A Request
Posted by jones 14 years ago
Dear Linkfilter...  
This is a plea to all who will see The Village this weekend.  
Please please please don't talk about "the secret" here...I'm so so so excited about this movie...and I won't get a chance to see it until Monday at the earliest. Please do me a favor and keep me in the dark until next week?  
Thank you!!  
the secret
lorddimwit: The Village is made out of PEOPLE!!!!!
Secret revealed.
clu: M. Night Shyamalan is Luke's father.
jones: oh no. i'm beginning to regret i posted that journal...
the secret is...
thebirthdaybunny: that it's SOULORCELL's BIRTHDAY!!!!
ultrafastx: secret...is that I see dead people.
The Secret:
deathburger: Alex Trebek did it in the Study with the Lead Pipe.
ultrafastx: I hope he used sufficient lubrication.
clu: maybe it was threaded on one end. That would have helped.
smith: I think jones now officially regrets this journal.
bear: ha
ultrafastx: Alex Trebek got screwed!
The day is mine, Trebek!
It takes a village ...
shigpit: ... to raise the dead. Or something like that.
The Village People are dead? What?
bear: and yes I will be seeing it tomorrow and I won't give any of it away. that would be rude anyways
jones: thanks bear!!!  
i hope it's good!!!
fabulon7: Patrick Duffy is not really dead. It was all a terrible, terrible, badly-written and horribly-conceptualized dream.
the Secret of The Village
FuzzyDave: They're just pretending to be gay in order to get attention.
jones: hahaha...
The secret really is:
SpearmintFur: Darth Vader is Luke's father.
hbabe: wasn't it the butler?  
No wait everyone on the train did it.  
No wait It was me I admit it and I'd do it again!!!!!!!!!  
jones: "If you long to hear dialogue like "You needn't be scared. We have the magic rocks. They will keep us safe," then M. Night Shyamalan's nubby woolen sock of a thriller "The Village" is the movie for you."  
from salon. i'm afraid to read on for fear of secrets being revealed...but i fear i've read too much already.
SuperNintendoChalmer: I long to see MNS direct something that someone else wrote. I'm still stoked for the Village though, it looks better than Signs.  
Although Signs looked better than Signs until I saw it.  
fabulon7: Yep.
the original village
bear: if you have seen the village then go look at this link  
bear: I saw it, I enjoyed it, it was a bit slow, good twist.
finally saw it....
jones: i really liked it...  
m. night is all grown up--it's way more nuanced and dramatic than the other three.
FuzzyDave: were you smoking crack?  
This is the lede to my review: "It may take a village to raise a child, but it took "The Village" for me to finally realize what pretentious hack and inufferable bore M. Night Shymalan is."
jones: well...you know what they say...those who can, do...those who can't, review.  
glitch liked it too. for all the same reasons. so nyah.

Gimmi Kees