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It was hard to watch and it took over an hour, but the RudyBot Pizza Maker eventually produced a tasty, if mangled, slice. Not bad for a beta product. But would it be ready in time for the product launch in September?

Nifty macOS Catalina feature

"Click the Markup button in MacOS and there's a new button that will send images and documents over to your iPhone or iPad so you can mark it up with your fingers or an Apple Pencil (and changes are reflected in real time on the Mac's screen)."


cornpone, 8 years ago:

Last nite while working at the golf range. I sold Old LF user, maggie, a bucket of golf balls.  

I recognized her because fb had suggested her as a friend a while back. the mutual friends were glitch and jones, maybe clu.  

anywho, it's a small small internet."

Erica Synths' Girts Ozolins on creativity and experimentation
I wish I could get to people's archived posts via their profiles

TSIA, baby! #featureRequest

Exactly 23 minutes into each of the first nine seasons of Cheers
Is RSS coming back to LF?


Hatepup Lives!
RIP Rip Torn
Come on...Ted.
Your silence gives consent.

Hey friends - Potatono and I would greatly appreciate it if
you took a look at our GoFundMe for DomeStar.
We can really use your help.
I propose that this be the new Linkfilter robot.
Hatepup Lives!

Bill Gates

Find me on Spotify

I just joined Spotify after my beloved Rdio shut down.

Friend me by searching for "spotify:user:ericmortensen".

the concept of … (here and now)
Avoid it!