Toto... I Think We May Be in Frickin' Kansas
Posted by hatton98 15 years ago
Damn, is it windy here in Boston. I think that's the hardest bit of weather-related nonsense to get used to around here. I can handle the cold, and the snow, and the occasional gigantic tsunami.  
(Okay, that last one never happened. I'm just making that up. Though it might be fun if it did happen. Think of all the sushi we'd have for the next month or two. Yum!)  
Anyway, the wind is usually the issue, and it knows no seasons. It's blustery and gusty year-round in New England, though winter is undoubtedly the worst. It's fricking cold enough around here without some gale-force breeze blowing all the frigid air from the next block onto your head all at once. Not nice.  
You'd think by now the residents of the area would compensate for all the wind -- you know, adapt to the conditions. Cut down all the trees, maybe, and lay underground power lines. But no -- there are still branches and poles and wires overhead, and they still fall all over the place whenever it gets blustery. Seems a bit of a waste, if you ask me. But maybe that's just because I'm responsible for picking up the shit that happens to fall in our yard. Homeowners are so petty that way.  
Hell, the airlines even have a tough time with the wind. In the process of interviewing and moving here a few years ago, my wife and I used a local carrier called, ironically enough, 'EastWind Airlines'. It's now defunct, and I imagine the big reason why was the constant 'weather-related delays' that the flights would suffer. On sunny, cloudless days. In the middle of summer.  
It seems that 'EastWind Airlines' couldn't fly in... the wind. Now, if that doesn't instill confidence in you as a passenger, I don't know what the hell will. A cracked cockpit windshield, maybe? Spiderwebs on the wings? Being asked to drop our feet through the holes on the floor, so we can walk the plane down the runway, Flintstones-style?  
Anyway, we were certain to have at least a two-hour wind-related delay with that airline, each and every time we flew. It's been a while since I've flown out of Logan airport here in Boston -- and even longer since I've been held up on a sunny day, since the other carriers seem to understand how to put 'airplane' and 'wind' together successfully -- but window-rattling, gusty days like today always make me remember our experiences with EastWind Airlines.  
The bastards.  
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