slog with no pausing to check out the sights along the way. I won't be going for speed, just a steady comfortable pace. I probably won't bring any sort of device with me more complicated than my "dumb" cell phone, so I won't be tempted to stop at every wifi spot and post FaceBook updates about my journey! My cell phone has terrible texting features, so I won't be doing that either.  
I will bring my old digital camera - it's lighter than the new one, and I don't want to take elaborate pictures anyway. The documentation will mainly be done with a little notebook and a pencil.  
I estimate that I will get no farther than San Mateo - 20 miles. I have not done any special training or conditioning for this - I just plan to wear comfortable layered clothing and head protection, and bring a small pack for any clothes I shed and my notebook. Oh, and some snacks and a water bottle.  
No stress, main thing!  
kingskyprawn: 20 miles! Got to Central Park in the town of San Mateo.
FoolProof: NICE.
FoolProof: I think it's cool that you up and decided to do this, seafood.
bozino: worded. albeit late.
pneum0nic: 20 miles - same as in town!