Not paying for cable? Too cheap to buy an antenna? No big deal. Watch these gems instead:
Posted by glitch p-udding 8 years ago
Louie: Comedian Louis C.K. pushes the boundaries of both comedy and television with only a shoestring budget on this brilliant FX series. ¬†  
Q TV: CBC Radio show Radio Q publishes video of their interviews online. ¬†The thoughtful and eloquent Jian Ghomeshi interviews the likes of Kids In The Hall, Jeff Tweedy, Eddie Izzard, Devo, Louis C.K., Werner Herzog and Nick Hornby.  
Break A Leg: David Penn just got his first sitcom, Groommates, picked up -- the problem is, he may not live long enough to see it succeed. Arrested Development fans will be hooked after three minutes.¬†  
Greek: I'm not sure when ABC Family stopped living up to it's name, but this series is not at all family friendly. ¬†This show about fraternities and sororities is better than most of the stuff running on ABC proper.¬†  
Terra: A constant stream of quality short documentary films dealing with the natural world. ¬†Highly addictive and astonishingly prolific. ¬†  
Boston Legal: James Spader? William Shatner? Candace Bergen? Constant Betty White appearances? Awesome! This funny, quirky, topical and unapologetically political show was sadly overlooked while on the air.  
Life From The Inside:¬†Mason Evan Harris was the best "English Language Obscure Foreign Holiday Novelty Songwriter" in the business. That was 5 years ago. Now that his money has run out, he's reluctantly come out of retirement to start a new career as a less-than-enthusiastic jingle writer. ¬†Very funny show from ludicrously talented people.  
Bandstand Busking: Up and coming bands perform in bandstands around London. ¬†Completely original performances from the likes of Ed Harcourt, The Twilight Sad, Kill It Kid, The Black Lips and Psapp.  
Archer: Quirky, but accessible animated comedy featuring the voices of H. Jon Benjamin (Dr. Katz), Judy Greer, Chris Parnell and Jessica Walter (Arrested Development).  
Stupid For Movies: LA film critics Mark Keizer and Wade Major host this intensely watchable movie review show. Not since Siskel and Ebert has film criticism been this watchable.  

Add them to your Clicker playlist and you're all set. Oh...and follow me there so I can follow you back.

misycarrot: Look how far we've come from 2010...I can watch everything using a Chromecast and my telephone. Weird.

meh. Who needs a Chromecast?