Posted by blackvelvetjesus 326 days ago
I was feeling sentimental and, if appearances can be trusted, looking rather nostalgic. This is one of the few online communities that placed association above content. Perhaps I'm speaking with a ghost, but I'll converse quietly with the dead rather than failing to cut through the roar of reddit, facebook, and others.
My facebook account is active, and I believe I'm still a part of the LF group, but talking with the old crew on facebook feels like chatting up friends in the lobby of an STD clinic. Although, I am still grateful for the time that Pone used facebook to get me out of an elevator. I would rather be loathed here than loved on social media.
Speaking of loathing, I'm back to writing stories. Don't expect any sort of release schedule, but should you want some diversion, you can find the ones I've published on Medium. The page isn't monetized, and the stories are only there to be enjoyed.
amateur night
blackvelvetjesus: Unsurprising, I've forgotten all the magical markup business for FORMATTING TEXT AND CREATING LINKS.
blackvelvetjesus: Making progress. Reacquainted myself with the edit button.
kingskyprawn: Alright, reading for later. Hopefully it won't figuratively join the literal stack of unread books I have next to my bed.
Darwish: You aren't speaking to the dead. I, for one, still lurk here. This is still the only online community I feel warm and fuzzy about. I haven't found anything on the modern internet that comes even remotely close to lf.