Unified posts and new economy proposal
Posted by potatono 3 years ago

Now that modern is a bit more stable I've started thinking about where to go from here. I'm on a train and my TvOS project is stuck so I've been doing a lot of thinking about it. Here's a proposal..

Unified Posts

First I want to unify links, journals and polls and start adding support for lots of other types. There's no reason we shouldn't be able to share images, videos embeds, music, or anything else that is relevant. That means all the permalinks will change and that elements like ratings will be available on all types. I'd also like to rename journals to blogs or simply text entries.

CP Becomes Currency, XP goes away

The biggest change I'd like to propose is eliminating XP and levels altogether. CP (renamed, ideas?) becomes a true currency that you can bank. Every day you visit the site you get a bit more in the bank. To post you pay the going market value of the place you want to post (more on this later). When people react to your post they pay to do so and that CP goes to you. The net earnings of a post determines its position on the front page. The system levies a small tax on front page posts, which is how they decay off. That tax is then used to pay for the stipend given to visiting the site.

Hey big spender, buy a sub!

Categories go away in favor of reddit style subfilters or subs. Creating one is a big investment, but as the owner of one you'll be entitled to do whatever you want with it. Charge a posting fee, levy your own tax, change the design, mod the posts, whatever. Each sub has its own chat, with chat becoming an increasingly integrated part of the experience.

Conclusions, Your Thoughts?

So that's kind of where I think things are going. I haven't played out any of these concepts yet. I may make some kind of simulation to make sure it could even work. Before going too far down this road I wanted to see what you guys think.
Change is the only constant
LinusMines: All interesting ideas here...
LinusMines: By all means, bring them on!
cornpone: Antimusick is gonna be fuckin' pissed
Do it.
clu: And if you just wanted to simplify categories even further, just use hash tags like tumblr. Super simple. Older categories will be udated as tags.
shigpit: yes. I second the hashtag. We should have a set of them and you can "post" to many by using them. This could work for search as "what's that link that had to do with music and science?"
Me likey.
shigpit: Especially the unified posting. I think something else could be allowing a personal "secret" sub that you can allow people in to read only, read and comment, post/read/comment. I think that's what you meant above though.