A Walk Report
Posted by kingskyprawn 9 years ago
A few words about my 20 mile walk last Saturday.  
No Blisters! - I can endorse sock liners for the prevention of blisters - nothing remotely like a blister after all that walking. I don't know which brand I bought years ago, but they look like this.  
The numbers (distances are approximate) from the Mountain View/Sunnyvale border at 7am:  
Palo Alto – around 9:15am, 6 miles  
Menlo Park – 10:50am, 8 ½ miles  
Redwood City – 12:12pm, 11 miles  
San Carlos – 2pm, 13 ½ miles  
Belmont – 3:30pm, 15 miles  
San Mateo – 4:10 pm, 16 ¾ miles  
Central Park, San Mateo – 6pm, 20 miles  
Average of 1.8 MPH  
Some Pictures and Comments  
Mountain View: Psychic Cleaners - two businesses, side-by-side, one a dry cleaner, the other a psychic - Why not share a sign?  
Palo Alto: Sculpture at Adobe Creek - seems to be two boulders in the process of making little boulders:  
I was feeling the burn as I traveled through Palo Alto. Took two short breaks, but decided to push on into Menlo Park before taking an extended break.  
Menlo Park: Resting mobile giant phallus.  
Menlo Park: Fire engine parked inside the showroom of an out-of-business auto dealer:  
Atherton: What passes for a bus stop in Atherton, sitting on what passes for a sidewalk:  
The first mile of Atherton was the scariest portion of my walk, because that stretch of El Camino Real has no sidewalks, just a shoulder area. The only thing between myself and the whizzing hulks of metal was a white line painted on the road two feet from my left side. The bus stops have no shelters, so I couldn't rest until I got past the asphalt hell portion.  
There are sidewalks when the zoning changes from residential to business. Can't have paying customers run over before they spend money in tax-paying establishments!  
For the last 10 miles of my trip, from Redwood City to San Mateo, I was getting increasingly achey in my calves and my feet were little bundles of nagging pain. Lesson learned - on my "real" walking trip to S.F., do no more than 8 or 10 miles a day. Interesting that from an aerobic point-of-view, I was just fine the whole trip. I think the snacking on trail mix and hydrating helped in that regard, and the planned rest stops.  
Redwood City: Little Copenhagen Restaurant sign - a restaurant I was always curious about when I lived in San Carlos, but reviews rated it mediocre, so we never tried it. I see now that the restaurant is closed, but fine dining is still available!  
Redwood City: Taqueria El Grullense - they make damn fine chorizo scrambled eggs here!  
Ate lunch at the Whole Foods in Redwood City. Then tried to find a place to stretch out a bit and rest. Found the foyer of an office building under construction, with nice new cool metal benches.  
San Carlos: Laurel Park, a charming little post-stamp-sized park, in downtown San Carlos. Every bench has a plaque giving credit to the donors who made the purchase of the bench possible.  
Belmont: The sign of the old Belmont Theatre - the true signpost of Belmont, greeting visitors traveling south from San Mateo.  
When I reached Hillsdale Mall, I could finally see in the distance one of my major psychological goals, the overpass of Highway 92. It truly gave me strength to see this major landmark coming closer to me with every step.  
San Mateo: Supreme Soul's "The House Of Mayhem" Dance Studio - teaching hip-hop and other styles of dance.  
I originally planned to walk until 7pm, but I reached my limit at 6pm, after 20 miles. I waited for Mary to pick me up at Central Park in San Mateo, on a bench with this plaque in memory of Oris Latta.  
I gave the squirrels some of my homemade trail mix. They mostly focused on the walnut meats and disdained the dried cereal. I also passed on any having any more cereal, and opted instead for pizza and smokey BBQ'd mammal flesh at Windy City Chicago Style Pizza - and it was good!  
vinfille: Very cool! I've done a 10-mile hike in a day (up and down mountains) but never 20. Nice job!
kingskyprawn: Well, going up and down is much harder than horizontal with a few bumps and driveway dips!