The filter revisited
Posted by blackvelvetjesus 3 years ago
Been looking back through my posts and comments. It's strange to see these fragments of who I used to be. Can't say I much care for that person, but I don't harbor any regret either. I grew out of it.  
I've missed linkfilter and the peculiar little culture that I was allowed to be a part of. I want that again, but for different reasons than before. Having evolved past the need for others to agree with my opinions, I want to participate in this strange and secret society again so that I might be challenged, amused, and enjoy the engagement this relatively narrow channel of communication allows. Reddit is a noise factory, a Singapore crammed full of thieves, whores, and exhibitionists. I prefer the small-town atmosphere of the filter. So, thanks for having me.  
And now for today's important question: Where is lorddimwit?
blackvelvetjesus: First day back on the site, it's after 4am, and I've been on here for six hours looking at old content. Good thing I'm self-employed.  
The general forum is nigh unreadable, but I ran across the obligatory FuzzyDave comments that still make me laugh a decade later, and rediscovered a journal entry from NovelHead where I gave advice that did not result in his immediate death or dismemberment.  
From the chatter last night: Cute Pizza Girl
shigpit: I reached out to Novelhead on Twitter. I hope he gets back here.
secret society

do you remember the secret handshake?

Darwish: Ot's good to see you here.