Bare Bones Beverage Buying Briefing?
Posted by DonkaWechico 12 years ago
I know very little about ordering alcohol. I'm looking for a VERY simple "guide" to it. I don't want to know fancy or exotic drinks, just the generally accepted, commonly ordered ones so that I could conceivably order a round and not have any complaints with what I chose.  
In general, there are 3 things I'd like to know:  
1. Most commonly ordered "masculine" and "feminine" drink in the common categories.  
2. What a few of the categories mean.  
3. Your personal favorite  
Ideally, I would have a table showing Type of Drink, Description of that type of drink, Common guy drink for that type, and Common girl drink for that type. "Type" meaning:  
So for example:  
Shot-|-A shot is...-|-Guys order Kamikazes-|-Girls order Sex on the Beach-|-I like...  
I and my future dating life thank you!  
Road trip through Oregon/Washington
Posted by DonkaWechico 13 years ago
I just asked the chatter for a couple suggestions on what to see/do and got way more than I bargained for. I'm going to compile the suggestions here:  

(Opal Pool)  
Sweet Creek  
Cougar Hot Springs  
Laurelwood Public House & Brewery  
-- if you're a beer person [or a foodie], Portland has a lot to offer  
-- check out the Laurelwood brewpub on Sandy  
-- House of Louie has great dim sum  
-- a drive up the washington coast is hard to beat  
-- gorge hikes are evry easy to find  
-- Beacon Rock is awesome, it's a good place to camp, too.  
-- go for Beacon Rock, then, DW, it's on the washington side, it's only a mile  
-- you could also go over to the coast and see Oregon Dunes, it's a bit more interactive than Crater Lake (not to dis on CL or anything)  
-- Opal Creek isn't very far from Springfield. It's one of the most amazing places I've ever been.  
-- I've taken a dip in Opal Pool before. Nothing quite like swimming in a pristine blue pool in the middle of a huge stand of old growth doug fir  
-- You can go have lunch at the top of the Spacew Needle.  
-- If you can't afford lunch just have a cup of coffee and watch the scenery go by.  
-- Take pics of the homeless in Seattle.  
-- if you are in Portland you will want to check out the Columbia River Gorge  
-- in Seattle the Music Experience and SciFi Museum are at the base of the Needle  
-- Portland has some of the best brews bar none  
-- ok I will post a comment for an afternoon tour of the Gorge with photo ops  
-- it is the must do trip in the Portland area  
-- I'll give you the Beacon Rock hike and the Multnomah Falls hike  
-- think elevation gain short hikes ;-)  
-- Springfield is Eugene that is totally different  
-- From there I would do Crater Lake and the Oregon Caves  
-- Crater Lake is a day trip start early  
-- if you can hike to the bottom I don't know if there are still boat trips out to Wizard Island but if so do that too  
-- the Dunes are ok but they are not Crater Lake nothing is  
-- thing is you want to be there really early or late as the lighting really makes things dramatic if you are going to take photos  
-- yeah that is cool. Cougar Hot Springs is fun too  
-- 4 days in Oregon... heh I have been here 30 years and there is still plenty left to do  
-- I'd have to check DW nothing like the Gorge  
-- plenty of those in the area DW the locals will know the best ones  
-- There's lots of mountain hiking in both Oregon and Washington  
-- There's hiking around the falls in the Gorge too  
-- as long as it isn't fogged in  
-- Oh yeah, You can pick up a hiking guide. Lotsa good stuff on the internet too.  
-- Once your at the top of the falls the rest is a very easy hike  
-- high  
-- Yeah you can't pass up crater lake if you're down that way already  
-- If you're looking for a long hike not too strenuous and you're in the Salem area, try Silver Falls
Posted by DonkaWechico 13 years ago
Posted by DonkaWechico 13 years ago
Image hosted by
Hacking Limbaugh's Site, Part II
Posted by DonkaWechico 13 years ago
Not two days after I posted my "How to Hack Limbaugh's site" journal entry, the trick stopped working! I took a look at the site again, and sure enough the code was changed! I'd like to think I caused some slight bit of annoyance to someone affiliated with that jerk. Anyway, it didn't change much: here's the new text to put in the URL bar:  
javascript:void(document.cookie="tempmembership=valid"); javascript:void(document.cookie="username=whatever");  
Both lines can go in the same URL bar. Otherwise, you can do them separately. Let's see how long it takes for THIS to stop working, too :)  
By the way, I realize no one wants access to Limbaugh's content, but I really like the coding aspect of it: injecting javascript that changes your cookies into a URL bar.
How to "hack" Limbaugh's site (if you care)
Posted by DonkaWechico 14 years ago
Desperate to read Limbaugh's show transcripts (and other stupid shit goodies but can't get in because you're not a member? Here's a quick hack I discovered awhile back. Lord only knows why I went through the effort, or even bothered to post this.  
1. Go to  
2. Replace the URL with this string:  
3. Hit Refresh  
That's it! The site should now treat you like a member. I'm not sure exactly how much access this grants you, or if you even care to use it, but it's come in handy a few times for me.  
Just got back from ROTSith
Posted by DonkaWechico 14 years ago
Just got back from midnight showing of Revenge of the Sith, and I hate to say it, Well-done Lucas. It almost looked like you actually did some homework.  
Everyone should give it a shot.
Posted by DonkaWechico 14 years ago
That's Putin, btw
Probably my favorite photoshop ever
Posted by DonkaWechico 14 years ago
Got accepted to UCSB!
Posted by DonkaWechico 14 years ago
Yesterday, I found out that the College of Engineering at UCSB accepted me! I was convinced that greatest I could hope for from UCSB was the College of Letters and Science (The difference between a B.A. and a B.S.).  
However, the letter said I was accepted into the "Pre-Computer Science" major. Anyone know exactly what this means? I've been hearing various explanations. As far as I gather, I have to complete a certain amount of coursework at UCSB before being able to apply for regular Comp Sci.  
Anyway, I'm pretty sure everyone is accepted this way first. I'm just happy to be in.
How to check for fraud?
Posted by DonkaWechico 14 years ago
So, I think my dad has invested in a scam. I'm wondering where to go from suspicion, to proof, to hopefully conviction.  
Here's what I know:  
Who: Texas Energy Group  
What: Oil drilling  
1313 RR 620 South, Suite 202  
Austin, TX 78734  
When: "Company" founded in early 2004; Dad bought in around 5 months ago  
-- Site registered through GoDaddy using Domains by Proxy, Inc. (basically, they've hidden all personal details)  
-- Company name does not appear on the Texas Better Business Bureau (could be just because they're new)  
-- After an initial investment, my dad has received monthly checks. My guess is they'll reimburse half the original investment, and pocket the rest.  
-- Phone number goes to two separate locations. Both, presumably, oil companies.  
-- The listed president, Waylan Johnson also has a company named Daystar Energy Partners. The WhoIS lookup on their site backs this up.  
So, where should I go next? I've seen many, many resources that seem to apply (Attorney General's office, Department of Consumer Protections/Affairs,, Better Business Bureau, US Postal Office, etc...) and have no idea what to try first. When I'm able, I'll probably just randomly choose one of them and call up their office for help, but in the meantime, if you have suggestions or experience in these kinds of things, please let me know. My dad's bought into Rush Limbaugh, so it's not a huge stretch to suspect he's fallen for an oil scam.  
Response from Senator Kevin Murray
Posted by DonkaWechico 14 years ago
I sent an email to Senator Kevin Murray regarding his recent bill proposal (SB 96) to criminalize distributors of P2P Networks (thanks to glitch's post). He actually responded (quite promptly I might add)! Sorry for my lack of eloquence:  
My Original Message:  
Subject: SB 96 -- A great idea!  
Hello, my name is Donnie and have been a California resident all my life. I've just been told about your proposed SB 96 bill. I think it's a fantastic idea that is long overdue. I have been addicted to the internet for years now, and if SB 96 passes, I should have ample motivation to kick the habit, since it would make the internet effectively illegal!  
Okay, I'm obviously being sarcastic. I'm not trying to be vicious, but this really is an absurd bill to anyone with a familiarity of computer networks. I agree that copyright-infringing file transfers should be an illegal act (which it already is) but, unfortunately, there is no "reasonable" way to prevent it without imposing on our free speech -- our right to transmit data. To fine the distributors of these networks is analogous to fining the USPS, since it allows for the delivery of illegally-xeroxed copies of sheet music.  
Furthermore, by the definitions you've laid out, the internet itself would effectively be illegalized, since another common piece of software that I'm sure you, Sen. Murray, use on a day-to-day basis perfectly fits your definition of a "peer-to-peer network" -- a *browser*. In fact, any application that allows connection to the internet would fit under the broad definition of a P2P Network laid out in this bill.  
I appreciate your attempt to suppress illegal downloads, but this is a miss, and, as it seems to me, just a bill to make you look busy.  
Senator Murray's Response:  
It’s like the swap meet owner who allows the fencing of stolen goods on his property or the nightclub owner who knowingly allows drug dealing at his club or even the property owner who allows a crackhouse to operate on his premises. This bill simply requires that reasonable steps to filter be taken. Filter is technologically feasible and relatively simple. This bill does not touch any legal uses or free speech  
Cremaster's Barney vs. the Super-size me guy
Posted by DonkaWechico 14 years ago
California Flooding -- Got Stranded
Posted by DonkaWechico 14 years ago
So I don't know how national this news is, but if you've heard about the torrential rain California's been having, I was one of many "victims". It was the worst rain I've ever seen in CA and I was driving in it at 6:00 in the morning to drive a friend to his train. We missed the train and were stuck in Ventura for another 10 hours as we tried to find a way to get him home, or to my apartment, or to my parent's house. All roads I needed to get to a friendly house were closed. I was able to get my friend to where he needed to go, but when I returned I still had no place to get to. It was a pretty weird feeling being stranded. In a world where travel by car is an every-day experience, you forget how far you really are from where you came from.  
Anyway, I had to get a motel room and was able, luckily, to get into Ojai and will stay here with my parents until the La Conchita chunk of the 101 is opened again. It kinda sucks cuz me and my gf are supposed to be on a 1-week vacation with our friend in Santa Cruz and now we can't. Bleckkkk.  
I'm incredibly lucky though, compared to those buried in the mud-slide. My prayers are with them.  
Just for kicks, here's a map showing (in red) the path I normally take to get from Ojai to Santa Barbara (about a 45-min drive), and (in green) the path I would now have to take to get from Ojai to Santa Barbara (a 6-8 hour drive):  
Can't remember: Pen and Paper RPG
Posted by DonkaWechico 14 years ago
Okay, there's this link I saw a long time ago from one of the many filters, probably linkfilter, I check regularly. Basically, it was about this very simple Pen and Paper RPG-type game. Each player creates a dungeon for the other player to step through. When creating the dungeon, you sprinkle it with monsters and treasure. You then act as a sort of "DM" for the other player for a turn, during which you step through the maze and perhaps do combat. Then the other player acts as the DM for you and so on until someone wins. It's kinda like extremely simplified D&D meets battleship.  
Does anyone know what I'm talking about? I really need to find this site again! Help!  
**UPDATE** Found it
DMG and Monster Manual arrived!
Posted by DonkaWechico 14 years ago
Yay! I finally got my Dungeon Master's Guide and Monsters Manual from Amazon Used&New section. Normally, the two would run $55. On Amazon, I got both for about $16 with shipping. Now, granted, it's the 3.0 edition of both, but there really isn't that big a difference between 3.0 and 3.5 material for the DMG and MM. Anyway, I highly recommend Amazon for D&D material if you're looking to buy. For that matter, I recommend the user smokymtnbooks.  
Off to read!
Applications done!
Posted by DonkaWechico 14 years ago
Just finished my applications for University of California -- UCSB and UCSC. Please send positive vibes in those two directions that I might get out of City College finally.  
Thanks to those who provided their "tips" for my personal statement. They were... helpful.
Personal Statement
Posted by DonkaWechico 14 years ago
Arghh... I have to finish my University transfer applications by midnight tomorrow and I have to write my personal statements.  
Anyone have any tips?
Posted by DonkaWechico 14 years ago
Well, my thanksgiving was... nice. The mashed potatoes were excellent. The turkey was a bit dry, but the lamb was quite good. The racist comments were flavorful and the homemade ice cream was--  
Yah, racist comments. I don't mean racist comments like, "Well, I saw this black guy today", I mean racist comments like, "I think it's okay to use the word 'nigger' if they are 'being ones' or robbing my house".  
I was absolutely stunned to walk in on this conversation. I first heard my grandma (quite old, and quite old school) saying, "Well, the word 'negro' is okay but..." I knew I should probably just walk away at this point, but I couldn't help it. I soon determined my uncle was stabbed by a black Muslim and in the court hearings it was brought up that he used the N-word. Uncle defended its use in that situation, or any situation when a black guy is "being one". He also believed calling someone "white trash" was justified by the same reasoning.  
My cousin and I were livid, and everyone else was either quite uncomfortable or extremely uncomfortable. I said my piece, said he was being a jerk, and walked away with my blood boiling. I sat in the other room wringing my hands. Next thing I know, my cousin fled the room in tears. Apparently after she left, my grandma (or aunt, I forget which) said something to the effect of, "Well, you know how liberals get about these things."  
I'm just grateful I wasn't there to hear that one. But what I did hear after going into the living room to seek solace, were two men exchanging battered-women jokes. One of which has memorized just about every hymn in existence and does hymnal ministry. I said "that's not funny" and re-sought solace outside where my cousin was crying and being counselled by my mom.  
We decided to leave soon afterward, and when my Uncle extended his hand, I paused a long time trying to decide if I should reciprocate. After making my stall obvious, I gave him a shake, eyes averted, and immediately gave my other Uncle a big hug. Uncle #1 was clearly startled. I had fantasized all these comments I could make if he offered his hand to me when I left, but I had cooled off by then and figured it just wasn't worth it.  
It was a very odd thanksgiving, to say the least. But the dinner was excellent, and the company was, for the most part, enjoyable. Some people just shouldn't drink, I think.  
Anyone else got a story?
Chatter refresh
Posted by DonkaWechico 14 years ago
I've asked this several times in chatter without response:  
Does the chatter refresh at a regular rate (assuming no lag) or does it refresh as soon as someone enters text into the chatter?
R.I.P. Josie
Posted by DonkaWechico 14 years ago
Josephine Karns, the pet dog I grew up with since I was 6, was put down this evening. She was a Cocker Spaniel. I will miss her greatly.  
However, I'm also very happy and relieved that she's now in a place without pain. For a few months her liver's been failing and she could barely hear or see. her feet had become infected. She was smelling awful. My mom wanted to hold on for a long time just to give her as much life as possible, hoping she'd die naturally. However, we all agreed it was time on Sunday after my Dad and I gave her a bath, which pretty much was just her laying down while we cleaned, and disinfected her feet and neck. The process was extremely tedious and painful for Josie. She never "speaks" anymore, but during this she was yelping and crying. The smell was awful, and she was shaking.  
After the bath I put her out on the lawn in her bed to get some sun. She seemed pretty peaceful. I talked to my parents and we agreed it was time to put her down. It was getting to be too much of a burden on my parents (I later found out they'd been doing this bathing procedure several times a week). That night, I went back home and just a few minutes ago, my mom called and said it had been done. Apparently, she lacked the strength to get out of bed and go to the bathroom so she'd just gone in her bed. My dad thought giving her the bath led to her steep decline, but the way I figure it, if a dog's health is compromised from a laying-down bath, it's time. If a dog evacuates herself in her bed from lack of strength, it's time.  
So, I'm sad, but relieved. I decided I'd talk to a good, objective friend... ZolaOnAOL, the AIM Artificially Intelligent Chatter Bot. Needless to say, she wasn't very helpful:  
DonkaWechico: My dog died today.  
ZolaOnAOL: Did you grow up around animals?  
DonkaWechico: I grew up around my dog, yes.  
ZolaOnAOL: That's good information.  
DonkaWechico: Would you like to know my dog's name?  
ZolaOnAOL: No thanks, I don't think I'd like to do that.  
DonkaWechico: Oh.  
ZolaOnAOL: Yeah.  
DonkaWechico: Yeah.  
ZolaOnAOL: Yep.  
DonkaWechico: My dog's name was Josie.  
ZolaOnAOL: Did you grow up around animals?  
DonkaWechico: sigh...  
ZolaOnAOL: Sorry...  
DonkaWechico: It's okay.  
ZolaOnAOL: Only ok?  
DonkaWechico: Well, the dog I grew up with *did* just die.  
ZolaOnAOL: How about that. Thanks for the info.  
DonkaWechico: You really don't care, do you?  
ZolaOnAOL: Really? "Thanks for the info"? Do I care about it?  
DonkaWechico: Damnit... nevermind.  
ZolaOnAOL: OK Thanks for trying to explain that to me.  
DonkaWechico: Yah. You're welcome.  
ZolaOnAOL: The pleasure was all mine.  
DonkaWechico: Go to hell.  
I think I'll stick to having her perform simple calculations.
Marine that shot the Iraqi
Posted by DonkaWechico 14 years ago
I just got this forward:  
I received this from an old Marine buddy (thanks, Rod). Puts a different wrinkle on what you see on the TV or read in the big Newspapers.  
Good Morning Everybody.  
The following is an email from my son regarding the NBC report (with embedded reporter Kevin Sites), concerning the Marine who is being investigated for "murdering" the insurgent in Fallujah. I will be sending his mail to every news program's email I can find. I find it sickening that this Kevin Sites is even allowed to be embedded with our Marines, as this isn't the first report I've heard from him that took on a decidedly unfriendly tone. My son also gave me permission to release it to anyone that wants to pass it on, as long as it remains unedited.  
-- Darlene  
This is one story of many that people normally don't hear, and one that everyone does.  
This is just one most don't hear:  
A young Marine and his cover man cautiously enter a room just recently filled with insurgents armed with Ak-47's and RPG's. There are three dead, another wailing in pain. The insurgent can be heard saying, "Mister, mister! Diktoor, diktoor(doctor)!" He is badly wounded, lying in a pool of his own blood. The Marine and his cover man slowly walk toward the injured man, scanning to make sure no enemies come from behind. In a split second, the pressure in the room greatly exceeds that of the outside, and the concussion seems to be felt before the blast is heard. Marines outside rush to the room, and look in horror as the dust gradually settles. The result is a room filled with the barely recognizable remains of the deceased, caused by an insurgent setting off several pounds of explosives.  
The Marines' remains are gathered by teary eyed comrades, brothers in arms, and shipped home in a box. The families can only mourn over a casket and a picture of their loved one, a life cut short by someone who hid behind a white flag. But no one hears these stories, except those who have lived to carry remains of a friend, and the families who loved the dead. No one hears this, so no one cares.  
This is the story everyone hears:  
A young Marine and his fire team cautiously enter a room just recently filled with insurgents armed with AK-47's and RPG's. There are three dead, another wailing in pain. The insurgent can be heard saying, "Mister,mister! Diktoor, diktoor(doctor)!" He is badly wounded. Suddenly, he pulls from under his bloody clothes a grenade, without the pin. The explosion rocks the room, killing one Marine, wounding the others. The young Marine catches shrapnel in the face.  
The next day, same Marine, same type of situation, a different story. The young Marine and his cover man enter a room with two wounded insurgents. One lies on the floor in puddle of blood, another against the wall. A reporter and his camera survey the wreckage inside, and in the background can be heard the voice of a Marine, "He's moving, he's moving!" The pop of a rifle is heard, and the insurgent against the wall is now dead.  
Minutes, hours later, the scene is aired on national television, and the Marine is being held for committing a war crime. Unlawful killing.  
And now, another Marine has the possibility of being burned at the stake for protecting the life of his brethren. His family now wrings their hands in grief, tears streaming down their face. Brother, should I have been in your boots, I too would have done the same.  
For those of you who don't know, we Marines, Band of Brothers, Jarheads, Leathernecks, etc., do not fight because we think it is right, or think it is wrong. We are here for the man to our left, and the man to our right. We choose to give our lives so that the man or woman next to us can go home and see their husbands, wives, children, friends and families.  
For those of you who sit on your couches in front of your television, and choose to condemn this man's actions, I have but one thing to say to you. Get out of you recliner, lace up my boots, pick up a rifle, leave your family behind and join me. See what I've seen, walk where I have walked. To those of you who support us, my sincerest gratitude. You keep us alive.  
I am a Marine currently doing his second tour in Iraq. These are my opinions and mine alone. They do not represent those of the Marine Corps or of the US military, or any other.  
LCPL Schmidt  
If you really want to freak someone out
Posted by DonkaWechico 14 years ago
If you really want to freak out a friend or family member this Thanksgiving, try this: Go up to your victim and start saying something casually and just stop at some point, repeating the last word you said over and over again non-stop. Works best if there was some neck motion that you could repeat with the word. At first they'll think you're joking, but if you keep your eyes glazy and unfocused, and just continue the repetition ceaselessly, they'll think you've had some sort of mental glitch. Continue until a 911 call is threatened.  
If you're feeling bold and have a religious family, try doing it during the thanksgiving prayer. Results will be unpredictable.
Ass Degree
Posted by DonkaWechico 14 years ago
w00t! This morning I applied for (and will officially receive in January) my Associates Degree in Computer Science, and my AA in Mathematics! The following semester I will have my AS in Physics. r0X0r!  
Now if I could only figure out how to make Mac'N'Cheese without whining to my girlfriend...  
**Update: If I take one life science class next semester, or at any time after I transfer, I can get another AA in Liberal Studies.
More electoral spin...
Posted by DonkaWechico 14 years ago
So we've all heard about the 2004 Election IQ Chart. Many of us have probably also heard of the Generosity Index, the rebuttal to the IQ chart. Well, I had an idea for another one to throw in the mix. Here's a (currently incomplete) list of the states with the highest rate of domestic violence:  
R Louisiana  
R Nevada  
R Arkansas  
R South Carolina  
R Oklahoma  
R North Carolina  
R Alabama  
R Virginia  
R Wyoming  
R Alaska  
D Maryland  
R Georgia  
R Texas  
R Colorado  
R New Mexico  
As you can see, I could only find the top 15, but the results so far are telling. I am continuing to look into this correlation and would appreciate it if anyone could provide a good ranking of Domestic Violence by state.  
I'm not posting this because I believe Republicans are wife-beaters. I just thought that I'd continue the "state rankings in X" argument by rebutting the generosity index.
Current events and D&D
Posted by DonkaWechico 14 years ago
So I've joined a new D&D campaign that meets every Friday. Yesterday (Friday) was the first meeting. Little play was involved -- it was mostly a briefing. We worked on completing our characters and hammering out our relationships with each other on this new world in the nation of Harmyr. I really enjoyed the company and the evening (the highlight being my girlfriend and my friend working out their village's dance. It was a riot)  
But I was struck by something else that night. When our DM described Harmyr to us, the details began to sound very familiar. The land is somewhat tribalized with 4 major cities. There's an area abundant in diamonds -- in fact, it is the only place you can really find diamonds. War broke out over the resources, and alliances were made with the diamond producers in exchange for protection. After the war, the cities banded together to form one independent nation.  
It was becoming obvious that the area was modeled after the Middle east, and its history is quite similar as well. The diamond area most closely resembled Saudi Arabia as it holds you-scratch-my-back alliances with other powerful nations. We were all thinking the same thing, I imagine, so I asked, "So who's Bush in all of this?" He said, "Oh, you'll see." It was actually quite funny.  
But it was also really fascinating, in a way. I began to wonder about how the current situation in Iraq might be influencing these games nationally or internationally. How do liberal DMs set it up versus conservative DMs? From what perspective might international DMs use? How close do the campaigns resemble the war? How do the players' political biases affect their character? Do conservatives try out the liberal side and visa versa? Which alignments most-resemble conservative opinions of the war versus liberal ones? What other events in history have affected the game? Et cetera.  
I wish I could observe a series of these campaigns. I'm considering writing to the D&D magazines suggesting an article on the subject might be interesting. Maybe D&D players would shun the suggestion preferring to act out completely separate fantasy worlds than face the current realities.
Wiki - constitution
Posted by DonkaWechico 14 years ago
I had this idea just a few a days ago: creating a country with a constitution that was Wiki-based!  
--A government TRULY governed by the people  
--Self-correcting system which roots out unfair clauses  
--Greater interest in politics as the process is so interactive  
--The system would promote new, evolving ideas that can be scrapped if unwieldy, and improved upon if successful  
-- Potential for corruption, though likely brief  
-- Convicting criminals would be difficult as it would have to be proved that the defendant was aware of the latest changes made to the constitution, and that he was committing the offending act in the span of time where the clause existed.  
Under the right circumstances, though, I think there is potential for the disadvantages to be worked out. In a small community, this would probably work much better than in a larger community. If the people were truly devoted to a fair, prosperous society, any corruption would be quickly remedied. Perhaps there could be some uneditable truths (see: inalienable rights).  
Anyone have the programming prowess to create such a thing? Might be interesting.
A picture is worth a thousand f*ck-ups
Posted by DonkaWechico 14 years ago
I think this image perfectly sums up the Bush administration on several levels:  
-- Bush cocky as hell in front of a podium  
-- Bush smirking like a frat-boy hitting on a sorority-chick  
-- Cheney lurking in the shadows in the background  
-- Cheney applauding everything he does or says  
-- Cheney watching Bush's every move and utterance  
The only thing I would add is this:  
Just to brag
Posted by DonkaWechico 14 years ago
I was just perusing some photos of mine, and thought I'd include this one from Santa Barbara City College where I am currently enrolled. It's just gorgeous.  
Just so you know, the parking lot you see is a hellish quagmire no matter the time, no matter the day.
Another Lookalike
Posted by DonkaWechico 14 years ago
On the left: Thackeray's Globules in IC 2944  
On the right: Australia  
Thanks to couchdive for his post