Sorry to hear Linkfilter ownership changed...
This has always been an excellent site. Sorry to hear that there's going to be a change of ownership...
ultrafastx: umm...let me put it this way...  
I don't think anybody who's done what you've done ever stepped up and admitted it without being called out on it first. That's ballsy and earns my respect.  
Stick around, I think we'll get on fabulously.  
Oh yeah, and if you do it again, I'll sic madtbone and the cowboys on you. =)
Nope, he got caught
ultrafastx: Hmmm...interesting.  
Seems that some people at MeFi think you (Crazycanadian) are the same user as their ChristFollower, who essentially just got onto MeFi to use it as a marketing scam to collect email addresses for religious spam.  
I suggest potatono and glitch read this and this thread on MeFi. (The latter is the more detailed)  
What do you have to say about this crazycanadian?
ultrafastx: I looked through your deleted links. A number point back to LF and have User Request listed as their reason for deletion. I'm assuming these are the links refered to by the MeFi guys?
My god, that place is boring. Do they make you put a big stick up your butt before they let you join? Apologies to anyone with bad taste who thinks that MeFi is cool.
lorddimwit: I agree with Fluffy. Why don't you quit driving your little babymobile around St. Babysburg, tough up, and start posting some real links. I don't think anyone would have a problem with that.
My crimes...
crazycanadian: My crimes include posting links for self interest on both sites. Also, voting for my links on this site. I have admitted them and ask for forgiveness. I accept my punishment...
jones: CC...this mea culpa routine is sort of freakin' me out. come down off the cross. someone else needs the wood.
jones: but i mean that in the nicest of ways.
I say...
soulorcell: ask t-bone how to handle this one...  
Monkey, Taco, Peanut Butter.
potatono: I'll delete the fake accounts and unroll the votes sometime in the near future. In the mean time, knock that shit off. The punishment will be -100XP per forged vote. I'm not sure what that adds up to.  
In the mean time, relax and post some real posts.  
radioguy: Thank you everyone...I will post only real posts. You are an awesome bunch!
crazycanadian: I feel like a laptop automatically logged me in as Radioguy...Potatono, can you kill that last comment and kill the radioguy account sooner rather than later? Thanx!  
Again...thank you everyone. I will only post the fillet mignon of links. I will only post the real deal. No more self promotion. You guys rock! Cheers.
soulorcell: HAAHAHAHA...  
yer funny :P
soulorcell: btw...want an avatar that rocks?  
lorddimwit: Oh man.... now you're in for it.
soulorcell: I've been trying to get his attention...he seems to be avoiding me...
madtbone: :P