Well, That Didn't Work...
Posted by hatton98 15 years ago
So, my it seems my quest to blow 100 CP ASAP went AWOL. I think I ended the day with sixty or so points. Or, in other words, more than I've ever started the day with. Eh. So much for 'grand plans'.  
Still, I found a couple of links, and made a few votes. It's a good day's 'work'. And now that it's after midnight, I should probably get to the actual work -- the application I'm supposed to have ready by tomorrow. Urk.  
Wish me luck. If I only do as well on the real stuff as I did with the LF stuff, I'm in deep shit. I can only hope that the people who told me 'ready' and 'tomorrow' put those words in quotes, as well. Otherwise, I might be 'screwed'. With or without quotes.  
Again, I say, 'Urk'. Double urk, even.  
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