New Release: Bounties


This release of linkFilter introduces bounties, activities that grant extra rewards for completing specific tasks. Bounties typically run for a week or a day and encourage users to explore and interact.

Once acquired you can click the XP bar to track your progress. Be sure to complete your bounties before they expire, and then collect you reward.

Currently only Cando 99-30 in The Archive is offering bounties, but expect to see more soon.

Release Notes

  • Adds support for bounties, activities that grant additional rewards for specific actions
  • Fixes for nightly and weekly maintenance
  • Fix for new sectors not appearing in post dropdowns
  • Refactor award for bounties and prep for award log
  • Fixes for pagination in sector view
OG descriptions and cross-posting
glitch p-udding:

It's weird that you can repost and alter other people's posts and descriptions without crediting them.

Perhaps the originator should be automatically credited and the original description should be locked, with the ability for a cross-posters add new stuff.

Or cross-posters should be able to do whatever they like and there should be a link that says, "See original description by [user].

glitch p-udding:

I guess all the info is in the original post, with the proper formatting. Just need to add one word:

glitch p-udding:

" [Originally] posted by clu in the wired 19 years ago"


If you click on the "X-posted" it takes you to the original post, but I can make that more explicit

glitch p-udding:

Yeah, I realized that after I posted, but I wish it was more explicit.