I've been a lurker...
Posted by gbaker 11 years ago
It's been quite some time since I contibuted to LF. I come to the filter when I'm at work (no large blocks of time) and I don't do alot of surfing but as I lurk here I get to see plenty of good links and some pretty funny $hit!  
I guess I'm feeling a little guilty taking without really giving back but I will probably continue anyway :D  
Anyway, conscience cleared. Thanks everybody for giving me some cool stuff to check out while killing time.  
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Posted by gbaker 13 years ago
I've been most unproductive today :)  
I got all the work that is expected of me done for the month. My Supervisor wants me to finish HIS project because he dinks around and doesn't get his stuff done. Hell, I'm still trying to figure out what he does all day that he can't get 3 or 4 yearly projects done. Why does it always fall on somebody that has 40 other things to do?  
I'm silently protesting the situation by making myself unavailable while continuing to do absolutely nothing.  
Sad thing is it's driving me nuts!!!  
Why can't I sit around and do nothing without going crazy dammit?!  
I want to be comfortably lazy, is that so much to ask?
OK I think I'm ready...
Posted by gbaker 13 years ago
I'm just going to go ahead and open this up...  
I've been using IE since I've been on the internet. I've rarely used anything else and have never had anything else on my computer.  
I'm thinking about switching to firefox. Not knowing much about other browsers I have a few questions...  
>Do I need to keep IE on my computer for any reason after switching over?  
>I'm not quite ready to use another OS other than Windows...Does this pose a problem using a different browser?  
>Am I going to save myself headaches or am I going to have some issues getting used to the nuances of a different browser?  
>is firefox the browser to switch to?  
I know there are different opinions and I welcome them all.
w00t!! Levelled up again
Posted by gbaker 13 years ago
I'm on the fifth day since I quit smoking. I'm doing alot more tossing and turning while trying to sleep but I'm getting up in the morning feeling better rested.  
This makes absolutely no sense to me but what the hell, I'll take a positive whenever i can get one :)  
Oh, Beagle, I still want that game of "Go"  
Here I go again...
Posted by gbaker 13 years ago
I quit smoking again. I stopped Sunday night, its Wednesday now and boy am I fiending for a smoke. The cravings aren't so bad when I'm at work but once I get home they are terrible. Keeping busy is the key, at least through this first week I think.  
Monday night I got really irritable so I went to my room and laid in bed reading a book so that I didn't take it out on the people I live with. My wife gets the brunt of my attitude no matter what I do. She's been really supportive and understanding. Once I get through this I'll have to think up something nice to do for her in gratitude for putting up with me.  
Tuesday night I spent an hour or so playing video games which I haven't done alot of lately. I got bored with that pretty quickly and spent a good chunk of the evening amusing myself at the kids' expense. With all this halloween candy sitting around I couldn't resist throwing it at the kids. This got out of hand pretty quickly. Whenever I start something juvenile with the teenagers it only lasts about 30 seconds before it is complete chaos.  
So, it didn't take long for the wifey to come investigate the commotion and of course start interrogating me about what the hell I was thinking. She got about 5 words out of her mouth before the three of us kids pelted her with our stockpiles of candy ammo.  
She started to glare at me before she realized that this was probably the best way I could be dealing with the anxiety I've been dealing with since I quit smoking. She, instead started yelling at the kids, who in turn, whined back "But HE started it". She dismissed their claims with a wave of the hand and walking away just as the oldest got a fun size snickers upside the head!!
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I don't have much time today, so I blew my wad on link voting. Oh, I found this site with a bunch of pretty cool computer animated pics...some of these would make good avatars IMO.  
Your Driver's License on the internet...
Posted by gbaker 13 years ago
This is not good but I thought I should pass it along. Check your drivers  
license. Now you can see anyone's Driver's License on the Internet,  
including your own! I just searched for mine and there it was. . . picture  
and all!! Thanks Homeland Security! Where are our rights?  
I definitely removed mine. I suggest you do the same...  
Go to the web site and check it out. Just enter your name, city and state to  
see if yours is on file. After your license comes on the screen, click the  
box marked "Please Remove". This will remove it from public viewing, but not  
from law enforcement.  
Diver's License  
Posted by gbaker 13 years ago
I hit 100,000 XP today!!  
heh - I still feel like a newb.  
I found a study that Depaul university did on Oxford Houses. The last 5 years I have given countless hours of volunteer time to the non-profit organization of Oxford Houses.  
I have been a part of opening a decent amount of the 138 houses in Oregon and have served on the State Association for 3 years.  
It is time that I stepped away from this organization and focused on other things. My attitude towards the others with whom I share a leadership role is less than pleasant. They have forgotten the common goal and are in it for more personal self serving reasons and because of this they are becoming back-biting and malicious to each other.  
It is sad, but, whatever! I have spoken my piece to the group and am moving on to better things. I will miss it though, like I said it has been a huge part of my life.
Back from DC
Posted by gbaker 13 years ago
I got back from the east coast Sunday night after spending 5 days at a hotel in Alexandria VA. I went over to DC the first day I was there and did the tourist thing; checking out the monuments, capitol building, National Archives, and smithsonians.  
I spent most of that day and could have spent much more in the Smithsonians. My wife was taking pictures like crazy but I was more interested in just soaking it all in. I had never been on the East coast and would liked to have checked out much more than DC but I was there for a convention payed for mostly by the non-profit that I do volunteer work for, so I had to stick around the hotel most of the time.  
I have to admit (and feel kind of strange doing so) that I got a sense of Patriotism that I didn't know was possible. The writings of Jefferson and Lincoln at the memorials really brought to life the idealism that the country was founded upon. That idealism really is awe inspiring.  
I feel that the true nature of these ideals has been lost for some time in some murky political waters and that is why I didn't expect to feel what I did visiting the monuments. I've read alot of the same writings of Jefferson and Lincoln out of textbooks and such but it is something else when you go to the memorials and read the writing on the walls.  
DC was also alot cleaner than I had imagined - even the subway. I hear that this wasn't always the case.  
I had a very good time and hope I get the opportunity to check out more of the East coast sometime soon. It is so rich with Americana History.  
Oh, by the way, people drive crazy over there, very similar to Mexico when I was there. People in Oregon are just stupid drivers but around DC their nuts!!  
Posted by gbaker 13 years ago
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Going to DC
Posted by gbaker 13 years ago
I'll be leaving for DC on the 12th of October. I've never been on the east coast. I'm actually staying in Alexandria but will be spending time in DC. I'm sure that there are LFers that know the area.  
Tips and suggestions would be most welcome and appreciated!
Mt St. Helens
Posted by gbaker 13 years ago
I got this from here  
It is a static image updated every 5 minutes or so. It's been intereesting the past year watching the crater take different shapes and all the mini-eruptions of steam that have been going on. Check in later if image is dark or grey. It means that it's either nighttime or that the camera is in with clouds.
My take on the whole religion thing...
Posted by gbaker 13 years ago
I'm a very spirtual person, I've had to be through my own experiences and had a large part of my life in an agnostic if not atheist state of mind. I don't subscribe to the religion ideology though. In my experiences, religions of the western world at least, tend to be seclusionary and judgemental if not hypocritical to their very essence. I've even had a co-worker (who's ideals I've challenged on several occasions) quote scripture in regards to the point I'm trying to make here. The only time religion reaches out beyond the mass of believers is to convert others to their belief and dogma. Once it is apparent that this cannot be achieved with an individual they are held in contempt and regarded as an entity of potential corruption within their society.  
While the words of tolerance resonate within their belief structure little is found while differing opinions are considered to be attacks. This is how we find ourselves within the confines of adolescent arguments and behaviors. I can enjoy reading or listening to anybody's point of view if well articulated and thought out without having to judge what they have to say according to my own perceptions. If it is intelligent enough to make me self reflect on my own beliefs it tends to strengthen my character and/or conviction. The same applies to politics. I believe there is a level of ignorance in both regards when somebody takes action against something or somebody else just because of a differing point of view.  
Religion has proven over the centuries to be extremely harsh on the human condition when left unchecked and forced upon others. There are flaws in every belief structure and lack there of because WE are flawed. Acceptance doesn't come easy it has to be practiced. This seems to be one idea that most don't seem to want exercise. Acceptance does not mean you hsve to agree. Some devout people have disagreed with me on this but I can accept that.
Muuuch better now...
Posted by gbaker 13 years ago
My sanity has crept back in today. I got my truck running, nothing says I have to continue giving a crap about the volunteer work I've done and that damned Board of directors, I have a decent job..., My wife and daughter love me and I have the respect of my family and friends. Once again I just had to figure out what was worth my gratitude and my attitude changed with my focus.  
Oh, I've been watching the filter change its kinda hard to miss. I've sat in the background for a long time voting and happily clicking links and watching certain online drama unfold. I've watched the trolls come and go and I've also watched some of the biggest contributors do the same (AM & FD).  
Change is inevitable with everything, all you can do is either leave or stick around and add your character and flavor into the soup. I still like it at LF, I even like to catch the rants of some highly opinionated users even though I don't always agree. Mainly I just like atmosphere the "Filter" creates.  
Thanks everybody.
Screw it...
Posted by gbaker 13 years ago
If attitude is everything I'm in a bad way today.  
I drove over 200 miles to sit in an 8 hour meeting this weekend. It was full of Personality indifferences, manipulation tactics, and even resorted to name calling at some point. I got home last night only to have to recall the whole damned meeting to a board member that was absent. Then I awoke this morning to my truck not being able to start and having to take the wife's car to work that was supposed to go into the shop today because the CV joint on the passenger side is going out. Now I'm at work and having a hard time giving a crap. I'm friggin done with the volunteer work I do for a certain organization. Ever since I've been sitting on State Board of Directors it has been nothing short of an exercise in tolerance and patience - One I am losing by the way. I feel obligated to serving the rest of my comittment to January but once that day comes there will be dust in my tracks. I've given a large portion of my time and energy to this organization and the people in it and hate that I feel this way about it. Something has changed though. I don't know if it is the organization or myself or both. It's probably both. I think it will be a positive thing for me to focus more on my personal life anyways.  
Ahh well, I guess it's time to force myself to do something since I'm getting paid for it.
As Pone suggests...
Posted by gbaker 13 years ago
Never Whistle while you're Pissing.
Posted by gbaker 13 years ago
(it means you are of two minds)  
Excerpts from  
"Never Whistle While You're Pissing"  
by Hagbard Celine  
From the Illuminatus! Trilogy  
Seventh Trip, or Netzach (the SNAFU Principle)  
"The most thoroughly and relentlessly Damned, banned, excluded, condemned, forbidden, ostracized, ignore, suppressed, repressed, robbed, brutalized and defamed of all Damned Things is the individual human being. The social engineers, statistician, psychologist, sociologists, market researchers, landlords, bureaucrats, captains of industry, bankers, governors, commissars, kings and presidents are perpetually forcing this Damned Thing into carefully prepared blueprints and perpetually irritated that the Damned Thing will not fit into the slot assigned it. The theologians call it a sinner and try to reform it. The governor calls it a criminal and tries to punish it. the psychologist calls it a neurotic and tries to cure it. Still, the Damned Thing will not fit into their slots.  
Appendix Teth: Hagbard's Booklet  
"I once overheard two botanists arguing over a Damned Thing that had blasphemously sprouted in a college yard. One claimed that the Damned Thing was a tree and the other claimed that it was a shrub. They each had good scholary arguments, and they were still debating when I left them. The world is forever spawning Damned Things- things that are neither tree nor shrub, fish nor fowl, black nor white- and the categorical thinker can only regard the spiky and buzzing world of sensory fact as a profound insult to his card-index system of classifications. Worst of all are the facts which violate "common sense", that dreary bog of sullen prejudice and muddy inertia. The whole history of science is the odyssey of a pixilated card- indexer perpetually sailing between such Damned Things and desperately juggling his classifications to fit them in, just as the history of politics is the futile epic of a long series of attempts to line up the Damned Things and cajole them to march in regiment.  
Every ideology is a mental murder, a reduction of dynamic living processes to static classifications, and every classification is a Damnation, just as every inclusion is an exclusion. In a busy, buzzing universe where no two snow flakes are identical, and no two trees are identical, and no two people are identical- and, indeed, the smallest sub-atomic particle, we are assured, is not even identical with itself from one microsecond to the next- every card-index system is a delusion. "Or, to put it more charitably," as Nietzsche says, "we are all better artists than we realize." It is easy to see that label "Jew" was a Damnation in Nazi Germany, but actually the label "Jew" is a Damnation anywhere, even where anti-Semitism does not exist. "He is a Jew," "He is a doctor," and "He is a poet" mean, to the card indexing centre of the cortex, that my experience with him will be like my experience with other Jews, other doctors, and other poets. Thus, individuality is ignored when identity is asserted. At a party or any place where strangers meet, watch this mechanism in action. Behind the friendly overtures there is wariness as each person fishes for the label that will identify and Damn the other. Finally, it is revealed: "Oh, he's an advertising copywriter," "Oh, he's an engine-lathe operator." Both parties relax, for now they know how to behave, what roles to play in the game. Ninety-nine percent of each has been Damned; the other is reacting to the 1 percent that has been labeled by the card-index machine.  
Certain Damnations are socially and intellectually necessary, of course. A custard pie thrown in a comedian's face is Damned by the physicist who analyzes it according to the Newtonian laws of motion. These equations tell us we want to know about the impact of the pie on the face, but nothing about the human meaning of pie-throwing. A cultural anthropologist, analyzing the social function of the comedian as shaman, court jester, and king's surrogate, explains the pie-throwing as a survival of the Feast of Fools and the killing of the king's double. This Damns the subject in another way. A psychoanalyst, finding an Oedipal castration ritual here, has performed a third Damnation, and the Marxist, seeing an outlet for the worker's repressed rage against the bosses, performs a fourth. Each Damnation has its values and uses, but is nonetheless a Damnation unless its partial and arbitrary nature is recognized. The poet, who compares the pie in the comedian's face with Decline of the West or his own lost love, commits a fifth Damnation, but in this case the game element and the whimsicality of the symbolism are safely obvious. At least, one would hope so; reading the New Critics occasionally raises doubts on this point.  
Human society can be structured either according to the principle of authority or according to the principle of liberty. Authority is a static social configuration in which people act as superiors and inferiors: a sado- masochistic relationship. Liberty is a dynamic social configuration in which people act as equals: an erotic relationship. In every interaction between people, either Authority or Liberty is the dominant factor. Families, churches, lodges, clubs and corporations are either more authoritarian than libertarian or more libertarian than authoritarian. It becomes obvious as we proceed that the most pugnacious and intolerant form of authority is the State, which even today dares to assume absolutism which the church itself has long ago surrendered and to enforce obedience with the Church's old and shameful Inquisition. Every form of authoritarianism is, however, a small "State," even if it has a membership of only two. Freud's remark to the effect that the delusion of many men is religion can be generalized: The authoritarianism of one man is crime and the authoritarianism of many is State. Benjamin Tucker wrote quite accurately:  
Aggression is simply another name for government. Aggression, invasion, government are interchangeable terms. The essence of government is control, or the attempt to control. He who attempts to control another is a governor, an aggressor, an invader; and the nature of such invasion is not changed, whether it be made by one man upon another man, after the manner of the ordinary criminal, or by one man upon all other men, after the manner of an absolute monarch, or by all other men upon one man, after the manner of a modern democracy.  
Tucker's use of the word "invasion" is remarkably precise, considering that he wrote more than fifty years before the basic discovery of ethology. Every act of authority is, in fact, an invasion of the psychic and physical territory of another.  
Every fact of science was once Damned. Every invention was considered impossible. Every discovery was a nervous shock to some orthodoxy. Every artistic innovation was denounced as fraud and folly. The entire web of culture and "progress," everything on earth that is man-made and not given to us by nature, is the concrete manifestation of some man's refusal to bow to Authority. We would own no more, know no more, and be no more than the first apelike hominids if it were not for the rebellious, the recalcitrant, and the intransigent. As Oscar Wilde truly said, "Disobedience was man's Original Virtue."  
The human brain, which loves to read descriptions of itself as the universe's most marvelous organ of perception, is an even more marvelous organ of rejection. The naked facts of our economic game are easily discoverable and undeniable once stated, but conservatives- who are usually individuals who profit every day of their lives from these facts- manage to remain oblivious to them or to see them through a very rose-tinted lens. (Similarly, the revolutionary ignores the total testimony of history about the natural course of revolution, through violence, to chaos, back to the starting point.)  
We must remember that thought is abstraction. In Einstein's metaphor, the relationship between a physical fact and our mental reception of that fact is not like the relationship between beef and beef-broth, a simpler extraction and condensation; rather, as Einstein goes on, it is like the relationship between our overcoat and the ticket given us when we check our overcoat. In other words, human perception involves coding even more than crude sensing. The mesh of language, or of mathematics, or of a school of art, or of any system of human abstracting, gives to our mental constructs the structure, not of the original fact, but of the symbol system into which it is coded, just as a map-maker colors a nation purple not because it is purple but because his code demands it. But every code excludes certain things, blurs other things, and overemphasizes still other things. Nijinski's celebrated leap through the window at the climax of 'Le Spectre d'une Rose' is best coded in the ballet notation system used by choreographers; verbal language falters badly in attempting to conveying; painting or sculpture could capture totally the magic of one instant, but one instant only, of it; the physicist's equation, Force = Mass X Acceleration, highlights one aspect of it missed by all these other codes, but loses everything else about it. Every perception is influenced, formed, and structured by habitual coding habits- mental game habits- of the perceiver.  
All authority is a function of coding, of game rules. Men have arisen again and again armed with pitchforks to fight armies with cannon; men have also submitted docilely to the weakest and most tottery oppressors. It all depends on the extent to which coding distorts perception and conditions the physical (and mental) reflexes.  
It seems at first glance that authority could not exist at all if all men were cowards or if no men were cowards, but flourishes as it does because most men are cowards and some men are thieves. Actually, the inner dynamics of cowardice and submission on the one hand and of heroism and rebellion on the other are seldom consciously realized either by the ruling class or the servile class. Submission is identified not with cowardice but with virtue, rebellion not with heroism but with evil. To the Roman slave-owners, Spartacus was not a hero and the obedient slaves were not cowards; Spartacus was a villain and the obedient slaves were virtuous. The obedient slaves believed this also. The obedient always think of themselves as virtuous rather than cowardly.  
If authority implies submission, liberation implies equality; authority exist when one man obeys another, and liberty exists when men do not obey other men. Thus, to say that authority exists is to say that class and caste exis, that submission and inequality exist. To say the liberty exists is to that classlessness exists, to say that brotherhood and equality exist. Authority, by dividing men into classes, creates dichotomy, disruption, hostility, fear, disunion. Liberty, by placing men on an equal footing, creates association, amalgamation, union, security. When the relationships between men are based on authority and coercion, they are driven apart; when based on liberty and non-aggression, they are drawn together. The facts are self-evident and axiomatic. If authoritarianism did not possess the in-built, preprogrammed double-bind structure of a Game Without End, men would long ago have rejected it and embraced libertarianism. The usual pacifist complaint about war, that young men are led to death by old men who sit at home manning beaurocrats' desks and taking no risks themselves, misses the point entirely. Demands that the old should be drafted to fight their own wars, or that the leaders of the warring nations should be sent to the front lines on the first day of battle, etc., are aimed at an assumed "sense of justice" that simply does not exist. To the typical submissive citizen of authoritarian society, it is normal, obvious and "natural" that he should obey older and more dominant males, even at the risk of his life, even against his own kindred, and even in causes that are unjust or absurd.  
"The Charge of the Light Brigade"- the story of a group of young males led to their death in a palpably idiotic situation and only because they obeyed a senseless order without stopping to think- has been, and remains, a popular poem, because unthinking obedience by young males to older males is the most highly prized of all conditioned reflexes within human, and hominid, societies.  
The mechanism by which authority and submission are implanted in the human mind is coding of perception. That which fits into the code is accepted; all else is Damned to being ignored, brushed aside, unnoticed, and- if these fail- it is Damned to being forgotten. A worse form of Damnation is reserved for those things which cannot be ignored. These are daubed with the brain's projected prejudices until, encrusted beyond recognition, they are capable of being fitted into the system, classified, card-indexed, buried. This is what happens to every Damned Thing which is too prickly and sticky to be excommunicated entirely. As Josiah Warren remarked, "It is dangerous to understand new things too quickly." Almost always, we have not understood them. We have murdered them and mummified their corpses.  
A monopoly on the means of communication may define a ruling elite more precisely than the celebrated Marxian formula of "monopoly in the means of production." Since man extends his nervous system though channels of communication like the written word, the telephone, radio, etc., he who controls these media controls part of the nervous system of every member of society. The contents of these media become part of the contents of every individual's brain.  
Thus in preliterate societies taboos on spoken word are more numerous and more Draconic than at any more complex level of social organisation. With the invention of written speech -- hieroglyphic, ideographic, or alphabetical -- the taboos are shifted to this medium; there is less concern with what people say and more concern with what people write. (Some of the fist societies to achieve literacy, such as Egypt and the Mayan culture of ancient Mexico, evidentially kept a knowledge of hieroglyphs a religious secret which only the higher orders of the priestly and royal families were allowed to share.) The same process repeats endlessly: Each step forward in the technology of communication is more heavily tabooed than the earlier steps. Thus, in America today (post-Lenny Bruce), one seldom hears of convictions for spoken blasphemy or obscenity; prosecution of books still continues, but higher courts increasingly interpret the laws in a liberal fashion, and most writer feel fairly confident that they can publish virtually anything; movies are growing almost as decentralised as books, although the fight is still heated in this area; television, the newest medium, remains encased in neolithic taboo. (When the TV pundits committed le`se majeste after an address by the then Dominant Male, a certain Richard Nixon, one of his lieutenants quickly informed them they had over stepped, and the whole tribe -- except for the dissident minority -- cheered for the reassertion of tradition.) When a more efficient medium arrives, the taboos on television will decrease.  
By Robert Anton Wilson
Posted by gbaker 13 years ago
Last night my parents came over to visit. My dad and I have always had some issues between us that I have tried to put away considering his failing health. He started telling me about a book he just finished reading (He's been reading alot since he doesn't have the stamina to leave the house for any great period of time). He found the book called the Illuminatus in a box in the basement of the house.  
He was complaining about how many times he threw the book down in frustration because he couldn't figure it out but that he kept picking it back up. As he was telling me about it I started laughing and he couldn't figure it out. I told him that he had found one of my old books that I had read when I was much younger.  
I remember muddling through this book back in the days when I was loaded 24/7, it was difficult for me to get through the first part of it too. All I remember of the book is that it was written like the movie "Pulp Fiction", timelines all screwed up and the writers would change to different characters and dialogue without cue. It all came together towards the end of the 2nd part of the story. I don't know if anybody here has read this since it isn't great work of literature or anything but if I remember right it was the first over the top conspiracy story that I experienced. The writers were truly way out in left field but I think it was supposed to be fun that way.  
Anyway, I told him where I had stashed the rest of my reading material I had left behind at their house including all the old Playboys I had collected. As my Mom rolled her eyes I think my Dad was genuinely excited about finding the treasure.  
Rarely do I get the chance of having a pleasurable visit with my Dad let alone have conversation that leaves us both laughing. Who knew that book would have given me such a positive experience many, many years after having read it.
Well it's time...
Posted by gbaker 13 years ago
I'm off to Cancun on Saturday. It'll be my first time in Mexico. Does anybody have any tips for the trip? I don't have alot of $!!
Posted by gbaker 13 years ago
It's been a long while since I posted to my journal but I've got enough anxiety going on that I'm having a hard time functioning at work. I'll write to an online journal instead. The wife and I have a trip planned to Cancun and we leave on the 25th of this month. Less than three weeks away and I go internet hopping for travel tips to cancun. I was under the impression from friends of mine that I didn't need a passport or anything of the like as long as I had valid U.S. ID. These friends of mine haven't been to Mexico for quite a few years. Well, I find out that I need a passport or an original Birth certificate to get through customs. I don't have the time left to get a passport. I can take a half day off from work and get a certified copy of my original birth certificate but I don't know if that is enough. I don't know if a document given through the state is enough in a foreign country or if I need to have waht is called an "Apostille" attached. I would actually have to go to the Secretary of State to have his office authenticate the notary that signed the State document. I wish I would have taken the time to look all this up on my own before it came to the last minute 'cause a passport would be so much simpler. Oh, and my wife has to take a copy of our marriage certificate because the name doesn't match with the birth certificate. I got too much money tied into this vacation to not have this taken care of already.
I've been away...
Posted by gbaker 14 years ago
I've been away from linkfilter for a while (except for the occasional peek here and there). I almost forgot how amusing this place is. I used to spend alot of my work hours in here and I've made an effort to cut that back a little 'cause I wasn't getting things done. Anyway, my Wedding is a little over a month away so I've been swamped with all that sh*t, er... stuff. My volunteer work has been off the hook in as much time as it has demanded of me. I'm all moved into my new home so at least that is out of the way. My biggest stress right now is where to go for the honeymoon and if I can even afford one. It doesn't have to be extravagant I know, but I really wanted to be able to do something special for the little lady since she is taking the brunt of the wedding STUFF. Got to get back to work now, It's been fun hanging out this morning. Happy Birthday Beegle Beagle :)  
Oh, Happy Belated Birthday Fluffy - you're still older than me :P
Thanks for your support!!
Posted by gbaker 15 years ago
Thanks for the support guys. What I have managed to do so far is cut waaaay back. The insomnia thing did me in as far as cold turkey. I have gone from a pack to a pack and a half a day habit to making 1 pack last 2 and a half days. A large part of my success to cut back has alot to do with Fluffy's advice advice to try to defer my next smoke until later and keep deferring until I'm not smoking anymore. I don't think my quitting all together is going to hinge on deference alone though. I believe that once I bring the toxicity of nicotine in my body down far enough I'll go ahead and try the hypnosis thing and have little to no physical withdrawals. Sounds like a good plan to me but then again I'm the one addicted and anything that doesn't sound like "quit for good right now" sounds good to me. I really hate feeling weak to this crap. I will get over myself eventually - this I know.
All moved and still going insane....
Posted by gbaker 15 years ago
Well I'm all moved into my new place!! One of the agreements my fiancee and I made upon moving into the new place is to quit smoking. I'M NOT READY!! All I do is think about the fact that I want a cigarette all day. It's a constant feeling that I am denying myself something. That can only go on so long before I say *uck it! I have had mild insomnia for about 7 years now and last night was the worst it has ever been. I think the longest I slept was about 45 minutes. If smoking doesn't kill me quitting will. I don't chew gum and I don't like the idea of the patch. I'm thinking hypnosis. I heard it works for about the first 6 months. That's enough time to detox from the nicotine so that I can at least get back to my usual 2 - 2.5 hours of sleep at a time. I've been smoking for 16 years and cold turkey isn't the way to go I'm finding out. I'm very short tempered(which isn't my nature) and moody. God this sucks.
Posted by gbaker 15 years ago
FIRE OF AIR. Serious and intellectual, you live in the world of thoughts and ideas. You grasp things quicker than most and are a master debater. Your verbal skills are unparalleled; your conversations are stimulating. You are concerned with issues of justice. Your standards are high, so there is danger of becoming too moralistic. While truth is generally an honorable thing, chew on this: "Why Yes Herr Strudel, my neighbor IS hiding Jews in his basement!" You're Christopher Walken in Suicide Kings.  
created by Polly Snodgrass.  
Haven't been around for awhile. I just stopped in to look around. I now must hop off 'cause I'm Late, I'm Late.
Finally moving...
Posted by gbaker 15 years ago
Well, last night I signed the papers and got the keys for the house. Now I got to clean the place up and my fiancee wants to do some painting. I really just want to move my stuff and be done with it but I know I'll be happier if I just do this her way. At my old house I got someone sleeping on the couch waiting for my room to be empty so I'm feeling kinda rushed. I talked the landlord into charging me rent starting on the 15th of February so that I would have time to get the things the way that I want before I move in but once again I just want to move my stuff and be done with it. I HATE moving. Signing the papers with the landlord was a new experience, not that I haven't signed plenty of rental agreements and leases, it's just that we met at a restaurant and he bought us dinner! -weird but cool. I think he's really into the fact that my fiancee and I are both starting over in life and getting married soon and all that gushy gobbledegook. If I knew that crap worked I would of used it as an angle to get the places I wanted in the past.  
Once again I'm too busy for my own good both at work and at life in general. Which means I'm having to pull myself away from my computer and linkfilter for a while. I still can't resist checking in now and again while at work but I can't stay long. Way backed up on everything - busy, busy, busy.
My Middle Earth Names
Posted by gbaker 15 years ago
According to the Red Book of Westmarch,  
In Middle-earth, GBaker was a  
Friendless Black N├║menorean  
Elven Name Possibilities for Gregory Baker  
The root name suitable for feminine and masculine is:  
Another masculine version is:  
More feminine versions are:  
Hobbit lad name for Gregory Baker  
Minto Tussle from theMarish  
Hobbit lass name for Gregory Baker  
Menegilda Tussle from theMarish  
Dwarven Name for Gregory Baker  
Derin Saphirebringer  
This name is for both genders.  
Orkish Name for Gregory Baker  
Maur├írz the No-Tooth  
This name is for both genders.  
Middle Earth Names
Posted by gbaker 15 years ago
My phone got turned off today. I guess I went 290 minutes over my plan and racked up a bill close to $200. This is happening because I've been using it for personal and business use. I guess I will have to cut off the business use of it since I know they won't offset the cost. Being a non-profit organization and all. I found out my phone was shut off when my fiancee called my office phone saying she has been trying to get a hold of me all morning. She got news that we got the house we've been looking at. w00t!! Now I'm definitely going to be busy moving for the next couple of weeks. I think I may even take some time off work to alleviate some of the stress of doing to many things at once. You know I just realized that getting really good news and really crappy news in the same 10 minute time span makes my anxiety shoot through the roof. Oh, and thanks for the refunds so I could pour it out =)
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I hit my 50th link posted today. In light of this all I have to say is "Damn I'm a newby!" Anyhow, lots o' work today so I'll have to pry myself away from LF for the rest of the day. See ya. Oh, I just noticed I hit "Todays Top User"  
w00t!! good time to run off, eh?
Levelled up!!
Posted by gbaker 15 years ago
I levelled up again today!! w00t, w00t!!  
My week is going to be oh so busy. I'm getting pulled in all sorts of directions with the wedding coming up, moving into a new house, and all the work coming down the pike from my job and the non-profit that I do work for. If I actually stop and try to organize it I think I'll go mad. I did get offered overtime at my job which may alleviate the financial stress I've been having lately, but in turn it will add another workday onto my already overflowed schedule. I'm definately going to have to take some time off from everything once I'm through all this. The problem is I don't see it stopping until sometime around July. Alright, I stopped and thought about it too long. gotta go quit thinking and get something done.
current terror level
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I got this from terrorlevel