Man, Talk About a Crappy Job
Posted by hatton98 15 years ago
And now, in the category of 'Hey, look who got caught making out with the boss' daughter':  
I work on the 15th floor of my a hospital / research building. It's in a 'medical area', so there are lots of hospitals and medical buildings, and assorted other structures littered around the place. Most of these other places are shorter than fifteen floors, and new sites are constantly going up, so the view out the window at my desk is filled with rooftops, helipads, construction cranes, and smokestacks.  
Anyway, I tell you that to tell you this -- right now, as I type, there's some poor guy a block and a half away on the roof of a four-story building. It's freezing cold, windy -- as always around here -- and this poor sap is shuffling along the rooftop with a broom and dustpan, cleaning the roof. Not sweeping the roof, by the looks of it; there's nothing systematic about it. He's just ambling along, and periodically stops to brush something into the dustpan, and occasionally he takes it over to a big trash bag to dump it out. It's got to be one of the crappier assignments I think I've ever seen.  
And it makes me wonder -- just what the hell did this guy do (or what did he not do, or who did he do) to deserve this shit-on-a-stick freezing cold slice of hell? It's simply got to be a punishment of some kind. Seriously, if there's a candy wrapper or a couple of leaves up there on the roof, who the hell cares? Who's gonna see it? Me? The helicopter pilots? The crane operators? Who cares?  
So, I'm thinking that this guy got caught with his hand in the cookie jar, or his butt on the Xerox machine, or maybe some other, more personal bit in one of the boss' relatives. And so there he is, grumbling and cursing under his breath, picking litter off a surface fifty feet above the ground. Poor guy. I just hope whatever he did was worth it.  
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