Well, This Is a Pleasant Surprise!
Posted by hatton98 15 years ago
I'm not quite sure how this happened, but I'm not gonna argue with it, either.  
I just hit level 15 here at LinkFilter.  
(That's 'Amazing', for those of you who haven't checked out the list lately -- 'Amazing'. I will now be known as 'The Amazing Charlie', just like I dreamed when I was a kid.  
Well, until I hit the next milestone, and ask people to call me 'Incredible'. But I've been asking women to do that for years, and it hasn't worked. I don't see why that's gonna change anytime soon.)  
Anyway, circling slowly back to the point, the LF FAQ says that level 15 ('Amazing'!) users get 54 points a day. So imagine my wonderment when I checked in this morning and found... an even 100 CP next to my name!  
I'm not sure what happened, exactly. Even if I got CP back for a post overnight -- which doesn't seem to have happened -- that would be a round number: 10, 20, and so on. Add that to 54 and, if I remember my remedial math classes correctly, that's not gonna get you 100.  
So maybe it's a mistake. Perhaps this is the LF version of the 'bank error in your favor'. Whatever. Unlike the bank, if I spend all those points, there's no way to take them back. (Um, I think. Maybe I shouldn't be so cavalier about saying that, though.) So, my goal is to get down to 0 CP ASAP today. Even if that gets me closer to 'incredible', when all I really want to be is 'amazing'. Still, it's better to climb the ladder, if you get the chance, right?  
All right, that's enough for now. I've gotta go find some cool links, so I can spend all this loot. Woo!  
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