I'm out
Posted by Hornpipe2 13 years ago
With DB banned and Kassi gone, I'm no longer sticking around here either. Later guys!
Posted by Hornpipe2 13 years ago
This forum post sums up just about everything I dislike about Linux snobs. I think the questioner has discovered the absolute best way to get his question answered.  
Cat Tree!
Posted by Hornpipe2 13 years ago
I had some free time this weekend so I finally finished this.  
* PVC is not a good building material  
* For that matter, neither is particle board.  
We have a happy cat though:  
What's your current project?
Posted by Hornpipe2 13 years ago
What are you working on now? Painting a room? Recording a CD? Refinishing some piece of furniture? Saving money to buy something expensive?  
I'm currently shielding my guitar. Next I'll be building a boat.
SimCity 4
Posted by Hornpipe2 13 years ago
I could play this game forever and never get bored.  
Posted by Hornpipe2 13 years ago
I drove the big 24 foot U-Haul truck for a few hours on Saturday. Now my Ford Focus feels like a sports car.  
I really don't like driving big vehicles though. I just can't get comfortable! I drove a minivan for the week or so before renting the U-Haul, and the seat pressed against my lower back in just such a way that it really made the soreness from moving even worse.  
I'm lucky I'm a young guy without too much back trouble so I can get away with bad lifting practices. If I was like thirty years older I'm sure the past week would've put me in the hospital or something.
TV for a Monitor?
Posted by Hornpipe2 13 years ago
AB and I were discussing options for getting him a monitor for a PC, and we considered using a video card with a TV-out to plug into his TV.  
I've got a card with a composite out and I plugged it into my 19" TV, but it looks pretty crappy and the text is hard to read. AB has a 27" TV.  
Anyone have much experience using a TV for a monitor? Would it be a terrible idea to try using the TV to get much computing work done? (He's not looking to play movies but to use a GUI and such on it)  
Another option is shipping him a monitor. Anyone know how much that might cost through UPS?
Posted by Hornpipe2 13 years ago
Hey all,  
Kassi's doing much better lately. She visited a doctor on Friday and found out her blood pressure and stress levels were insanely high due to a very stressful week. She got some prescription medication (Klonopin, for those who are interested) to help calm her down and she seems to be adjusting to it very well. She and I have agreed that the healthiest thing for her to do is to remain in Conway and not make any more trips, so she's at the new house now with our cat.  
Phone and DSL service will be hooked up at the new place on Thursday. If you need to contact Kassi, she has my cell phone right now - the number is (913) 634-0724. She's probably lonely, and there's no hot water until Thursday, so maybe you can cheer her up.  
My music collection is bigger.
Posted by Hornpipe2 13 years ago
XMMS doesn't know what to do with some broken MP3s when it figures out their length. So I can automatically win any contest of music collection size:  
Evidently I have a total of 1,192,087 hours of music.
PIC Programming
Posted by Hornpipe2 13 years ago
As you can see I posted a lot of links about PIC programming today. I really like the idea of working with microcontrollers and other embedded chips. Does anyone out there have any experience working with PICs, the Basic Stamp, small processors, etc?
Posted by Hornpipe2 13 years ago
Today I turned in the last homework assignment in my entire life. 16 years of my time has culminated in this moment. This is a big step for me: in under two weeks I graduate from college and I'm out on my own.  
Now, I've been preparing for this for some time. I moved out of the dorms my third year of college and I've been pretty much able to manage taking care of myself. I know how to buy groceries and cook a handful of meals. I learned a little about fixing a car and the responsibility you have when you start getting bills in the mail. And I think I can balance stress very well (and live on a budget!)  
But still, I don't even pay my own car insurance. I have no idea how to buy a car, a house, raise kids, or advance in a career. I don't doubt those things will be challenging. Honestly, though, I'm ready.  
Of all the experiences I've had and all the things I've learned and everything I've gained, though, it's not the money or the job or the degree I'll cherish the most. It's the chance to experience my new life with Kassi right with me, helping me along, providing support, being a friend and a fiancee (wife...).  
Thanks Kassi, for being so perfect for me. Everything that's good about the last two years is better because of you. I love you.
Programming Languages
Posted by Hornpipe2 13 years ago
I'm finishing up my senior year in college right now, and as a final project in my Programming Languages class, I have to write my own interpreted programming language in Scheme.  
Since I've recently had some interest in esoteric programming languages, I'm now designing my language to be as minimal as possible, and then writing a library to provide all the functionality, because:  
1) I thought it'd be fun to do something a little different than the standard "Greg's Own C++"  
2) I really dislike programming in Scheme, and would rather write programs in my own language than have to do more work extending the language in Scheme.  
So here's the list of every recognized keyword in my language:  
MINUS, WHILE, DEFINE, PRINT, VAR, LTZ (less-than-zero?), SET.  
Yeah, no add, multiply, if, or boolean operations are supported natively. Just subtract and a way to loop if the expression evaluates to less than zero.  
I'm calling it Minus Infection.
Oh yes
Posted by Hornpipe2 13 years ago
It's getting pretty hot here, and you know what that means...  
Kassi got the miniskirt out again. : )
Stop defending your theft
Posted by Hornpipe2 13 years ago
I don't care if you download music. What you do with your computer and your bandwidth is up to you. I mean, I occasionally download songs because it's free and I figure 'what the hell, I'll never get caught'.  
But you have to draw the line somewhere. I'd like to offer up a big 'stfu' to anyone who thinks that by downloading music they are  
* not stealing, or  
* helping the artist(s) in some way.  
I could start picking apart arguments at this point but I don't really see much of a benefit in doing so. The bottom line is this: If you're going to rip off your favorite bands, at least have the spine to admit that you're doing it. There's no grey area here: either you are stealing music or you aren't.
Mental Disorders
Posted by Hornpipe2 13 years ago
I am becoming increasingly agitated with people who romanticize mental disorders. We've all heard the phrase about madness being a short step away from genius. I admit that everyone has little quirks and there are degrees of mental disorders. But there are limits to this which people seem to be oblivious to.  
A mental disorder in itself is not a beautiful thing. It destroys a person. It makes them a slave to the disorder, completely ruled by its whims and nearly powerless to escape it. To glorify persons who cannot or do not seek help in this situation only makes it that much worse for those who would do everything in their power to be free of it. I can see how telling someone that wanting to regain control means they'll lose themselves is potentially one of the most damaging things that could be said to a patient.  
Suicide is NOT glamorous. Obsession is NOT romantic. Suffering from a mental disorder does NOT show strength and courage - it is the treatment process (the end of suffering) which shows these traits. Given the chance to be rational anyone considering those options should completely agree.  
Last night Kassi and I watched Grizzly Man. I was somewhat uncomfortable through the whole film because the documentary maker seemed to avoid focusing on what seemed to be obvious mental problems with the central character and instead treated him as a normal man with normal problems. It wasn't until I read an IMDB comment stating that Timothy Treadwell was "somehow in tune with his own sense of nature and the ways of the world" that it really hit home: people were seriously oblivious to the notion that there was something wrong with him. Or, worse, they know he was suffering and they somehow think this is admirable.  
To make any sort of statement about Timothy Treadwell's personality is a disservice: this ignores the fact that the person portrayed in the film was not Timothy Treadwell. It was, instead, Timothy Treadwell suffering from severe mental and social problems. The movie was a tragedy in the sense that he died without ever really knowing himself. It was like an extended form of suicide. The worst part is that one can see small traces of who he really was - an introspective and rather lonely nature lover. This is covered up by the layers of instability though, and he never was free of it.  
Movies like Ordinary People and A Beautiful Mind deal with mental disorders as well. They are noteworthy because they don't glorify the disorder but the process of healing and recovery that must be done for someone to become themselves again.  
Also, before anyone starts in with the comments telling me that ADD isn't real and the US is over-medicated, realize that I'm talking about heavy topics such as suicide, extremely risky behavior, etc - things I am 100% certain should warrant treatment.
Posted by Hornpipe2 13 years ago
I've often been curious about why humans don't simply eat grass. We're surrounded by the stuff, yet people starve to death anyway. Why don't rich people employ the homeless as lawnmowers?  
I found my answer here:  
Why cant humans eat grass?  
Cows can eat grass, so why can't we? Well, plant cells contain something called cellulose. Chemically, it's almost identical to a lot of the carbohydrate molcules (like glucose and fructose) in the food we eat. But cellulose has one bond that's different, and we can't break that bond to get the energy out of the cellulose the way we get it from other molecules. So we could eat grass, but we wouldn't be able to digest it to get the energy we need. Cows and other mammals can eat grass because they have special bacteria living in their stomachs called symbiont bacteria. These symbionts can break the bond in cellulose for the animal its living in. That way cows can get energy from grass. We don't have any of these symbiont bacteria, so we can't digest the cellulose in grass.  
The more you know.  
Posted by Hornpipe2 13 years ago
I hardly read the news. My primary news source is LF, and I tend to skip over most of the political or "media circus" type stories that make the rounds. But when enough links about the same subject keep cropping up, I get a little intrigued. I finally had to look up what people were talking about with this riot-starting cartoons thing. I didn't care about Dick Cheney's hunting accident but I finally read the first news story on it to get the (initial) facts.  
But there's one topic that has my interest lately: this looming "oil crisis" that people keep posting about. I'm not able to weed out what's a reliable news source from what isn't, and I don't have any sort of a compass now to judge what's believable and what's not. There's doomsday predictions for tomorrow, and then there's people denying that it'll even be a problem.  
Now, nobody with a brain would say that oil can last forever. It's inevitable that we're going to one day have to make a switch from non-renewable to renewable energy sources. And I guess each political party is taking their own side to it as they always do, so there's that slant to go along with everything.  
So, not really understanding at all what's going on: Are there any real, "logical" predictions about the course of events in the coming years regarding this oil crisis? Are there any sort of plans in place for making the transition from oil to some other power sources? What about other countries? What can individuals do to prepare?
Level Up, Me!
Posted by Hornpipe2 13 years ago
Forgot to mention yesterday that I leveled up. Now I'm level 21, and I only need 30 zillion XP to reach the next level!
What's wrong with Linux users?
Posted by Hornpipe2 13 years ago
People install and use Linux for a lot of different reasons. Some find their interest piqued by learning new things about computers and operating systems. Some are fed up with Windows annoyances and feel that Linux may provide a good alternative to their current situation. Some find it faster, more stable, or more secure than their current operating system. For servers, it's definitely a top choice.  
Then again, Linux certainly isn't for everyone. Ubuntu, Red Hat, and similar distributions enable new users to jump right in but still keep it user friendly enough to be usable, but even these suffer from bugs and still require some work from the dreaded command line.  
There's a certain mentality that a lot of Linux users have that makes them totally unresponsive to the words in the previous paragraph, however. And, unfortunately, that mentality breeds incorrect statements such as:  
* Windows users are "too stupid" to learn Linux  
* Windows users are "too lazy" to code solutions to their problems  
* Windows users are "too brainwashed by Microsoft" to consider Linux a viable alternative  
* Windows "sucks", mostly because it isn't free or open source  
* Microsoft "sucks", because it produces Windows and has a lot of money  
* The best way to encourage growth of Linux is to avoid criticizing it  
* Linux has no real problems  
Windows has become the most successful operating system for desktops in the world, and it's because Windows really IS a good operating system. Lessons can be learned from Microsoft's work and success, if people are willing to pay attention.  
This journal entry stems from the user comments made on this article, which makes a good point: people should really consider contributing to the top Linux apps to make them really stable. A lot of users dropped to personal attacks about how the author "isn't really a developer" and the usual "Microsoft sucks" ensued. One particularly stupid comment (in response to the author's call for a unified instant messaging application) reads:  
Jesus, who cares? What a waste of time. I bet you send text messages on your mobile phone too. Get a life.  
(my response)  
That kind of closed-mindedness is a bad thing for Linux. I'm glad that at least some developers seem to have good ideas about bringing Linux to new and inexperienced users. Growth of Linux can only be seen as a good thing for the operating system itself, since an increased user base leads to increased focus from companies willing to invest resources in the project. That in turn makes Linux more usable, appealing, widespread, supported and builds up the number of apps ported over. How is that bad?  
I suppose I'm just sick of the people who call Linux "a system by hackers, for hackers" and attempt to make it some sort of exclusive club. Linux has great potential backed by the fact that it's free and it has thousands of developers. There's no reason this sort of grade school mentality should persist when a great project is at stake. I hope that as the Linux userbase grows, these kind of comments get drowned out in the wake of useful suggestions from users who are actually interested in Linux as a desktop OS.  
Those who would rather use an OS because it's obscure can check out some other alternatives: Syllable, NewOS, or pretty much anything else on this page.
Looking for a Movie Title
Posted by Hornpipe2 13 years ago
Kassi and I are wondering the name of an old (15 years or so) movie that we both saw when we were little.  
We only remember a couple scenes from it. The movie was something about a woman who adopted a kid from a company - the children were supposed to be "perfect" and never made mistakes. In one scene the woman opened a barrel to get the kid out. In another, the boy got paint / food / something on his shirt and freaked out because he wasn't "perfect" any more. I think the company came to take the kid back because he was defective, and that was sort of the plot.  
Any ideas?
Posted by Hornpipe2 13 years ago
Congratulations Hornpipe2! You have gained an experience level! You are now a level 19 user with 59065 experience points.  
Mandatory "I Win At Linkfilter" Journal.
The OneUps - Dallas - August 20/21st
Posted by Hornpipe2 14 years ago
My band The Oneups is traveling to Dallas this weekend to play two shows at the American VideoGame Expo (vgXpo). Performances are on August 20 and 21st at the Dallas Convention Center at at 1:30 PM, but I'd recommend checking an event schedule just to be sure. For those who don't know, the OneUps are a band that plays live versions of strictly video game music, usually in a jazz or funk style. A few OneUps fans will be there from Arkansas and the Dallas area, and Kassi and the band will be manning the OneUp Studios booth, so if you're in the area and considering coming to the show please let us know.  
Also, the band now has a MySpace group to help keep track of band events and shows. There are also a few demos from the album available from the page. Add us if you're interested.
Four Letters
Posted by Hornpipe2 14 years ago
1) Go to Google Image Search.  
2) Type any 4 letters.  
3) Post the first picture.  
I'm very interested in this question: does every 4-letter combination return at least one valid result in Google?  
Here's my search for HPIR:  
LF Dreams
Posted by Hornpipe2 14 years ago
I had a strange dream last night which I can't remember most of, but the gist of it is that I had posted a reply to Bud Tugly's "Thank You, Spain" post. I think I was pretty emotional in the dream though I'm not sure why.  
One neat thing about it was that I got to experience the feelings of making a point without actually having to spend any effort doing so.  
I spend way too much time here, huh?
Spam Can Be Good For You
Posted by Hornpipe2 14 years ago
Kassi42 sent me this.  
Spam Can Be Good For You  
A steady diet of e-mails that promote healthy behavior can change a person's outlook and behavior regarding healthier eating and increased physical activity, says a new study from the University of Alberta  
The 12 week study of 2,598 Canadian workers will be published in the July/August 2005 edition of the American Journal of Health Promotion.  
People receiving the e-mails showed an increase in physical activity levels and also had more confidence in being able to participate in physical activity at the study's end. They also recognized more pros and fewer cons to physical actiivty and were more open to making dietary changes.  
Further, those receiving e-mails actually reduced their mean body mass index (BMI), a measure of body fat based on height and weight, over the course of the study. By contrast, the mean BMI of the control group (people who did not receive the e-mails) slightly increased during the study period.  
I guess the extra effort in clicking "delete" on all those emails really adds up over time, haha.
This journal is here.
Posted by Hornpipe2 14 years ago
Two things:  
1) What's my number?  
2) I thought this entry deserved a comment: Journal #4049
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OMG I'm level 15 now! Now I get a link an my profile that says "View Hornpipe2's Journal." See?