Your journal looks a little incomplete.
Posted by Darwish 3 years ago
I will be attending training with a local organization, the Islamic Resource Group of Minnesota, to be a speaker on Islam and Muslims. My special lady and I recently attended a presentation given by the IRG, and we think this kind of work is desperately needed. We also think that, as American converts, we can more effectively communicate with white American audiences. Also, we are told that couples can be very effective in communicating issues of gender.
The Greater Jihad is always the struggle for peace.
Good luck and stay safe
kingskyprawn: ... in the strange northern lands!
Darwish: We need it. It snowed three inches today.
cornpone: Cool dude. Good on y'all.
Darwish: Cornpone! Did you get the honey I sent?

I did, and I got a nice letter recently. My mail correspondence has been poor for the past year or so. I will try and respond soon.

The honey was great, me and the boy ate it all up. Thanks so much!

Darwish: I'm happy you liked it!