Hey, That's Cool!
Posted by hatton98 15 years ago
I got to nearly double up on points yesterday, because two links that I posted got point refunds. The thing is, they were links that I'd posted the day before, which got me to thinking -- I wonder how people use LinkFilter, exactly?  
See, I'd always pretty much assumed that once a link slides off that all-important first page, it's pretty well buried in the archives. But I'm discovering that that's a fallacy borne from the way that I do my surfing around here. The front page typically houses a few hours' worth of links -- I spend a lot of time near a computer, both at work and at home (and, of course, check LF regularly), so by the time I get halfway or so down that list, I usually start to run into things that I've already seen. So I guess I just assumed (and we all know what trouble that gets 'u' and 'me' into) that other people do the same.  
But, as usual, I don't know what the hell I'm talking about. (You'd think I'd get used to that, but no. It's a new surprise, every damned day. Bitches.)  
Anyway, it's clear to me now that links can get a little something-something a full day, or two, or more, after posting. And certainly, I've done a search here before, found something truly interesting, and voted on it, even months after the fact. But I guess I never envisioned someone sitting down to pore over a whole day's, or week's worth of links at once. I like my entertainment in wee little bite-sized bits. Maybe it's just my short attention span; I don't know.  
In any case, it was nice to get a few CP back -- unfortunately, the links I used them on don't look like they'll be earning me any points anytime soon. Eh. You win some, you lose some, right? And now I know that there's always hope. Maybe someday, far in the future, months or even years from now, somebody will land on one of those links, love it, and slap a 6th vote (or whatever it takes, at the time) on it that's high enough to push it over the edge. Really, who can say for sure?  
I know, I know -- 'Don't hold your breath.' Yeah, ring-tailed lemurs could fly out of my ass, too, right? Damn, you people are snarky. Can't you just let a man dream?  
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