Screw 'Icy Daggers' -- These Are Frigging Spears!
Posted by hatton98 15 years ago
While we're on the 'pics of winter' kick here, how about a couple of shots of some of the more impressive icicles I found on the house this morning?  
(Okay, fine, so it was this afternoon when I got up. It's Sunday, all right? If it weren't for the NFL, I'd still be in bed.)  
Anyway, here you go:  
Those of you in New England are used to all of this shit. But if you're tuning in from Florida, or California, or -- who knows? -- somewhere nice and toasty in Africa or Australia, then you'll get a feel for the crap we get here in the colder climes.  
But hey, we get to make snow angels six or seven months out of the year. So we've got that going for us!  
(Bleh. I can't even convince myself. I'm goin' back to bed.)  
Where the Hell Was I?  
hollisfeats: "But if you're tuning in from Florida, California, or. HOTLANTA...hey I bet your a little jealous..". yes: i think So too.
really enjoying these beautiful winter pics...
soulorcell: I'll keep dreaming of a white christmas down here in El Paso :P