Still in a Band.
Posted by humandoing 8 years ago
Well i'm still in a band cept i swapped instruments. our keyboard player died of cancer and as bass players are easier to find than K/board players i moved over.  
Cant say i am enjoying it at the moment as i have to learn the whole set again and new songs. that's showbiz folks.  
humandoing: Woah, didn't think it would turn out that big!is there any way i can resize it?
you know what makes me heart swoon?
XIV: a roland and a korg sharing the same nugget of space with electrical tape on the stand. *le sigh....*
LinusMines: I'll keep my fingers crossed for that taped-up tier.
LinusMines:'s just cosmetic. Never mind.  
I've seen one duct-taped keyboard stand too many.
humandoing: Yeah the Back light display on the Korg is poor so i tape a bar onto the stand and have a lamp shining on it. i'm too lazy to drill holes in it.that's several gigs worth of tape on there. damn i'm mad about that picture size.
LinusMines: Not me...I like seeing the extra detail.