Just to catch up...a list
Posted by LowFlyingMule 3 years ago
So glad to see us back together here, in this obscure corner of the interwebs. In the dark time between then and now i have experienced the following events:
I retired from my job. I re-hired in a similar position with the same company, which means i am receiving my pension and a paycheck. Higher taxes seems to be the only benefit so far.
My mom passed away after a prolonged illness. If you've never planned a funeral and managed an estate, be thankful...your turn will come around, be ready.
My son turned 21. He is a student and professional musician.
I lost like twenty pounds on the paleo diet. Sounds crazy, but it works.
That's about it...
A Holiday Message of Hope and Joy.
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From the Book of Mule.  
And it came to pass in those days, that there  
went out a Decree from Caesar Hovanus, that  
all of the Office should be taxed.  
And so, all the Workers went through the front gate,  
for all other gates were forbidden to them.  
And they did bend over, and render forth unto Caesar.  
At times of Break, they were made to  
huddle together in the Break Room, and  
their food ration was shortened by one-half,  
and they were Sore of Ass, and much dismayed.  
The burning leaves that gave them comfort  
were taken from them, and forbidden henceforth.  
No trace of smoke was to be suffered upon their  
bodies, lest great punishment and wrath come down upon them.  
But then an Angel of Human Resource  
appeared before them, and said  
"Behold! I bring to you Great Tidings  
Of Hope and Joy, for on this day unto you  
is bestowed the benefits of Increased  
Productivity, Better Health, and a Solvent  
Bottom Line! Great shall be our Revenue,  
and Ponderous shall be Caesar's First Quarter Bonus!  
Merry Fucking Christmas to all!"  
Hey Booboo!
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Surprise buttsecks?
World Cup to date. Go USA!
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Group Stage  
June 11, 2010  
1 South Africa 1 - 1 Mexico  
2 Uruguay 0 - 0 France  
Group Stage  
June 12, 2010  
4 South Korea 2 - 0 Greece  
3 Argentina 1 - 0 Nigeria  
5 England 1 - 1 United States  
Group Stage  
June 13, 2010  
6 Algeria 0 - 1 Slovenia  
8 Serbia 0 - 1 Ghana  
7 Germany 4 - 0 Australia  
Group Stage  
June 14, 2010  
9 Netherlands 2 - 0 Denmark  
10 Japan 1 - 0 Cameroon  
11 Italy 1 - 1 Paraguay  
Group Stage  
June 15, 2010  
12 New Zealand 1 - 1 Slovakia  
13 Ivory Coast 0 - 0 Portugal  
14 Brazil 2 - 1 North Korea  
Group Stage  
June 16, 2010  
15 Honduras 0 - 1 Chile  
16 Spain 0 - 1 Switzerland  
17 South Africa 0 - 3 Uruguay  
Group Stage  
June 17, 2010  
20 Argentina 4 - 1 South Korea  
19 Greece 2 - 1 Nigeria  
18 France 0 - 2 Mexico  
Group Stage  
June 18, 2010  
21 Germany 0 - 1 Serbia  
22 Slovenia 2 - 2 United States  
23 England 0 - 0 Algeria  
Group Stage  
June 19, 2010  
25 Netherlands 1 - 0 Japan  
24 Ghana 1 - 1 Australia  
26 Cameroon 1 - 2 Denmark  
Group Stage  
June 20, 2010  
27 Slovakia 0 - 2 Paraguay  
28 Italy 1 - 1 New Zealand  
29 Brazil 3 - 1 Ivory Coast  
Group Stage  
June 21, 2010  
30 Portugal 7 - 0 North Korea  
31 Chile 1 - 0 Switzerland  
32 Spain 2 - 0 Honduras  
Group Stage  
June 22, 2010  
33 Mexico 0 - 1 Uruguay  
34 France 1 - 2 South Africa  
35 Nigeria 2 - 2 South Korea  
36 Greece 0 - 2 Argentina  
Group Stage  
June 23, 2010  
37 Slovenia 0 - 1 England  
38 United States 1 - 0 Algeria  
39 Ghana 0 - 1 Germany  
40 Australia 2 - 1 Serbia
Obligatory, because it's been a while.
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The priest in a small Irish village loved the cock and ten hens he kept in the hen house behind the church. But one Saturday night the cock went missing!  
The priest knew that cock fights happened in the village so he started to question his parishioners in church the next morning.  
During Mass, he asked the congregation, "Has anybody got a cock?" All the men stood up.  
"No, no," he said, "that wasn't what I meant. Has anybody seen a cock?" All the women stood up.  
"No, no," he said, "that wasn't what I meant. Has anybody seen a cock that doesn't belong to them?" Half the women stood up.  
"No, no," he said, "that wasn't what I meant. Has anybody seen MY cock?"  
All the nuns, three altar boys, two priests and a goat stood up.
Is Big Potato!
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Sorry, i need an outlet.
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My in-laws have lost their fucking minds.  
I have just had the most insane fucking conversation with my wife's parents.  
The subject matter ranged all the way from imaginary voices to Sarah Palin is a Visionary, then back to FCC regulations, in regard to imaginary voices, and what they are allowed to say (i am dead fucking serious) to conchs, Key West, negros, and Haitians. Also, French people and the racial slur "Frogs."  
I have no earthly idea what all that means, but to the best of my understanding:  
A.) Liquor and in-laws do NOT mix!  
B.) My wife's parents are no longer mentally capable of living on their own. Call in the family, we have some tough decisions to make.  
Happy Fucking Friday.
A nsfw story.
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A guy is walking along the strip in Las Vegas and a knockout looking hooker catches his eye. He strikes up a conversation and eventually asks the hooker; “How much do you charge?”  
“It starts at $500 for a hand-job,” replies the hooker.  
“$500 dollars? For a hand-job?” says the guy “No hand-job is worth that kind of money!”  
So the hooker says, “Do you see that Denny’s on the corner?”  
“Do you see the Denny’s about a block further down?”  
“And beyond that, do you see that third Denny’s?”  
“Well,” says the hooker, smiling invitingly, “I own those. And, I own them because I give a hand-job that’s worth $500.”  
The guy thinks to himself, “What the hell? You only live once. I’ll give it a try.” and accepts the hooker’s offer. They retire to a nearby motel. A short time later, the guy is sitting on the bed realising that he just experienced the hand-job of a lifetime, worth every bit of $500. He is so amazed, he says, “I suppose a blow-job is $1,000?”  
“$1,500″ says the hooker  
“I wouldn’t pay that for a blow-job!” he says  
The hooker replies, “Step over here to the window, big boy. Do you see that casino just across the street? I own that casino outright. And I own it because I give a blow-job that’s worth every cent of $1,500.”  
The guy, basking in the afterglow of that terrific hand-job, decides to put off the new car for another year or so, and says, “OK Sign me up.”  
Ten minutes later, he is sitting on the bed more amazed than before. He can scarcely believe it, but he feels he truly got his money’s worth. He decides to dip into the retirement savings for one glorious and unforgettable experience. He asks the hooker, “How much for some pussy?”  
The hooker says, “Come over here to the window, I want to show you something. Do you see how the whole city of Las Vegas is laid out before us, all those beautiful lights, gambling palaces, and showplaces?”  
“Damn!” the guy says, in awe, “You own the whole city?”  
“Nope,” says the hooker, “but I would if I had a pussy."
Happy Holidays to all of you!
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The Subject is: New England.
Posted by LowFlyingMule 9 years ago
My wife wants to go on a fall vacation to Maine/Vermont/somewhere up in there.  
I kind of want to, but am kind of meh, also.  
Give me reasons, both for AND against vacationing in New England...go.
Needs Caption, maybe.
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Funny hospital stories.
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You may or may not be aware that most hospitals write a certain percentage of  
bills off every year to charity. You may or may not also be aware that  
people that work in hospitals frequently have a sense of humor that leans towrds the dark...so feel free to call me a bastard if you need to. I know they're not "really" funny.  
Today I was in a meeting where the current weeks' potential charity writeoffs were being reviewed.  
One person was walking in the road (down the center of the road) and got ran over by a car. The driver did not see what he hit, but he knew he had hit something so he stopped, then backed up, and yes...ran over her again.  
She had no insurance and no job, the driver had no car insurance.  
Our next victim was thrown from a moving truck by someone she could only identify as "Daryl." She did not know anything about Daryl other than his first name.  
She of course has no insurance, no job, and now, not even a Daryl.  
(At this point in the meeting I shouted "Put out or get out!" My boss had to leave the room. )  
We had a "self-employed carpenter" that cut 3 digits from his hand; this was not the first time he had lost fingers to his craft (but probably the last, he has 2 thumbs and 2 fingers left.) Just as well, he probably needs a career change.  
We had a man who listed his employer as "Self-employed, deer-head stuffer."  
Not taxidermist, just deer-head stuffer. Made about $200 a month.  
And lastly, we had no less than five cases where the patient was "disabled, no income" and all of them were injured in single-passenger ATV accidents. I guess when you have no job or other responsibilities, you have lots of time to ride ATVs.  
Think about these dorks when you pay your next medical bill. :D  
Miraculous level up!
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Aww yeah.
And now...a poem.
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A dandelion seed  
Falls gently on my keyboard  
love Sitting outside
My son is on Youtube
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IT was bound to happen...
Posted by LowFlyingMule 10 years ago
The Olde IT Nazi at my place of employment has at last turned his hoary eye to my beloved Linkfilter, so I expect I will be here much less during the daytime hours.  
I am watching the news.
Posted by LowFlyingMule 10 years ago
In particular, I am watching Barack Obama in Fort Meyers Fl. pressing the flesh, talking to the people there. I don't know, he may be the biggest bullshitter ever to make it in politics, but he's out there, talking to these people, telling them he's trying to help; he seems to be sincere and honest, and  
genuine in his efforts...It's damned incredible, and moving, and awesome, and I  
am not the sort of person to be easily moved by such things, but...it is very  
So...I made a new friend on MobWars!
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I keep sending the asshole the message "You deserve no respect." I attacked him from the fight list once and lost (how is a mystery, he's only got a mob of 31)  
and he hit listed me.  
From the desk of our IT nazi-sounds familiar, some of you may have encountered it.
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Downadup/Conflicker worm: When will the next shoe fall?  
Concerns raised about second-stage payload  
By Ellen Messmer , Network World , 01/23/2009  
The Downadup worm—also called Conflicker—has now infected an estimated 10 million PCs worldwide, and security experts say they expect to see a dangerous second-stage payload dropped soon. .  
"It has the potential to infect about 30% of Windows systems online, a potential 300 to 350 million PCs," says Don Jackson, director of threat intelligence in the counter threat unit at SecureWorks. The worm, first identified in November and suspected to have originated in the Ukraine, is quickly ramping up, and while Downadup today is not malicious in the sense of destroying files — its main trick is to block users from accessing antivirus sites to obtain updates to protect against it — the worm is capable of downloading second-stage code for darker purposes. Many experts anticipate that could occur soon.  
What that darker purpose might be is a source of speculation, but Jackson theorizes that it will may well end up being "rogue antivirus malware" that demands the user buy it to eliminate the worm. "It's basically extortion," he says.  
Like SecureWorks, IBM notes that it's the second stage payload of the Downadup worm that is a source of concern. "Right now it's not destroying or stealing,--it's just hanging out," comments Tom Cross, X-Force researcher in the IBM ISS division. "It's building its network of hosts."  
While no one knows exactly what stage two payload will bring, one reason for the worm's somewhat slow but steady progress is its use of Windows "AutoRun" to copy itself through Windows file-sharing and USB tokens, Cross says.  
"If it copies itself to a file share, and if the user clicks on a file, the user's computer will get infected," Cross says. "Even if the computer is patched, you can still get infected if you access one of the infected USB drives or file shares." Cross advises that AutoRun be disabled.  
This is an additional means of the worm spreading beyond exploiting the Windows RPC flaw identified last October, for which a patch is available. The worm also has a password-cracker that is adept at cracking administrative accounts or other computers, though very strong passwords should make that much harder, Cross says.  
Posted by LowFlyingMule 10 years ago
Posted by LowFlyingMule 10 years ago
I went to the doctor this week to get another cholesterol drug. (The first one disagreed with me.) While I was there my doctor noted that my blood pressure was high. He went back and checked all my visits for the last 2 years, and apparently it was always high.  
So in addition to the cholesterol drug I now get to take High blood pressure meds! Yay, for me!! I had to get one of those goddamn little boxes with days of the week on the lids to keep track of my daily meds.  
Getting old sucks balls. Balls that hang abnormally low, one lower than the other.
My Sekrit Beever giftage has arrived!!! W00t!
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Thank you Sekrit Beever! Bok Bok!  
It goes into my "After the zombie apocalypse" library!
Buddha visits Jesus.
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My friend Mike brought me these cool Buddha figurines from Singapore. We decided to display them on the mantel, next to MrsMule's nativity scene:  
MrsMule was not amused :)
Mmm...pork rinds.
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Don't shoot!
Posted by LowFlyingMule 10 years ago
Posted by LowFlyingMule 10 years ago
Veterans Day, and the real Freedom we fight for...as interpreted in chatter
Posted by LowFlyingMule 10 years ago
crataegus> Vagina power.  
beaglebot> Up with vaginas?  
beaglebot> Up with vaginas?  
!! DirtyJ is around.  
LowFlyingMule> The power of the Vagina  
!! jsong123 is around.  
!! FoolProof is around.  
FoolProof> Why are some cats just not content to puke in one place?  
bozino> its an obama cat - spreading the wealth  
!! MrsBot is around.  
bozino> Happy Veterans Day! I celebrate by working. you?  
FoolProof> Chatter window says '3am' again.  
FoolProof> Foop Jr just pointed that out.  
bozino> your chatter window talks?  
beaglebot> working!  
crataegus> This shirt should be discounted.  
crataegus> Vagina.  
crataegus> I'm honoring Veterans Day by repeating the word "vagina."  
* * * LowFlyingMule is working also too  
bozino> those veterans worked hard for crat to have the right to repeat the word "vagina"  
LowFlyingMule> Crat honors their sacrifice  
crataegus> Let's be honest with ourselves. Nobody fights for freedom. Everyone fights for punani.  
beaglebot> or mannani I suppose  
beaglebot> Vagina!  
beaglebot> Mangina!  
FoolProof> Fight for punani freedom. For your girl, for your sister, and for you mama. She fought for your freedom (in labor for 26 hours).  
Now you return the favor. VIVA VAGINA!!!  
!! r03 is around.  
!! kingskyprawn is around.  
!! kpu is around.  
LowFlyingMule> My country tis of thee / sweet land of poo-nani / of thee I sing!!!  
LowFlyingMule> Land where our fathers shagged! / Ugly ones they did 2-bag!  
LowFlyingMule> Your poon I long to tag! / let freedom ring!  
For XIV, because he brought it up.
Posted by LowFlyingMule 10 years ago
So, this coroner and his assistant are working late one night, when the assistant comes up to him and says, "Hey doc, there is something really strange sticking out of the female corpse in the other room."  
The coroner responds, "What does it look like?"  
"It looks like a jumbo prawn."  
The coroner thinks, "That's weird." And so he goes to check it out. "That's not a jumbo prawn you idiot, that's her clitoris!"  
"That's funny," the assistant says, "it didn't taste like a clitoris."
Election Night Chatter 2008, in all its glory.
Posted by LowFlyingMule 10 years ago
XIV> i can't believe duluth is highlighted as a city in MN  
!! badbunny is around.  
FuzzyDave> lol. the "virtual" set on msnbc is built with cgi that's about the level of the 1st myst game  
clu> Myst is for the birds. Seriously. That game f*cking sucked!  
XIV> if you move the clock hands, olbermann comes out of the linking book and scares you  
FuzzyDave> i tried playing myst for the first time earlier this year. gave up after an hour  
XIV> yeah i gave up when i was 11  
clu> Despite being a very amateurish product, it managed to strike ligthning.  
!! chronus is around.  
XIV> if akt were here he might kill you all with his sheer fury  
clu> Virtual Reality Chuck Todd has a Myst puzzle of his own.  
FuzzyDave> is that, or is it not, the worst cgi job you've ever seen on tv?  
clu> You apparently haven't watched an Sci_fi original movies.  
LowFlyingMule> hehe...it is pretty pitiful  
clu> s/an/any/  
FuzzyDave> lol  
!! nyrath is around.  
FuzzyDave> heidi klum in her underwear playing guitar hero  
FuzzyDave> NSFW  
AB> ahh, distractions  
AB> whoop. BA alert  
LowFlyingMule> *wobblewobble*  
AB> closing all NSFW things  
AB> where is this CGI?  
AB> watching here  
AB> ohhh.....  
AB> no, they didn't  
LowFlyingMule> MSNBC  
FuzzyDave> i'm hoping the CNN holographic interviews look better than this laughable garbage  
AB> holographs?  
AB> w00t!  
LowFlyingMule> CNN has the floating pie chart  
LowFlyingMule> suckit msnbc  
AB> ack!  
AB> don't think my browser can handle two live feeds at the same time  
AB> but... must... try  
Fluffy> ugh, comments by msnbc readers are a whole other kind of stupid  
Fluffy> why do I do it?  
XIV> same reason i read almost every fark comment  
XIV> sheer, unadulterated intellectual masochism  
Fluffy> well, I'm not so sick as to read fark comments  
Fluffy> I have my limits  
clu> I read Fark comments. They're the best.  
!! Champthom's journal has been updated.  
LowFlyingMule> wifey just came home from voting. she said there was no wait at all  
clu> Zero wait here in the burbs.  
* * * LowFlyingMule rolls eyes at Florida  
clu> Though I think smith waited since she got there slightly before the polls opened.  
XIV> i really hope all the hippies got it out of the way in my precinct  
LowFlyingMule> damn HIPPIES get the vote in MN?  
AB> oh they got SOMETHING out of the something something. duuuuude. wait, wat?  
XIV> dude my whole neighborhood is filled with aging beatniks  
AB> pass the bong.  
AB> that must be fun. are there regular drum circles?  
!! MrsBot is around.  
MrsBot> Here's a fear inducing moment!  
XIV> you taunt me so, AB  
AB> not that I'd know about those.  
XIV> drum circles, gregorian chant offs, folk jam sessions  
clu> Bongs are for the... I can't feel my hands!  
AB> heeheehee  
MrsBot> you walk into the room to find your 2 year old rubbing a super glue bottle over his lips like chapstick.  
MrsBot> i need to go back to work so i don't have a nervous breakdown  
AB> silly lilbot. Doesn't he know you eat superglue with spoons?  
AB> sorry MrsB. that has to be extremely nerve-racking  
AB> and exhausting  
AB> I feel tired just thinking of it  
beaglebot> I NEED MORE NEWS!!!!  
beaglebot> dID HE GET IT ON HIME? wAS IT OPEN !?!?!?!  
beaglebot> Also, I have no voice left at all  
beaglebot> so, what's for sup pup?  
!! wysard is around.  
MrsBot> sorry. poop problem.  
MrsBot> the super glue, lucky for him, was dried up.  
MrsBot> mr. bot, if your boss is gone. PLEASE COME HOME EARLY.  
MrsBot> i have taken 3 xanax. Lil' bot is running the house. chicken is in the oven. I feel like screaming at grass.  
!! jhallway is around.  
!! LinusMines is around.  
XIV> screaming at grass is the best mental image i've had all day  
AB> I dunno, there have been some strong contestants all day  
AB> but it does have a certain flair to it  
AB> 9/10  
AB> so when do the holograms on CNN start?  
FuzzyDave> dunno  
Fluffy> it's understandable. grass is a right bastard.  
Fluffy> AB, go close the polls already, will ya  
!! Theatre73 is around.  
Darwish> it's only a problem when the grass yells back  
!! Dyskolos is around.  
MrsBot> uh. if any of you are in my phone and you get a strange call, it will be my 2 yr old. he finds the cell phone everywhere i put it.  
Fluffy> let me out! let me out!  
!! manGina is around.  
FuzzyDave> yeah. it's cramped in here. and the cheeto dust is making me sneeze  
manGina> herro all.  
manGina> I was figuring that since I spent the last election arguing with you all, I'd pop in for a bit, if you'll have me.  
FuzzyDave> obama taked NH. 4 EC  
beaglebot> Mrsbot: I get paid only for the time I spend here  
* * * AB gets up from his comfy chair to close the polls.  
AB> this might take a bit  
beaglebot> Did we argue with you mangina?  
!! MrsBot's journal has been updated.  
manGina> oh, last time everyone was arguing all over.  
beaglebot> As I've told several people, I don't care who you vote for as long as you are votinfg _for_ someone and it is a thought out descisio\n and not some general "He scares me"  
AB> Hiya mangina. YOU'RE WRONG!!!  
AB> ;P  
beaglebot> last round lost us several users  
beaglebot> this time the rhetoric has been a lot less  
MrsBot> mr.bot::: You've worked your 8 hours. COME HOME.  
manGina> thats right,m it did  
manGina> how've you been, beag?  
MrsBot> L is opening your netflix envelope if that helps you decided.  
beaglebot> I've been goodly  
manGina> well, then thats good.  
!! morrin is around.  
* * * LowFlyingMule is whipping up some rice o roni  
MrsBot> great spam:::: "Are you Dumb and Poor? Make money on Ebey."  
LowFlyingMule> yeah...the San Francisco Treat. Beef flavor.  
LowFlyingMule> don't hate  
MrsBot> i have chicken pieces in oven w/ mashed potatos and corn.  
MrsBot> all major food grooups. i'm a good mother. there.  
* * * FuzzyDave just polished off a couple mortadella, prosciutto and cappicola sammiches and has some cupcakes for afters.  
AB> so for Kentucky and Indiana, on the exit poll widget, their labels are "0% of precints reporting" instead of "Polls close in less than _ hours". Does this mean their polls are closed, and they're about to announce something?  
MrsBot> wait? did they add some groupings? f&ck it all. I can't keep up.  
pneum0nic> oooh! let the fun & games begin!  
AB> maybe they'll announce where my missing socks keep going.  
MrsBot> i think i like mortadella; i can't remember.  
XIV> that means MSNBC's code went *Plonk*  
FuzzyDave> AB, here's a good map  
FuzzyDave> looks Hopey will take ME, NH, lose KY  
AB> oh, sweet.  
* * * manGina loves mortadella.  
AB> thanks  
FuzzyDave> mortadella is a kind of italian style baloney  
AB> and msnbc updates too  
LowFlyingMule> Indiana belongs to the O  
Fluffy> holy crap, that was like the best LDW comment EVAR  
* * * manGina has been making his own sausages this year.  
Darwish> fluffy: hell yeah  
FuzzyDave> 0=19, M=8  
LowFlyingMule> it was very good. bam  
XIV> quite. POW!  
beaglebot> I need noms  
AB> nomz sounds like an EXCELLENT idea  
beaglebot> ok mrsb, I'm headed home. I will help with the lil bot and such but remember please that I am freebasing news this eveing and I have no voice  
XIV> thanks beag  
manGina> haahaha  
beaglebot> to everyone else I am chatting with but non /p and /p, like that dude over on that island, I shall retrun  
!! humandoing is around.  
manGina> RETRUN! RETRUN!  
Darwish> heh non /p  
!! Mac just posted Some Georgians Suspected Of Voting Twice.  
Fluffy> oh for fsck's sake  
XIV> DO IT! grrrrrr!  
manGina> ?  
clu> Gap made them do it.  
LowFlyingMule> I bet it was them fuckers in Bacon County  
XIV> bacon n coffee are double dippin  
XIV> mmmm...coffeebacon  
AB> nah, it was me  
clu> Bacon is overrated. There, I said it. Let the stoning commence.  
AB> i'm crafty like that  
XIV> personally, i believe bacon to be....ok. just ok  
* * * FuzzyDave throws the first rasher  
LowFlyingMule> INFIDELS!  
Fluffy> bacon is potentially great, but can be misused  
AB> bacon is often burnt too much.  
manGina> like guns!  
FuzzyDave> we must use our pork powers for Good  
clu> Bacon. It's good some of the time. Not all of the time.  
AB> It's better with lots of fat still on it, which I rarely ever find  
clu> There's a chain steak restaurant in the central valley called Cool Hand Lukes. It puts bacon on everything.  
clu> Fatty bacon is good.  
Fluffy> bacon fat is almost universally excellent.  
clu> Though, crisp, almost black bacon, with the fat drained off, can also be good.  
FuzzyDave> thick and fatty  
Fluffy> bacon is wasted on steak, in my opinion  
AB> yes  
clu> I think most steak places, especially chains, can't make a good steak.  
!! j d ess is around.  
Fluffy> putting bacon on steak is like putting yoohoo in your chocolate milk  
!! Champthom's journal has been updated.  
Fluffy> clu: absolutely.  
Fluffy> you don't need it and it doesn't improve the flavor  
Fluffy> the most disappointing steak I ever ate was at Ruth's Chris  
FuzzyDave> on a bad cut of beef that doesn't have much marbling, a li'l bit of bacon can help  
clu> Smith, for my tastes, makes the best steak. Pan seared, then cooked in the oven, plus a sauce made from the drippings and a red wine reduction.  
Fluffy> looked good, smelled great, tasted mediocre, cost a bundle  
clu> A Ruth's Chris just opened here in tow.  
clu> err, town. Haven't been.  
Fluffy> nice.  
AB> brb. election-dinnah!  
clu> We also have a Flemming's.  
AB> I'll be back in 10 minutes, I predict  
FuzzyDave> we have a couple Charlie's steak houses in orlando and their 52-oz porterhouse is to die for  
Fluffy> FD: I could see that, but you'd probably do better making that steak into stew  
Fluffy> with bacon, if you like  
clu> Been to Flemming's a couple of times. Good steak. Not worth the price.  
Fluffy> the tough one, I mean  
Fluffy> OK, I'm heading out into the newsless wasteland that is my commute. Send some money to NPR so their coverage manages not to suck.  
clu> Did I tell you all that we just got a Chick-Fil-A? Well, we have one. Haven't been yet.  
clu> I should call smith to tell her to bring me a sammich  
clu> later!  
FuzzyDave> shoulda went today clu. they're giving away free sammiches if you vote  
Fluffy> I hope to speak to all of you tomorrow, when Obama is President and McCain is crying into his wrinkly old pillow.  
Fluffy> President elect, sorry  
FuzzyDave> see ya fluff  
Darwish> later  
clu> Well, nutz to that! I missed free chicken sammiches.  
XIV> you don't HAVE to vote  
XIV> federal law forbids free stuff for voting  
XIV> just go in and say gimme sammich  
clu> Federal Law, shmederal flaw. Chick-fil-a does what chick-fil-a wants.  
cornpone> chick-fil-a was a my polling location passing out free chicken biscuits to all.  
XIV> yeah them and like, 8 other chains had to change their offer when they found that out  
LowFlyingMule> damn feds and their laws  
XIV> lets git em!  
LowFlyingMule> apparently you could vote twice In Ga and get TWO sammiches  
cornpone> lol  
clu> all this talk of sammiches is making me hungry for change.  
FuzzyDave> when you vote in florida, your chicken biscuit goes to pat bucchanan  
LowFlyingMule> lol  
FuzzyDave> m=KY, VT=O  
LowFlyingMule> O wins Vermont, M wins Ky  
LowFlyingMule> eek!  
XIV> who needs CNN when you got Fuzzy and LFM  
XIV> (guess which one's the color commentator)  
manGina> haha  
FuzzyDave> and msnbc is pussing out and saying everything else is too early to call  
LowFlyingMule> Man...Obama not popular with teh hillbilly crowd  
LowFlyingMule> odd  
FuzzyDave> mark warner (D Va) wins his senate seat, which bodes well for obama  
!! testicle is around.  
!! kingskyprawn is around.  
FuzzyDave> w00t!  
LowFlyingMule> man, Warner is kicking teh shit out of the other guy in VA  
FuzzyDave> yeah. i'm hoping that'll work in O's favor, but the current returns aren't reflecting that  
LowFlyingMule> :(  
LowFlyingMule> holograph time on CNN!!  
LowFlyingMule> help me Obi Wan  
FuzzyDave> !!  
!! Mac just posted In this economy, even sex doesn't sell.  
FuzzyDave> hahahaha  
AB> must. find. live feed.  
LowFlyingMule> shoulda been the first thing out of her mouth  
FuzzyDave> this. is. hilarious.  
XIV> lifehacker, AB  
testicle> OH  
XIV> just saw something in my RSS feed for full screen no commercial CNN  
testicle> OH GOD  
testicle> OH GOD  
testicle> *SPLURT*  
XIV> australian jizz!! ewww  
LowFlyingMule> Wolf Blitzer is a dink  
clu> That's why I don't watch CNN  
* * * LowFlyingMule wipes off teh screen  
XIV> if you have VLC media player, that is  
XIV> which you should.  
* * * testicle stretches out  
LowFlyingMule> Wolf: "She's not really here with us."  
testicle> boredom. Severe bored if I'm actually bothering to watch this coverage  
LowFlyingMule> well no shit  
FuzzyDave> what's hilarious is that wolf I'm a Retard blitzer keeps telling people that the person isn't really in the studio  
AB> I do.  
AB> and now I'm watching it  
AB> thanks!  
testicle> reminds me of this  
* * * beaglebot points out that it is possible to have a scenario where hawaii is teh deciding state  
clu> According to the exit polls, Obama will win every group except for the 65+ crowd. If exit polls are to be believed.  
FuzzyDave> if exit polls were to be believed, john kerry would be running for re-election tonight  
beaglebot> thought: if obama wins it is going t have quiete a bit to do with his effective use of new media  
beaglebot> twitter, blogs, viral video etc  
FuzzyDave> 2 hours from now, if we can't see a clear-cut winner, we are gonna have a reeeeally long night  
beaglebot> he will have managed to do what mTV hassn'tbeen able to, rock the vote with the 18-24 crowd  
testicle> mhm  
FuzzyDave> i've got msnbc on; so, whomever is watching cnn, give us a Hologram Heads-Up, please  
beaglebot> I now have election noms  
testicle> oh sad  
testicle> my remote is dead  
clu> I wish these online election maps had the option to compare to four years ago.  
beaglebot> and you don[t have kids to make go stand by the tv  
testicle> I need to do the fat homer thing with a broom  
FuzzyDave> werd clu  
LowFlyingMule> Campbell Brown on CNN right now. And she's really there!  
FuzzyDave> clu, this map'll tell you whether kerry or bush won the state in 04  
FuzzyDave> mmmm...campbell  
clu> SOUP!!!  
AB> |vrrrrrrrrrrrr|  
pneum0nic> Campbell Brown is mine I tells ya!  
LowFlyingMule> clam chowdah!  
AB> |bRRRRR|  
LowFlyingMule> om nom nom  
AB> I decided to try KoL again  
AB> I am a sauceror this time.  
* * * testicle blinks  
AB> maybe I can actually beat the game this time  
testicle> on nom nom'ing over that?  
!! Theatre73 is around.  
testicle> strange little men.  
beaglebot> ab, join my clan, you get free meat every day for just shaking the meat tree  
FuzzyDave> "shaking the meat tree"  
* * * LowFlyingMule posts the sharp knees guy from Fark in honor of testicle  
beaglebot> sorry, meat oarchid  
AB> hahahahahaha  
AB> so... wrong...  
FuzzyDave> shake the meat tree, AB!  
testicle> this cnn feed is odd  
LowFlyingMule> lol  
testicle> everyone has purple tinges in their mouthes and eyes  
testicle> ALIENS  
testicle> bad ntsc>pal conversion, I guess  
LowFlyingMule> sounds like Trinity Broadcasting Network...all those people have lavender hair  
LowFlyingMule> Obama slayin' 'em in Fla  
!! jsong123 is around.  
FuzzyDave> i hope the next hologram that pops up on CNN opens with "What is thy bidding, My Master?"  
beaglebot> help me obi wan, you're my only hope  
LowFlyingMule> haha...wouldn't you do that if you were the reporter?  
LowFlyingMule> instant youtube classic  
FuzzyDave> i'd do it. with vaderesque breathyness  
AB> w00t! Certificate of Participation!  
AB> record time for me  
!! madtbone is around.  
FuzzyDave> i'm wondering why they haven't called new hampshire or maine for obama yet?  
LowFlyingMule> Man, them Ga double-voters must be Mccainiacs  
LowFlyingMule> he's up 70%  
!! aktaeon is around.  
FuzzyDave> ex-pow fans love the chikkin biskit  
FuzzyDave> and suzanne malveau is hot  
LowFlyingMule> hahaha  
beaglebot> is reg cnn gonna have teh holo?  
LowFlyingMule> yes  
FuzzyDave> yas  
testicle> what is this holo I keep hearing about?  
LowFlyingMule> they are beaming in holographic images of remote reporters  
FuzzyDave> here testicle  
LowFlyingMule> it's like they are standing there in the CNN Election Center  
!! shigpit is around.  
clu> oaky, I've got to see this cnn hologram bullshiat.  
beaglebot> The future is now!  
LowFlyingMule> is shigpit! is good  
shigpit> I voted Republican today.  
shigpit> ... for county clerk.  
FuzzyDave> shigpit's hologram is twisty  
LowFlyingMule> just the very end of it  
shigpit> hologram what?  
LowFlyingMule> He's not really here with us!!  
FuzzyDave> cnn has holographic interviews  
FuzzyDave> they're effin hilarious  
FuzzyDave> cuz wolf blitzer is a retard  
shigpit> interviews with Princess Leia?  
clu> You hired! Now put this sexy slave bikini on.  
beaglebot> what's the largest differnce in pop vote that you can have and still lose the election?  
LowFlyingMule> obama lookin good in crataegus country  
FuzzyDave> cnn calls SC for mccain  
clu> Poor John Kerry. Obama is mopping the floor with him.  
FuzzyDave> rofl clu  
LowFlyingMule> hahaha  
clu> MSNBC called SC like 10 minute ago.  
clu> Eat it Wolf!  
beaglebot> cnn's graphics are making me think of Subway  
AB> You acquire an effect: Hopped Up on Goofballs  
AB> oh.  
AB> I should be at work.  
AB> Maaaaaaybe  
LowFlyingMule> i thought obama would do better in SC  
clu> CNN is like watching Politico Keno at at the all you can eat buffet.  
FuzzyDave> now cnn is calling maine. they could've called it an hour ago. fuckers are holding out on us to grab ratings.  
FuzzyDave> damn you oklahoma!  
LowFlyingMule> and TN  
shigpit> Yeah, as Maine goes, goes the country.  
shigpit> Mule didn't vote enough.  
LowFlyingMule> i predicted TN for Mccain based on signs in front yards  
FuzzyDave> damn you mule!  
LowFlyingMule> they're everywhere  
clu> MSNBC just called Pennsylvania for Barack, I think.  
LowFlyingMule> hey, there's only like 6 black people in TN, not counting Memphis  
clu> Not sure. But they had a check on the board for him.  
FuzzyDave> that would be awesome  
shigpit> Dear Wolf Blitzer, shut your pie hole. Love, Shigpit.  
LowFlyingMule> hahaha  
FuzzyDave> msnbc has o=103, m=34  
LowFlyingMule> CNN = extra conservative  
LowFlyingMule> yeah  
clu> Yup, they have PA marked.  
aktaeon> "Tennessee, not counting Memphis" lol  
clu> Though, they were wrong (or right depending on your perspective) about florida 8 years ago  
shigpit> i want a magic screen.  
!! smith is around.  
!! Hugh2d2 is around.  
clu> I had a magic screen, until somebody busted it with a pipe wrench.  
LowFlyingMule> I see FuzzyDave!  
LowFlyingMule> no wait...  
beaglebot> Did no one know the answer to my pop vote q?  
FuzzyDave> well i did my part.  
LowFlyingMule> it was a fly on the screen  
FuzzyDave> i didn't know the answer to that , beag  
beaglebot> LFM: Its hard not to since you have the telescope pointed right at him  
LowFlyingMule> i don't know beag.  
LowFlyingMule> lol  
beaglebot> ahem  
FuzzyDave> if we count CA, OR, WA, MN and HI, that's 87 for Obama, plust the 103, give him 190  
FuzzyDave> all he needs now is 80 electoral votes  
shigpit> Beag's peepus is 4 or 5 votes?  
LowFlyingMule> he'll never carry beag's peepus, shig  
* * * testicle shivers  
FuzzyDave> NY is 31, FL is 27, WI 10, 17. that'll put him over  
FuzzyDave> MI is 17  
FuzzyDave> all of those were kerry states in 04 (except FL)  
shigpit> With 1% of the Popular Vote in, I call this election for Obama. G'night.  
shigpit> lol  
!! shigpit's journal has been updated.  
!! reapre is around.  
FuzzyDave> FuzzNN  
FuzzyDave> THIS is FuzzNN  
LowFlyingMule> man, find a fox affiliate if you wanna see high-tech graphics...eek  
clu> axlrod on cnn  
LowFlyingMule> they must have broken the transporter unit on CNN...where's the beam me up?  
FuzzyDave> all those states (minus fla) equals 248  
AB> w00t!  
AB> I managed to level up to level 3 in one playthrough  
AB> so far  
AB> I still have 45 adventures  
AB> I am on a roll  
AB> nomnomnom  
AB> buttered  
FuzzyDave> so he just needs to snag 22 EC  
!! morrin is around.  
testicle> hah  
AB> Haha  
AB> that's awesome  
FuzzyDave> if O doesn't get FL, then he needs a combo of any 2 of these 3 states that he's leading in: OH, PA, NC  
AB> hmm  
FuzzyDave> he's gonna win  
clu> I'm not ready to call it.  
LowFlyingMule> no, not since 2000  
shigpit> show me your O face, Fuzzy.  
FuzzyDave> if they call FLA for O, then it's a done deal  
clu> I'm not sure FL will go for O. it seems pretty tight.  
AB> I'm still nervous  
FuzzyDave> AP has O winning 53-47  
LowFlyingMule> NH for Obama  
FuzzyDave> FL^  
shigpit> oh  
shigpit> whew  
FuzzyDave> sorry. lemme rephrase that: AP has O LEADING 53-47  
FuzzyDave> they haven't called it as a win yet  
LowFlyingMule> calm down there, Tweak  
shigpit> Highly educated voters = 70% OBAMA IN NH  
!! cornpone is around.  
beaglebot> I need more tv's playing in here  
LowFlyingMule> Hagan is whuppin' Libby Dole in NC  
beaglebot> mother (**Y*  
shigpit> Libby could use a good whoopin  
shigpit> I mean, when ob's taking Viagra she might get close.  
shigpit> s/ob/Bob  
FuzzyDave> Bob Dole wants Wood. And PANCAKES  
LowFlyingMule> *shudder*  
* * * shigpit wonders if Bob needs to hold that pen if the Viagra works.  
FuzzyDave> oooo  
LowFlyingMule> Alexander way ahead in TN  
shigpit> /bow  
LowFlyingMule> beag, that's enough to piss a man off  
beaglebot> yes, yes it is  
shigpit> cnn : penn goes to O  
LowFlyingMule> PA goes to Obama  
manGina> looovin youuu is easy cuz you're byootiful!  
LowFlyingMule> gah  
FuzzyDave> awesome. now he only needs ONE EC to win the presidency  
!! pneum0nic is around.  
smith> smith jr, with no prompting, saw a pic on then news and correctly identified it as "bo-bama"  
beaglebot> adn while I'm bitching: Dear cali, take your meds, you have both a prop to ban gay marriage and one to legalize prostitution up  
testicle> so, while we're all talking about such things  
LowFlyingMule> lol  
testicle> where is Mac to bait everyone into silly arguments?  
!! manGina is around.  
LowFlyingMule> he was here earlier, i thought  
manGina> beag: what prop for prostitution? I never saw that one!!  
testicle> oh right, he doesn't get XP for that :P  
!! nikan is around.  
beaglebot> I'd imagine watching the returns and possibly watching chatter and laughing  
beaglebot> lemme go find it...  
beaglebot> mang: now I can't find t, mayeb it wa my brain playing ticks  
FuzzyDave> i hope that Prop in Cali to name a shitwater treatment plant after W passes. pardon the pun  
manGina> I think it must be...'cuz that wasnt on MY ballot!  
* * * beaglebot pulls out brain and massages it to try and get the dust out...ooo, there's a ht wheels in there, I wondered where my son had put that  
* * * manGina now wants a pizza, for some reason!  
!! Horpy SpoonDigger is around.  
LowFlyingMule> *the pizza tempts you*  
manGina> the pizza wins!  
LowFlyingMule> it always does :)  
!! aleemio is around.  
LowFlyingMule> James Carville = Nosferatu  
manGina> ????  
manGina> Holograms?  
FuzzyDave> on CNN  
FuzzyDave> they have a mega goofy gimmic this year: holographic interviews  
manGina> wish I had cable!  
beaglebot> I find it amusing the number of people who will say "barack" but would never say "john"  
LowFlyingMule> well..they had ONE  
FuzzyDave> i think you can watch cnn online  
FuzzyDave> good point beag  
LowFlyingMule> Jessie Helms spinning in his grave  
FuzzyDave> good. so if i piss on it, i'll get a water show  
LowFlyingMule> shoulda staked him down  
LowFlyingMule> lol  
manGina> I just heard the EXACT same senctnce on cnn and abcnews.com. within probably half a second  
manGina> coworkers are playing a drinking game!  
LowFlyingMule> haha...what's the rules?  
manGina> historical, groundbreaking, glass ceiling, race, etc...  
LowFlyingMule> heh  
!! Theatre73 is around.  
* * * LinusMines is ready for a night of multi-tasking  
manGina> oh, and each time they start talking about the internet, its a shotgun  
LinusMines> Fixing dinner, chatting LF and absorbing the election returns  
manGina> thats way too much  
LowFlyingMule> SuperLinusMines!  
!! LinusMines is around.  
LinusMines> Just tuned into CNN  
LinusMines> Does CNN have the best toys?  
LowFlyingMule> they have holagrophic reporters, but they've only used it once  
LinusMines> WOLF BLITZOR 3000  
beaglebot> they had Nixon's head on earlier  
beaglebot> no wait, that was futurama  
LowFlyingMule> lol  
LinusMines> hehe  
LowFlyingMule> CNN can't afford Nixon's head...it commands the big bucks  
FuzzyDave> okay, based on what CNN has up, plus the obvious pickups Obama will get (cal, or, wa, hi), then obama will get the presidency if he gets ohio. or florida. or if he loses both those, he can still win if he picks up VA and NC  
LowFlyingMule> plus Fox has it on retainer  
manGina> heh. msnbc is showing mccain winning WY---with 0%.  
manGina> hehe  
LowFlyingMule> nobody wanted Wisconsin  
beaglebot> did he just say "black folk"  
FuzzyDave> ayup  
manGina> cnn.com player sucks.  
manGina> well, no. not the player.  
manGina> the people  
manGina> they're like C-list reporters.  
* * * LowFlyingMule has switched down to MSNBC  
beaglebot> I haven't seen a holo yet  
beaglebot> msnbc for me as well  
LowFlyingMule> that's all that was keeping me on CNN, beag.  
FuzzyDave> i'm wondering if they aborted the hologram gimmick cuz it was too goofy  
LowFlyingMule> apparently they ran out of dielithium crystals  
beaglebot> If it was a fully formed hologram I think that is illegal  
manGina> on msnbc...is that brian williams?  
LowFlyingMule> No  
* * * manGina needs a movie to watch.  
FuzzyDave> hahaha  
LowFlyingMule> awesome, Dave  
LowFlyingMule> we should have a similar ceremony here  
FuzzyDave> fox called ohio for obama. if that's true, that's game  
clu> Really?  
clu> Really?  
clu> I mean, it's look good so far, but not that good.  
FuzzyDave> ayup  
clu> Really?  
FuzzyDave> hahaha  
clu> I refuse to believe it yet. I'm not ready to get shit faced.  
FuzzyDave> brit hume: "McCain's situation is looking dire"  
clu> MSNBC just called Ohio  
clu> Shit faced time!  
LowFlyingMule> MSNBC Called OH for Obama  
LowFlyingMule> w00t!  
clu> It's over. Right?  
FuzzyDave> Obamanation!!  
FuzzyDave> yup. it's all over  
LinusMines> I got nuthin' but iced tea to get crunk on  
beaglebot> Does anyone think Obama's energy stance hurt him in coal country?  
FuzzyDave> cnn, of course, is holding back because they're fucking retarded  
LinusMines> hehe  
FuzzyDave> cnn, instead of calling ohio, cuts to hank jr. jerkin off on guitar  
LowFlyingMule> fuck Wolf, it's Hank Jr.  
LowFlyingMule> Hank Williams had Talent  
FuzzyDave> hank jr. can leek mah bahlz  
LowFlyingMule> hahaha  
beaglebot> Wait, why is Hank Williams Hr jerking off wolf Blitzer? Is this part of that whole gay marriage thing?  
FuzzyDave> family tradition my dick  
!! badbunny is around.  
FuzzyDave> After Fox calls Ohio for Obama, Rove says McCain needs to find a surprise in "Washington, Michigan, Hawaii, or California...all unlikely."  
LowFlyingMule> he WAS born to boogei!  
clu> FUnny thing is, Scarborough just said the same thing, then added "Ofcourse, I'm being facetious."  
FuzzyDave> christ if FOX can call the election to obama, why can't liberal jew-run media??  
beaglebot> You know what this coverage needs? Puppies.  
LowFlyingMule> you will watch longer  
testicle> sweater puppies  
shigpit> Fox JnEWS!  
!! pdxpogo is around.  
LowFlyingMule> damn VA is a dead heat now  
clu> Dedicated to Bud Tugly.  
LinusMines> Seriously  
!! ultrafastx is around.  
ultrafastx> GOBAMA!  
LowFlyingMule> lol...it should be animated, clu  
manGina> can someone 'splain somthing to me? in MI, if mccain has the popular vote, how does obama get it?  
manGina> honestly...I dont understand how it works.  
clu> New Mexico!!!!  
ultrafastx> manGina, they're going off of statistical projections and exit polling.  
beaglebot> I'ts been called a couple of times for mccain when he was behind as well, I can't figure out what they're doing mang  
ultrafastx> The exit polling has a certain margin, and they can weight existing partial returns from regions  
clu> Looks like Florida will go, too.  
clu> Though still too early  
beaglebot> or what oofex said  
shigpit> NBC: if Obama wins WA, OR, CA, it's 273  
ultrafastx> this is going to be a blowout  
ultrafastx> IF Obama wins, shig? Those are lock ins.  
ultrafastx> Hell would have to freeze over for McCain to take California.  
LowFlyingMule> Finally, CNN calls Oh for Obama  
clu> It's weird to be getting twiiters from Rachel Madow during the commercial breaks.  
ultrafastx> To celebrate, I'm gonna have bierocks for dinner. Bierocks for Obama.  
LowFlyingMule> heh...the magic of teh interwebs  
clu> Bierock Obama!  
FuzzyDave> with 194, add Cal, or, wa and HI and Obama has 271  
FuzzyDave> Obamanation!  
LinusMines> VA is crazy  
LinusMines> (as in dead heat)  
FuzzyDave> VA has been see-sawing all nite  
beaglebot> It was O's coal comment  
ultrafastx> I think VA, NC and FL will all fall Obama  
LowFlyingMule> 70% of votes in, in VA  
LowFlyingMule> lookit all them rubes jammin' to Hank Jr.  
FuzzyDave> they can't count like us  
beaglebot> so it's real va versus fake va  
FuzzyDave> they's not too good at cypherin  
FuzzyDave> lolbeag  
ultrafastx> NM has gone to Obama  
FuzzyDave> hahaha. the people at the biltmore don't even know what the count is.  
LinusMines> haha beag  
FuzzyDave> seriously? NM?  
pdxpogo> They will not call it until Con US polls close  
* * * beaglebot preapres to pucnh OK in its midget taint  
ultrafastx> Yep, Fuzzy. Second take-away state.  
LowFlyingMule> feed 'em shit, keep 'em in teh dark  
ultrafastx> NPR called it a few minutes ago  
pdxpogo> NM is blue on NBC  
FuzzyDave> CNN is funny now  
!! bgruagach is around.  
FuzzyDave> john king just ran the board. gave mccain EVERYTHING LEFT (except for HI, WA, ORE, CAL) and showed that mccain has lost the election  
pdxpogo> heh we could call it last week  
testicle> bah. Don't wanna go to work  
ultrafastx> That's awesome Fuzzy.  
LowFlyingMule> yeah. stick a fork in him. he's done  
ultrafastx> And now the networks figure out how to fill the six hours they thought they'd have to fill  
FuzzyDave> i think the networks are waiting to make a definite call on florida before calling the win to Obama.  
shigpit> yay!  
FuzzyDave> even though FL is now a moot point.  
shigpit> I bet Obama stayed in a Holiday Inn Express last night.  
LowFlyingMule> haha  
clu> I think they'll wait until the polls are all closed in the final deciding states, like Cali.  
ultrafastx> Californians can suck it. Oh...wait.  
FuzzyDave> i just got off the phone with my mom and she was so emotional. She never thought she'd live to see the day that a black man would be president.  
ultrafastx> I want to hear about the Props in CA.  
testicle> heh, cute  
FuzzyDave> she was very happy  
testicle> my dog was watching me put me shoes on, getting all excited and hoping that I'd take him for a walk  
manGina> jkjk  
testicle> then as soon as I picked up my work shirt, he sulked  
shigpit> hah  
LowFlyingMule> poor doggy  
ultrafastx> heh  
clu> Prop 8. If you feel your marriage is threatened by gay marriage, congratulations, you are gay.  
beaglebot> porr pup  
shigpit> Lots of network commercials = having to pay for fancy schmancy graphics  
LowFlyingMule> Karl Rove = creepy  
LowFlyingMule> after seeing W he's even creepier  
clu> I haven't seen W, yet. Kinda interested  
shigpit> I"ll wait until it's on HBO  
* * * testicle salutes  
clu> My kid saw a pic of Barack on my lappy earlier, and she started saying "Bobama, bobmama." I looked to smith and said, I sware I didn't teach her that.  
shigpit> Bye scrote,  
LowFlyingMule> yeah, it's ok. all the characters surrounding W are like charicatures of themselves  
* * * LowFlyingMule cant wait for that new DL Hugely show on CNN  
shigpit> Huge: Chris Shays conceded  
ultrafastx> That's AWESOME, clu  
pdxpogo> Liz Dole is going down  
clu> Obama is up in Virginia at the moment.  
clu> Barely.  
shigpit> Pogo: that's what Bob says after the Viagra kicks in.  
LowFlyingMule> bob on Bob  
* * * ultrafastx throws up at the thought  
ultrafastx> "Down boy"  
shigpit> Pogo: that's what Bob says after the Viagra kicks in.  
LowFlyingMule> Iowa to Obama  
FuzzyDave> iowa goes Obama  
clu> Iowa!!!!  
beaglebot> Bob on Bob action is beig voted on today  
FuzzyDave> jinx  
pdxpogo> hell I thought bob was dead  
FuzzyDave> heh al franken is ahead of coleman in MN  
LowFlyingMule> bob's bobber is still bobbin'  
shigpit> lol bob on bob  
LowFlyingMule> n throbbin  
LinusMines> damn chatter lag  
!! squeegee is around.  
pdxpogo> looks like Gordon Smith R Ore will squeek back in  
shigpit> My rep will win 75-25  
LowFlyingMule> where is our MN contingent tonight?  
pdxpogo> our Senate race cost 40 million this year most expensive state wide race ever  
FuzzyDave> no kidding. where ARE they?  
shigpit> They're "supporting gay marriage" or something.  
FuzzyDave> NSFW, monical bellucci in new GQ  
ultrafastx> OMFHAWT  
beaglebot> ok, maybe ny naht is off or it's the same art of m brain that had a hot wheels in it, but isn't the pop vote kinda close  
FuzzyDave> yeah, but only a small % of it has been counted.  
ultrafastx> For someone either 40 or 44, Monica's still attractive (at least with the airbrushing I'm sure they did)  
FuzzyDave> indeed ufx  
beaglebot> hawt  
FuzzyDave> audrey is sweet hawt  
beaglebot> it's those lips  
LowFlyingMule> yas  
LowFlyingMule> very pretti wimmin  
!! cornpone is around.  
FuzzyDave> i guess everyone is waiting til 11 pm ET to call the election  
clu> It's the responsible thing to do.  
LowFlyingMule> and force-feed us commercials  
beaglebot> is there ff extension that will do what ie7 does and give me thumbnails of all tabs to jump to?  
!! Theatre73 is around.  
FuzzyDave> dunno. but seamonkey does it natively  
pdxpogo> I think that is the unwritten "rule" a mark of respect to the loser  
FuzzyDave> i think the reason is that the western states like cali were pissed about elections being called before their polls closed.  
beaglebot> if all of the extensions I used worked in seamonley and I could have sidebar chatter I'd switch  
beaglebot> is htis picture work safe?  
LowFlyingMule> i see boobage  
FuzzyDave> no. but barely  
LowFlyingMule> near-nipplage boobage  
beaglebot> I guess it'serr on the side of caution  
beaglebot> to bad  
LowFlyingMule> TX to Mccain, no surprise  
FuzzyDave> that was his only big state to take  
AB> so can I uncover my eyes yet?  
LowFlyingMule> no  
FuzzyDave> now cnn is loading up on mccain calls to make things look more tight  
pdxpogo> small states except for tejas  
LowFlyingMule> those clever news people...they're too smart for us  
ultrafastx> North Carolina is 50/50 right now  
ultrafastx> 2400 vote different out of 3.4 million with 81% of precincts reporting. amazing  
FuzzyDave> i'm just waiting for the following: if O gets more than 300 ECV; more than 50% of the Pop Vote; and to watch his victory speech  
beaglebot> ahem  
ultrafastx> same here Fuzz  
!! morrin is around.  
LowFlyingMule> lol  
shigpit> the internets are so slow tonight  
clu> I watching to see if they will show that pouty puma chick's explode when Barack breaks 270.  
ultrafastx> If we'd elected Mussolini, the internets would run on time.  
clu> s/chick's/chick's head/  
FuzzyDave> don't you mean Moosalini, the thrilla from wasilla?  
ultrafastx> Obama's gonna require all of us to get brain implants  
ultrafastx> [email protected]  
LowFlyingMule> haha. i have afriend from Germany. she says her dad said that about hitler  
LowFlyingMule> and trains  
ultrafastx> BTW, does any one really count Leiberman as an Independent anymore? They need a fourth category: douchebag  
LowFlyingMule> and brain implants  
ultrafastx> Dem/Repub/Indep/Douche  
shigpit> i'm surprised Lieberman caucuses with the dems still  
ultrafastx> turnout WAY down in Orange County, way up in Los Angeles County. Very interesting.  
ultrafastx> The OC is typically very red.  
clu> Good odds that Virgin will go Obama.  
ultrafastx> Virgins love Obama  
ultrafastx> He drinks their blood.  
ultrafastx> Or so the McCain campaign told me.  
FuzzyDave> lol "Virtual Capitol" on CNN  
LowFlyingMule> hologram  
LowFlyingMule> aww.  
LowFlyingMule> what a gyp.  
FuzzyDave> i want more holograms!  
LowFlyingMule> that table is where they had the floating piechart earlier. it's a magic table  
LinusMines> Kick Lieberman's coccyx?  
beaglebot> mmm..floating pie  
FuzzyDave> yas  
beaglebot> Barackberry pie  
beaglebot> ahem  
FuzzyDave> gotta figure out how to relable my phone a Barackberry  
LowFlyingMule> rofl  
ultrafastx> Obama takes Virginia  
LowFlyingMule> woah  
LinusMines> lol FD  
pneum0nic> w00t!  
ultrafastx> first time Virginia's gone blue since 1964  
!! reapre is around.  
LinusMines> Go VA!  
LowFlyingMule> mah blue va. let me show you it  
FuzzyDave> woot! hologram!!!!  
FuzzyDave> will i.am  
LowFlyingMule> yes!  
LinusMines> will.i.gram  
LowFlyingMule> haha  
LinusMines> Help us, Obi-Wan...you're our only hope  
FuzzyDave> hahaha  
!! XIV is around.  
LowFlyingMule> no dancing!  
LowFlyingMule> stop that!  
* * * XIV has not been paying any attention for the past 4 hours  
XIV> i'm assuming people are goin apesh!t  
LinusMines> We need holograms like that on LF  
LowFlyingMule> we were wondering...you been out stumping for Franken?  
FuzzyDave> no. we are not going apeshit. we have adopted the calm, stoic confidence of our new leader.  
shigpit> If that's what they're calling it these days.  
LowFlyingMule> LM: does that mean we have to wear pants?  
XIV> hanging out w/friend i haven't seen in a while, too busy w/rock band and MST3K  
shigpit> Dave: Apeshit in 2012!  
XIV> the MN senate thing isn't gonna be over for hours  
LinusMines> No, LFM...just the customary safety goggles  
* * * shigpit kicks his internets  
XIV> people were goin crazy on lake st driving there and back  
XIV> lots of hollerin and clicking of heels  
* * * LowFlyingMule gives thumbs-up then  
clu> This is a great day for socialism.  
LinusMines> Not Philly-World-Series-crazy, I hope  
LowFlyingMule> they're partying in Kenya  
clu> rocky mountain news and denver post both call colorado for obama.  
LowFlyingMule> not looking good for the bull  
ultrafastx> awesome!!!  
FuzzyDave> i hope CNN shows a hologram of the kenyans killing that bull  
FuzzyDave> jinx lfm  
shigpit> Obama I'm in fear for my life from the long arm of the law...  
XIV> on a totally unrelated note, grabbed the repo! the genetic opera soundtrack  
LowFlyingMule> lol  
!! creatorswhim is around.  
XIV> tis awesome  
FuzzyDave> dude. you gotta bring STYX into this? not cool.  
LowFlyingMule> MOOO!!!  
shigpit> Dave, that's been going thru my head for a week.  
clu> The lyric "With parts made in Japan" always cracks me up.  
LinusMines> Rockefeller Center's ice-rink results map...very nice  
XIV> anthony stewart head has a much better voice than i had expected  
LowFlyingMule> and too many names  
FuzzyDave> VA for O  
LowFlyingMule> should go with...Stu Head  
beaglebot> the anthny stewart head is ussually an extra $20  
clu> Did CNN call it?  
LowFlyingMule> yep  
clu> Cool!  
XIV> lol  
FuzzyDave> called Va for O (CNN)  
shigpit> Ant Head?  
clu> That's where I figured it was going.  
XIV> giles from buffy  
FuzzyDave> hopefully in 20 seconds, CNN will call the election  
shigpit> NBC calls it for Obama  
LowFlyingMule> coffee-dude  
clu> MSNBC has called it  
FuzzyDave> FINALLY  
LinusMines> lol CNN  
LowFlyingMule> CNN CALLED IT  
* * * XIV ducks  
shigpit> Do we all have our O faces on?  
FuzzyDave> now i'm just waiting to get the Breaking News that a meteor is about the hit Earth  
LowFlyingMule> wow.  
clu> It's almost unbelievable.  
XIV> why does the air feel like its vibrating  
shigpit> OMG that park in Chicago looks like a foreign country's rally.  
shigpit> Our country looks so silly on camera.  
LowFlyingMule> [email protected]  
FuzzyDave> silly on camera. silly in eveningwear.  
clu> I look silly on camera. Mostly because of the elephant underwear.  
LowFlyingMule> far out  
FuzzyDave> we yanks simply CANNOT pull off White Tie  
!! smith is around.  
clu> Incredible.  
FuzzyDave> great. obama wins and CNN finds a way to get a shot of a black guy holding a 40  
ultrafastx> NPR called the west coast for Obama as soon as the polls closed  
shigpit> In other news, Joe Lieberman storms out on John McCain and begins sweet talking Democrats again.  
smith> and here we go.  
LinusMines> I am enjoying this electoral sandwich right now  
LowFlyingMule> shit, Dave I'm hoistng my 40!  
XIV> christ that's a lot of people  
FuzzyDave> i heard taht there's something like a million people in downtown chicago right now  
smith> look at all that bullet proof glass on teh run way.  
clu> Did you see the size of the bullet proof glass on stage?  
LinusMines> MSNBC = video and no commentary for five minutes  
FuzzyDave> maybe it's not bulletproof. maybe that glass is for projecting more holograms  
beaglebot> waot, you mena the two pieces on either side of the stage?  
XIV> like equilibrium, FD?  
beaglebot> I figured it was for teh teleprompter  
beaglebot> they'er ussually smaler but I can see having them that large so it look slike you're really looking out at the crowd  
FuzzyDave> dammit. i just realized i coulda been watching the live comedy central coverage  
clu> all the best parts will be on youtube tomorrow.  
clu> You know, LF really is my Cheers.  
FuzzyDave> Cluuuuuuuu  
XIV> awwww  
LowFlyingMule> hahaha  
XIV> thanks clu  
XIV> btw you're on the 360 f-list  
shigpit> awww  
FoolProof> plerb  
clu> cool!  
LowFlyingMule> Mccain made the oncession call, apparently  
* * * clu is fight'n back the tears.  
smith> I wonder how that went over.  
FuzzyDave> http://img375.imageshack.us/img- 375/9738/obamasupermanawesomera8- .jpg  
FuzzyDave> dammit. sorry.  
LowFlyingMule> still worked  
XIV> okokok i know this is crazy, but paris hilton sounds really good too  
XIV> this soundtrack is perplexing  
smith> dear happy dancing people on tv...pumping your hand while it's held in "o" formation doesn't mean what you want it to mean.  
XIV> man my text inbox is blowing the hell up  
FuzzyDave> mccain concession speech in 2 minutes  
LowFlyingMule> [email protected]  
clu> McCain who?  
clu> Florida!!!  
LowFlyingMule> McWho  
* * * beaglebot puts on his special taint punching gloves for the talking heads on cnn  
LowFlyingMule> 333 EC votes  
smith> So...who thinks Dean's all state strategy is stupid now?  
smith> Does anyone else see Jesse crying and thing "It could have been me!"  
beaglebot> crap, that makes my prediction 5 off  
FuzzyDave> hahahha  
LowFlyingMule> lol...close smith, i see "why wasn't it me?"  
smith> and here we go...  
smith> my friends.  
clu> Stay classy GOP  
beaglebot> enough with the booing  
beaglebot> exactly  
FuzzyDave> good christ what an ugly race they are  
beaglebot> lead by example  
smith> For someone who talks about socialism as bad...he sure says "comrades" a lot.  
smith> If McCain had been the soft and human, he would have had a better chance.  
smith> now, may Palin slink back to the great white north to rear her head at putin.  
LowFlyingMule> lol  
FuzzyDave> if the economy didn't tank and palin wasn't chosen as veep, this would've been a long painful night for us  
XIV> man there were firecrackers AND guns going off outside  
FuzzyDave> to his credit, mccain is giving a damned good speech  
XIV> i daresay my neighborhood is collectively vomiting celebration and good tidings  
smith> I loved hearing the Rep. stratesgist say they "wished the economy hadn't tanked." Yeah..you and the rest of America, asshats.  
LowFlyingMule> Mccain was always better than his party's line.  
smith> yes. sheesh.  
beaglebot> what were they chanting?  
XIV> wait that went into like 3 different 3-syllable cheers  
FuzzyDave> sounded like "we're not done!"  
smith> I think it was "we love john." They must have a lot of hookers there.  
XIV> people were saying different things that whole time  
smith> did anyone read that look as "and I'm sorry I ever picked you bitch."  
LowFlyingMule> Bye, nutjob! back to teh snowmobile races  
LinusMines> Just talked to my mother...she never thought she'd see this in her lifetime, and is on cloud nine right now  
FuzzyDave> from Wonkette: "Maybe McCain will force Sarah Palin, at gunpoint, to crawl around on her knees in a bikini while he savagely beats her, like a pinata."  
!! MrsBot is around.  
FuzzyDave> Linus, i had the same convo with My Mom earlier.  
LinusMines> Good thing...I missed most of McCain's concession speech  
LinusMines> I noted, Fuzzy...this is real history for them  
LowFlyingMule> these classless boobs in the crowd, gah  
smith> no one in the older generations of my family is happy tonight.  
smith> I like that are showing all the people clutching their wine glasses.  
smith> USA!  
FuzzyDave> tears of shame tainting their merlot  
LinusMines> If you love your country, you'd cut that dumb shit out  
LinusMines> That goes for either side of the aisle  
LowFlyingMule> merlot-taint  
FuzzyDave> werd  
FuzzyDave> woot! cute redhead on CNN.  
FuzzyDave> hey! bring her back! she had sweet bangs  
LinusMines> My mom is especially happy that Joe nee Sam the Non-Plumber is handed his ticket home  
!! crataegus is around.  
LowFlyingMule> crat!  
LowFlyingMule> w00t!  
FuzzyDave> yay! crat's here!  
crataegus> How could I stay away.  
LinusMines> Flat-Top What's-His-Face didn't make it  
crataegus> I'm still in disbelief and expect to wake up in the morning and find out that McCain did not (in effect) concede.  
FoolProof> It's easy.  
MrsBot> i have no idea how y'all's can watch the tediousness of election coverage.  
smith> I'm thinking of cutting off all my hair.  
clu> It's not tedious if you enjoy it.  
FuzzyDave> wonkette made an interesting observation: mccain walked offstage to the sounds of the Darth Vader death music  
LinusMines> My mom is REALLY glad that Florida won't be contested yet again  
MrsBot> don't get me wrong, i'm happy as anyone that obama won and that its all finally for the fucking love of god over, but jeezus the play by play makes me want to cry  
LinusMines> McCain = Senator Palpitine?  
MrsBot> if FL got contested again, we'd cut them bitches out of the union.  
MrsBot> if you too stupid to figure out how to make your voter machines work, then OUT  
clu> The best part is, I can stop reading the DailyKos.  
LinusMines> lol clu  
crataegus> amen, clu  
FuzzyDave> wonkette is my site of choice. i love the catty writing  
beaglebot> hey, the us needs it's uvula  
LinusMines> For real, MrsB  
MrsBot> now i want to see my change.  
crataegus> Anyone I see with Palin 2012 merchandise gets punched in the junk tomorrow.  
MrsBot> how long do i have to wait for the change?  
MrsBot> and does it get mailed to me or do i have to pick it up at the polling places?  
beaglebot> I would pay upwards of $3 to listen to the bush/obama phone call  
beaglebot> january  
FoolProof> damn that bachmann!  
FoolProof> and Franken  
LinusMines> I'll always remember where I was when the election was decided...  
LinusMines> ...CHATTER!!!  
XIV> ugh  
FuzzyDave> amongst dear friends  
beaglebot> talking with people around the world instantly  
FuzzyDave> did franken lose?  
XIV> damn you tinklenberg  
beaglebot> cuz that's the future bithes  
clu> That's where I've been for just about every election since 2000.  
crataegus> Frock the Vote if anyone wants to catch the end of it.  
LinusMines> as well as my fave electronics, Fuzzy  
MrsBot> wait, did the tv just say several thousands people were assembled?  
MrsBot> for the ... elections???  
MrsBot> wtf???  
MrsBot> is this a city thing?  
beaglebot> for the record I am sitting here shaking my head at mrsbot  
clu> The biggest republican fear from this point forward, Democrats are successful in bringing positive change.  
LowFlyingMule> somebody get MRsBot a TV  
FuzzyDave> try shaking mrsbot  
beaglebot> It's high drama, esp this election  
beaglebot> she's in the other room mooching off my sound  
FuzzyDave> soundmooch!  
FoolProof> Only so many percent reported so far, beag.  
LowFlyingMule> lol  
LinusMines> DC is going to be a social-event madhouse for the next two months  
crataegus> seventy thousand...70000  
clu> Obama == sort of a big deal  
FuzzyDave> where are the 70,000?  
clu> This election will be famous 100 years from now.  
crataegus> Chitown  
clu> Nevada.  
beaglebot> grant park  
FuzzyDave> that seems low  
crataegus> Well, 70000 is the number of tickets sold  
clu> This is really the closest thing I'll ever experience that comes close to that whole man on the moon thing.  
LowFlyingMule> lol...like Neyland stadium  
LowFlyingMule> President-Elect Obama  
MrsBot> ooook. People. Lets break this down. This is the new president. He gonna be on tv every couple months AT LEAST for the next 4 years.  
FuzzyDave> i remember watching armstrong taking that one small step  
MrsBot> a chance to see him in the comfort of your living room, in warmth.  
MrsBot> i mean, its cold and shit in chicago.  
!! Theatre73 is around.  
* * * FoolProof missed that one, FD.  
* * * beaglebot looks around for a ball gag  
beaglebot> and some duct tape  
MrsBot> yeah, yeah, i'm going to bed with Steven King. oooo baby. he's one hot writer. his stories make me hot.  
* * * crataegus snickers.  
MrsBot> night night.  
LowFlyingMule> gnite  
clu> If I was in Chicago, I'd be there. Would have been for 8 hours by now.  
LinusMines> Nite  
crataegus> I do have to share something...  
FoolProof> g'night.  
crataegus> What in the flip flying fuck is wrong with so much of Amrika that this was even close?!  
LowFlyingMule> I have wondered the same thing crat.  
FoolProof> as in the popular vote?  
FoolProof> Dunno.  
FoolProof> Not a clue.  
FuzzyDave> i blame nascar  
* * * FoolProof games.  
LinusMines> Some people just fear change and the unknown...others embrace it  
beaglebot> One word crat=fear  
clu> California has barely been counted at this point. The spread will grow.  
LowFlyingMule> If Sarah Palin made you sit up and say "Oh wow! I'm for Mccain!" seek help  
LowFlyingMule> most people here voted for Mccain/Palin  
LinusMines> Some people wear both suspenders and a belt...others don't wear pants  
FuzzyDave> wow. effin mob at the white house  
LowFlyingMule> my grandmother is 82. She voted for Obama  
LinusMines> LOL...they're storming the White Hoouse  
LowFlyingMule> only because Hilary didn't make it, but still  
LinusMines> Have fun stormin' the castle!  
LowFlyingMule> hahaha  
crataegus> Current, actual, unofficially officially certified SC election results.  
crataegus> They differ just a touch from what's reported on the news.  
LowFlyingMule> i thought Obama had a shot in SC  
!! groinflower is around.  
!! RHSwine09 is around.  
clu> President Elect Hussein.  
LowFlyingMule> Ah. here we go  
FuzzyDave> i'm so glad they're wearing communist red.  
LowFlyingMule> hideous dress  
crataegus> President That One.  
clu> I be redistributing yer republican colors!  
FuzzyDave> dibs on lavender!  
crataegus> I get chills when Obama does that MLK, baptist minister "uh" in his Uhmerikuh.  
clu> That man deserves to sleep in till noon tomorrow.  
crataegus> Yay, puppy!  
FuzzyDave> woot for new puppy!  
smith> I'd forgotten the new puppy promise.  
leek mah west weeng  
LowFlyingMule> woof!  
smith> this is churchy.  
beaglebot> yes it is  
beaglebot> he's pausing for the amens and repeating the key stuff  
LowFlyingMule> gonna work e'm into a frenzy now  
!! Shreela is around.  
beaglebot> Someone wrap a falg around him now  
clu> this is where he stage dives  
* * * FuzzyDave wipes a tear. slaughters a bull. eats a cupcake.  
crataegus> Don't forget to offer the hekatombs to Zeus.  
beaglebot> Obama gives good serious face  
clu> i want cupcakes  
LowFlyingMule> man this music is fer shit though  
!! pdxpogo is around.  
!! rollo3 is around.  
FuzzyDave> this music is Epcot Shit  
clu> Unreal.  
clu> Epcot shit is the perfect description.  
LowFlyingMule> heh...exactly  
!! Ashur is around.  
LinusMines> I guess Presidential music is required to suck by law  
pdxpogo> Olympic is more like it  
clu> Though thanks to the outcome election, I can once again go to Disneyworld. There was no way I was going when Bush resided in the Hall of Presidents.  
pdxpogo> he he the Coach of the Oregon State Beavers is on stage now  
LowFlyingMule> go beaver!  
FuzzyDave> what? no fireworks?  
crataegus> If it makes you feel any better, someone was bustin a cap or ten out in the parking lot about 20 minutes ago...  
LinusMines> Mrs. O's dress should be burned for fireworks  
LowFlyingMule> no loud bangs, please  
smith> yeah..it's not good.  
smith> I'm dissappointed.  
LowFlyingMule> and yes, that dress has got to go  
clu> I remember once when I was a kid, on New Years, my dad unloaded a clip in the air. I have a borderline redneck upbringin'  
beaglebot> I'd bet that dress is pretty much just off the rac form soehwere  
!! Max Webster is around.  
crataegus> I'm gonna start cryin  
LowFlyingMule> she's usually well-dressed  
FuzzyDave> 125K crowd  
pdxpogo> hard work ahead but we need to start preparing war crimes trials  
clu> Suck it Pumas!  
pdxpogo> a special haliburton tax  
beaglebot> did prop 8 pass clu?  
clu> I think so.  
LowFlyingMule> no retreads in the admin...awesome  
!! lagbnaft is around.  
pneum0nic> does 338:156 count as a landslide?  
FuzzyDave> i'm thinkin  
LowFlyingMule> prop 8 news  
pneum0nic> according to fivethirtyeight.com, landslide is 375+ EV  
pneum0nic> still feels FUCKING AWESOME, though  
pneum0nic> (pardon my French)  
FuzzyDave> i'm off to bed. good night all  
LowFlyingMule> may still get there  
LinusMines> Nite  
LowFlyingMule> yep. good nite all.  
pneum0nic> me too  
pneum0nic> good nite!  
clu> i'm signing off, too. Later!  
LinusMines> Nite all  
beaglebot> same here  
beaglebot> nital  
crataegus> i'm gonna collapse after i finish this cigarette.  
!! aktaeon is around.  
pdxpogo> nite nite east coasters  
!! lorddimwit is around.  
aktaeon> fscking hurray  <
and now, a completely unnecessary public service announcement.
Posted by LowFlyingMule 10 years ago
My friends, we stand at the very edge of a new age! A time when a man with dark skin contests, for the first time in our nation's history, with a zombie for the role of Leader of the Free World!  
Many of us disagree with one another; this is obviously a deeply personal choice, this battle of black man vs. the holy undead. Not all of us will survive the apocolypse that is sure to follow this historic election; no doubt some of us will join the ranks of the undead, or the mahogony-hued, thus having given our lives in the support of our respective cause.  
Before these momentous events sweep us away in the dust of Hopeful Change and Carnage, I would like to say to you all, that I have enjoyed this contest because you were with me as it occurred, and we should all be thankful that we had the opportunity to belittle and mock each other's choice of elected official, because  
it is this very mocking and belittlement that makes us Americans, and more importantly, Linkfilterians!  
Let this thought be a comfort to you in the long dark days to come...Good Night, and God bless the Bacon!