A preview and discussion of the modern skin
Posted by potatono 3 years ago

Hi all,

I've been toiling away on a new skin that will bring linkfilter a big step forward toward being a modern website. It's responsive, mobile-friendly, and has features you've come to expect like auto-loading of pages (aka endless scroll). It's also blazingly quick, and I haven't even started optimizing it for caching yet.

As a part of this exercise I'm trying to boil linkfilter down to it's absolute essence. You'll notice that a lot of the gory bits like XP and Points are tucked away behind the scenes. It also doesn't support some of the more esoteric features like ignoring people (discuss). My hope is that most of these changes will be fairly non-controversial as I would eventually like this to become the default and eventually only skin.

One change that I think has the potential to cause some alarm is the unified comments view (discuss). I've noticed that the threading system on linkfilter adds very little to conversations. Most replies are intending to add to the end of a conversation, but depending on which reply button you hit you could end up with a long string of "RE: RE: RE: RE:" and a jumbled mess of indentation. The new system allows for exactly one level of threading, with all replies going to the end of that thread. I think it will make conversations much easier to follow, and more inviting to jump in and participate. Each thread is like a mini chat.

I'm making great progress on the modern skin. I hope you guys will like it. Check out the screenshots below and please let me know your thoughts.



Unified comments


Awesome. Thanks potatono.


That does sound like something Dimwit would say.

Couple things:

1. Would love a share button, to Facebook, Reddit, etc.
2. "like" or similar type of button for comments. (don't yell at me)
3. Some way of summoning by name - like if a name is posted in the chatter they can be notified if they're on the site. Chrome notifications would make me tingle.

This is awesome to see. I'll be glad to alpha/beta/gamma test.

Needs more brown.
glitch p-udding:

1 - Needs more brown.
2- I wish the avatars were larger, at least in link posts. Those are huge visual cues for me. I'd love them in comment threads, too.


Meh i'm kind of over brown..

They are in the comment threads, just my copy of the database didn't have avatars for those ones.

The screenshots don't do it justice, you can definitely use them as visual cues in the design.

glitch p-udding:

Then maybe just higher contrast colors?


Thanks for your progress on this...looks great so far!


Stop putting those commie words under my name in the chatter. I don't speak commie.

Looks good though. Thank you!

new skin

thank you