Here Come Da Blizzard!
Posted by hatton98 15 years ago
Well, it looks like an 'indoors weekend' around here. The big Nor'Easter is a-comin' our way, and it's slated to dump a foot and a half or more of snow on the greater Boston area. Now, I don't know whether I can manage it, but my goal is to make it from now until Monday morning without leaving the damned house. We'll see how it goes.  
Of course, I'll probably technically have to leave the house to shovel the walk. I suppose I shouldn't count that. As much as I really would like to avoid that, too, it's gonna either me or my wife out there, and I'd lose way too many 'husband points' by making her bundle up and handing her a shovel. You gotta pick your battles, you know.  
So, maybe I should say that I'm hoping not leave my property for a couple of days. Maybe I'll get out there and build a snowman or something, in between the sleeping and writing and back-breaking shovel-monkeying. Sounds like fun, no?  
Anyway, I hope we're ready for this wintry intruder. This is our first storm in the house we bought this spring, so there's no telling what sort of emergency we're gonna run into. The furnace could crap out, or the roof could just blow off... we might wake up to snowdrifts piling up in the living room.  
(Which, in a way, would be pretty convenient, come to think of it. It's an awfully long way from the couch to the bathroom; how much easier would it be to just stand up and write your name in the snow? I'm all about the silver lining, folks. Or, well -- in this case, the yellow lining.  
I know -- 'Ewwww'. Sorry. Somebody had to say it.)  
So, I guess I'll go make sure we're stocked up on drinking water, and bread, and canned soup, and beer, and brown mustard, and double chocolate chip ice cream. You know, the essentials. And then I guess I'd better figure out whether we have any hatches that need to be 'battened down'. Or try, at least -- I don't think I'd know a battened hatch, if it bit me in my battened ass. Maybe there's a web page about this shit -- I dunno. But I'm gonna go do what I can -- the 'big one' is comin'! Bring it on, baby!  
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