Electric Otterella: A small, unofficial LF index.
Congratulations! You've stumbled across a secret room in Linkfilter!  
This is where we hide the treasure called Electric Otterella! Basically, it's an index of links to cool contributions by various LinkFilterers.  
Post a comment if you have something to add. Enjoy!  
A. All about LF:  
1. The LF unFAQ, compiled by beaglebot.  
2. The LF Lexicon, compiled by ultrafastx.  
3. The Inside Guide to LF Lore, created by smith.  
4. The Unofficial Feature Request Journal, inspired by beaglebot.  
5. The LF Bug Report Journal, created by potatono.  
6. The Directory of LF Forums, compiled by Fluffy.  
7. The Electric Otterella LF Index, compiled by darkstar.  
B. Meet some LFers!  
1. The LF User Photo Collection, compiled by cornpone.  
2. The LF User Name, Gender and Age Database, inspired by glitch.  
3. The LF User Location Listing, compiled by soulorcell.  
4. The LF User Words of Wisdom Listing, compiled by soulorcell.  
5. The Linkfilter Superlatives Contest of Spring '04, inspired and compiled by cornpone.  
6. The New Chronicles of Link S. Gnomer, inspired by jones, compiled by darkstar.  
7. The LF Flickr Group Map, created by bear.  
C. Utilities and other cool tech stuff:  
1. The LF Toolbar, initially created by bear, further developed and maintained by deathburger.  
2. The Image and URL-Posting Tutorial, created by deathburger.  
3. The HTML Tag Examples Sheet, created by amsterdamn.  
4. The Mozilla Bookmarklet Goodies Set, created by deathburger.  
5. The Mozilla Firefox Search Plugins for LF, created by deathburger.  
6. The Yahoo Linkfilter RSS Extension, created by shigpit.  
7. The Greasefilter project, Firefox Greasemonkey scripts for Linkfilter, developed by deathburger.  
8. The ALFA (Awesome LinkFilter Assistant) extensions for Firefox and Opera, developed by AB.  
D. Other creative contributions:  
1. The LF User Wallpaper Collection, compiled by lorddimwit, inspired by clu.  
2. The LF User Name Generator, created by DonkaWechico.  
3. The LF Evolving Generic Answer Database, created by darkstar.  
4. The Official LF T-shirt Contest, inspired by potatono.  
5. The Official LF Level-Up Pic Contest, inspired by potatono.  
6. The LinkFilter Cookbook, compiled by bear.  
7. The Official LinkFilter Store, created by glitch.  
8. An Awesome Attempt at Alphabetical, Alliterative Appellations, ab astranger.  
9. The First HatePup Collection, inspired by FuzzyDave, various contributors.  
10. The Life and Times HatePup, compiled by glitch, artwork created by lola_ice and other LFers. BEWARE: well over a hundred photos, so it could be a pain to load (typical HatePup).  
11. The LF Record for Most Refunds and Links in a Day, by beaglebot.  
12. The Link Harvest, compiled by bear.  
13. A Collection of In-Joke Themed Links, inspired by shigpit.  
14. The LF Community Wallpaper Collaboration (Sept. 04), inspired by cornpone.  
15. The Hot Women Index, compiled by Bud Tugly.  
16. The Linkfilter Group on Audioscrobbler, founded by shigpit.  
17. The Cornpone Art Gallery, created by cornpone. NOTE: dozens of large images, so beware of longer load times.  
18. The LFers' Book, Music and Movie Recommendations Index, compiled by darkstar.  
19. The Game Applets Page, developed by deathburger.  
20. The The Unofficial LF Classic Comment Repository, inspired by Ss.  
21. The Museum of Regrettable Threads, compiled by Lorddimwit.  
22. The Silver Pool Campaign, a community-effort, choose-your-own-adventure poll series by darkstar.  
That's it! Any other user-created LF goodness? Let me know!
cornpone: this is kewl.
DonkaWechico: Yes, 'tis definitely way cool. I appreciate your including my generator. Good compilation and resource.
soulorcell: yay! i forgot about the name poll...thanks d* :P
Electric Otterella: A small, unofficial LF index...
darkstar: This is an index of links to user-created LF goodness.  
The criteria for inclusion: I'm looking for more than just interesting journal enties. Instead, I want to index the significant compilations of information about LF users and the LF community, thematic collections of contributions for, by and/or about LF users, and related resources. Particularly, I'm indexing such items which are unofficial and therefore do not appear as links on the user interface.  
If you have any other ideas for inclusion, comment here and I'll add it to the list.
cornpone: it's a link, but maybe bear's toolbar should be included.
i forgot...
jones: about the level up contest...  
dear dj and rapper,  
can we have more levels added now that so many of us are in the 20s? then we can have a new level up contest. wouldn't that be uberfun?  
ultrafastx: I agree, jones!!
ultrafastx: I propose this picture should be a level up pic:  
Level Up pictures should be a reward, not a punishment.
glitch p-udding: this should probably be another "goodness" we should collect.  
reoccurring images on lf.
darkstar: If somebody'd like to make a journal entry with an all of them, I'll link that in Otterella! :)
darkstar: ...updated with soulorcell's work, too.
soulorcell: oh, thanks a lot d*...  
now i'm going to have to update those...  
This is SO ...
shigpit: META!  
A list of lists ... ergo, a metalist.  
So, the Electric Otterella Metalist. Great work to d* and all to whom he referred.
sterlingbeauty: someone whose sexuality is based on the sexuality of others? isn't that all of us?  
Not all of us...
fabulon7: You damned dirty eunuch.
Now updated...
...with the Directory of LF Forums, compiled by Fluffy!
soulorcell: genius...good eye, fluff...
ok !!
bear: now this is awesome good collecting darkie
Don't forget...
darkstar: ...if you know of a cool link that should go in here, please leave a comment here about it and I'll update the list.
Now updated...
darkstar: ...with cornpone's most excellent Linkfilter Superlatives Contest!
Shameless Plug
deathburger: I'd like this journal entry included, if possible..
Now updated - thanks db!
deathburger: Don't see the bugreport journal in there..
darkstar: Now in there - thanks db!  
And that makes 20 entries...
Otterella now updated...
...with deathburger's Mozilla Firefox Search Plugins for LF!
Now updated...
darkstar: ...with the LinkFilter Cookbook!
bear: I'm willing to update this with any recipes you guys point out/post