Action Movie Recommendations, Please
Posted by kingskyprawn 8 years ago
My dad mostly seems to like action movies, with a preference of martial arts over shoot/blow-em-up, but gunplay is acceptable (a la the Transporter series). Also, he's not into going to see new movies in the theater, so it'll have to be available at Blockbuster or Netflix.  
In order for me to not go nuts over really stupid examples of the genre while watching them with him, please recommend some action movies according to the following criteria:  
1. The hero cannot depend overly-much on pure luck and/or the poor marksmanship of the bad guys. If there's a scene with the good guy stands in the open with pistol(s) blazing and manages to take out three or more bad guys armed with machine guns, I'm not interested (exceptions - if the hero can control "reality" and stop bullets like Neo in Matrix).  
2. The hero does not becomes a martial arts expert after getting a crash course in super-secret technique from a sympathetic master, which process only seems to take a month or two. (exceptions - comedy, like "Kung Fu Panda")  
3. If the plot revolves around some super-science weapon or bioweapon, please let it not be too much of a violation of known science.  
4. If there is a love interest, let her be believably lovable, as opposed to the Ukranian #[email protected]! in Transporter 3.  
5. No animation - not so much my objection, but I suspect my dad would hate it (although he did ask to see Kung Fu Panda, and seemed to enjoy it for it's quality).  
Eagerly awaiting your suggestions!  
What we've already seen
kingskyprawn: The Bourne series  
The Transporter series  
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon  
Bruce Lee's movies  
Jackie Chan's movies  
Tony Jaa's movies  
Most of Jet Li's movies (but not the one with Jason Stathm)  
The Clint Eastwood "Man with no name" westerns  
FoolProof: Gladiator  
Sin City  
The first Kill Bill movie was alright.  
Lord of the fzcking RINGS, SON! (trilogy)  
Unforgiven (western)  
Hot Fuzz  
I'm told Ip Man is good  
The Incredibles  
The new Star Trek movie  
Mr and Mrs Smith (ho ly shit.)  
Probably some others.  
LowFlyingMule: I've been on an a DiNiro kick lately.  
Cape Fear  
Taxi Driver
bozino: Second on the original Cape Fear. Great movie.
kingskyprawn: Ip Man was great, but be warned it's somewhat more somber than some martial arts movies, being based in China just before and during the Japanese takeover during WWII. Based on true events!