2015's Most Listened

1 Dick Diver - 269
2 State Champion - 89
3 The Fall - 67
4 adult mom - 66
5 The Cat's Miaow - 46
6 In Tall Buildings - 43
7 Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith - 43
8 dbh - 43
9 Aim & QNC - 39
10 His Name Is Alive - 38

1 Dick Diver — "Waste the Alphabet" 21
2 Dick Diver — "Boomer Class" 17
3 Dick Diver — "Year In Pictures" 15
4 Dick Diver — "Percentage Points" 15
5 Dick Diver — "Private Number" 14
6 Dick Diver — "Tearing The Posters Down" 14
7 Dick Diver — "Leftovers" 13
8 Dick Diver — "Competition" 13
9 Dick Diver — "Resist" 12
10 State Champion — "Don't Leave Home Without My Love" 12

Since the filter went down, I got a radio show. As a result, I listen to more music than ever -- more than 2,200 artists (!) but didn't spend a lot of time with very many (like I used to). Fantasy Error, State Champion's third album, was my favorite but I spent way more time listening to Dick Diver earlier in the year. Highly recommend them both as well as adult mom and Aim/QNC.


Listened to the the first two DD songs...thanks for posting about the group.

j d ess:

glad you like 'em!


My own listening of current artists this past year went down the tubes. There were two bands, however, that stuck in my ears most often:

Sleaford Mods: Their crowdfunded documentary Invisible Britain finally arrived the other day (and robbed me of sleep with a late-night view).

FFS: Seeing them in DC last October finally removed live Mael brothers from my bucket list.

j d ess:

Nice. I missed the FFS show here but heard good things.

Didn't know there was a Sleaford Mods documentary. Will have to check it out. I like the albums a lot.