Some site updates
Posted by potatono 3 years ago

Glad to see folks logging back in and using the site. I've made some pretty significant updates behind the scenes over the last few days. All the source is now on GitHub. Here's a summary of changes..

* Merged with the more modern Otter framework
* Support for proper response codes (404,200,etc)
* Support for memcached caching
* Upgraded passwords to use bcrypt
* Added RSS 2.0 feeds for links and comments (add format=rss)
* Added JSON feeds for links, comments, polls, journals, users (add format=json)

I'm going to take on a modernized skin next and we'll phase out these old janky ones.

There's probably problems, your best bet is to email me or hit me up on Facebook.

Error post is on Facebook

I tagged you on a group post, and pinned it to the top. Thanks for doing what you're doing.

And "Modern Otter Framework" is a great band name.


Opening for Buckeye and the Dam Beavers.


No idea if we have a proper technical problems kind of thread but I'm trying to edit my own link (as it was doing something weird with the apostrophe in the title, which I think was a thing back in the day) and I'm trying to fix it but it just says "Not found."