This is not my beautiful house
Posted by shigpit 301 days ago

To me, Linkfilter was a huge loft with exposed beams, lived-in sofas, a big refrigerator with snakky foods where we all just existed. I miss this little corner, and I came over to check out what's been going on here after oofex posted a picture of chaps on a Facebook thread.

There is a Facebook group here that if you are not part of you should be, even if it is just a holding place for in-jokes and memories.
I miss you.
Darwish: I have been lurking here recently in the hopes that others might notice.
What was it that made lf such a great place to be? I wonder what changed that scattered people across different platforms?
There's just something so different about other platforms and other sites. Lf always felt so personal; I never felt like we were talking with Russian stooges, bots, or even just randos.
kingskyprawn: Other sites want to sell their members to advertisers, and everything bad flows from that.
Darwish: Maybe that's what it was: this was a real community; it wasn't a vehicle for advertising dollars.
I don't remember how, glad I was
kingskyprawn: I don't remember how I found LinkFilter (maybe an entry at MetaFilter???) , but it was a good place. Before anything that would attract people would also automatically attract bots and spammers and crazies.