Working on Sections
Posted by potatono 13 days ago
I'm moving away from categories and into making sections that can have their own moderator.
Unified posts and new economy proposal
Posted by potatono 3 years ago

Now that modern is a bit more stable I've started thinking about where to go from here. I'm on a train and my TvOS project is stuck so I've been doing a lot of thinking about it. Here's a proposal..

Unified Posts

First I want to unify links, journals and polls and start adding support for lots of other types. There's no reason we shouldn't be able to share images, videos embeds, music, or anything else that is relevant. That means all the permalinks will change and that elements like ratings will be available on all types. I'd also like to rename journals to blogs or simply text entries.

CP Becomes Currency, XP goes away

The biggest change I'd like to propose is eliminating XP and levels altogether. CP (renamed, ideas?) becomes a true currency that you can bank. Every day you visit the site you get a bit more in the bank. To post you pay the going market value of the place you want to post (more on this later). When people react to your post they pay to do so and that CP goes to you. The net earnings of a post determines its position on the front page. The system levies a small tax on front page posts, which is how they decay off. That tax is then used to pay for the stipend given to visiting the site.

Hey big spender, buy a sub!

Categories go away in favor of reddit style subfilters or subs. Creating one is a big investment, but as the owner of one you'll be entitled to do whatever you want with it. Charge a posting fee, levy your own tax, change the design, mod the posts, whatever. Each sub has its own chat, with chat becoming an increasingly integrated part of the experience.

Conclusions, Your Thoughts?

So that's kind of where I think things are going. I haven't played out any of these concepts yet. I may make some kind of simulation to make sure it could even work. Before going too far down this road I wanted to see what you guys think.
Modern updates
Posted by potatono 3 years ago

A couple of updates this morning:

* Added in versioning to the JS/CSS to prevent release wonkiness
* Added back the Top Users view

Also looks like we're having some UTF-8 character issues. It's on the list.

I couldn't reproduce the chatter sizing issue. Let me know if you're still seeing that or any other issues.
Modern skin is now available!
Posted by potatono 3 years ago

I've finally gotten the modern skin into a workable state. It was a ton of work, but well worth it. Modern uses the latest web standards, is responsive, and is social and mobile friendly.

Test it out and let me know when you find bugs. We'll shake it out a bit before making it the default.
A preview and discussion of the modern skin
Posted by potatono 3 years ago

Hi all,

I've been toiling away on a new skin that will bring linkfilter a big step forward toward being a modern website. It's responsive, mobile-friendly, and has features you've come to expect like auto-loading of pages (aka endless scroll). It's also blazingly quick, and I haven't even started optimizing it for caching yet.

As a part of this exercise I'm trying to boil linkfilter down to it's absolute essence. You'll notice that a lot of the gory bits like XP and Points are tucked away behind the scenes. It also doesn't support some of the more esoteric features like ignoring people (discuss). My hope is that most of these changes will be fairly non-controversial as I would eventually like this to become the default and eventually only skin.

One change that I think has the potential to cause some alarm is the unified comments view (discuss). I've noticed that the threading system on linkfilter adds very little to conversations. Most replies are intending to add to the end of a conversation, but depending on which reply button you hit you could end up with a long string of "RE: RE: RE: RE:" and a jumbled mess of indentation. The new system allows for exactly one level of threading, with all replies going to the end of that thread. I think it will make conversations much easier to follow, and more inviting to jump in and participate. Each thread is like a mini chat.

I'm making great progress on the modern skin. I hope you guys will like it. Check out the screenshots below and please let me know your thoughts.



Unified comments

Posted by potatono 3 years ago


Some site updates
Posted by potatono 3 years ago

Glad to see folks logging back in and using the site. I've made some pretty significant updates behind the scenes over the last few days. All the source is now on GitHub. Here's a summary of changes..

* Merged with the more modern Otter framework
* Support for proper response codes (404,200,etc)
* Support for memcached caching
* Upgraded passwords to use bcrypt
* Added RSS 2.0 feeds for links and comments (add format=rss)
* Added JSON feeds for links, comments, polls, journals, users (add format=json)

I'm going to take on a modernized skin next and we'll phase out these old janky ones.

There's probably problems, your best bet is to email me or hit me up on Facebook.

Time zone set to EST
Posted by potatono 3 years ago
The posts should be showing up in EST timezone now and not GMT.  
Still had something on kaboom?
Posted by potatono 9 years ago
Kaboom ist kaput. If you still had something on there, or if your mail was routed through there let me know. I've moved the and domains and I can forward mail to somewhere else if you want. Shoot me an email.
I think i fixed the problems with posting
Posted by potatono 9 years ago
If you guys see more problems email or IM me.
To whomever keeps filling up /home...
Posted by potatono 9 years ago
Hey guys, someone keeps filling up the/home partition on kaboom. I'm not sure where it's coming from, but stop. That's what crashed linkfilter the last two times. I go and delete personal stuff and then someone fills it up again.  
Also I'm going to be migrating linkfilter and the domains to another server soon. I'll over email forwarding to anyone who is using the current system, but I'm not going to have hosting or email boxes or any of that stuff.  
I have no idea when I'll be able to actually get it all done but you should prepare for it.  
Oh linkfilter..
Posted by potatono 10 years ago
Oh linkfilter, you're lookin' like an old boxer who's lookin' for his last fight. We're coming up on ten years together. What do you otter loving fucktards want?
Posted by potatono 11 years ago
On vacation!
Posted by potatono 12 years ago
I realized that I never take vacations when it took me an hour, and watching an instructional video, to set my outlook out of office auto-reply...
Blip up for a webby!!
Posted by potatono 12 years ago
Go vote for blip!  
Don't let those punks at Revver win!!  
Kaboom is a sad panda
Posted by potatono 12 years ago
When you take up too much space on kaboom, it makes him a sad panda.  
Please go delete some mail and remove any large files you have FTPed to the server. Thank you!  
Downtime today
Posted by potatono 12 years ago
Hey everyone.. Linkfilter will be down today from around 6PM-8PM. I will be moving the server to a new location and IP address. DNS will take a bit to catch up. The new IP address will be Sorry for the inconvenience..
Server issues
Posted by potatono 12 years ago
Hey all, sorry for the server issues.. I made some changes that will hopefully take care of them.. Drop me some comments here if you're still not reseting CP or new comment scan isn't working.
Moved database, site may be slow
Posted by potatono 12 years ago
Had to move the database back onto the primary server, at least for a week or so, maybe for good.. Email me if it's ridiculously slow or breaks altogether.
Awesome PuTTY tricks..
Posted by potatono 13 years ago
Paste from the keyboard:  
    * Press Shift-INSERT (Thanks to Jared)  
Use the mouse in vim:  
    * Make sure TERM is set to 'xterm'  
    * Make sure .vimrc has 'set mouse=vn'  
    * Make sure PuTTY hasn't disabled 'xterm style mouse reporting'  
Set up tunnels to arbitrary addresses  
    * The source port input box accepts address:port, just keep typing  
    * See this page  
Sql dumps
Posted by potatono 13 years ago
I sent SQL dumps to hornpipe2, kingskyprawn, and db. Anyone i forget? Email me.
SQL dumps available
Posted by potatono 13 years ago
DB banned me from the linkfilter-users group. Turnabout is fair play I suppose, and I was being a pretty rude as Boojit's childish remarks pissed me off.  
Anyway, I was trying to post that I want to make clear that everyone's posts are their own. If anyone wants a SQL dump of their links/journals/polls, please let me know and I'll be happy to make it available to them. Someone get word to DB about that because the offer stands to him too.  
That's it.
Glitch and I are walking away..
Posted by potatono 13 years ago
As you may have noticed, linkfilter has been down for a few days. Although the screen read technical difficulties, it really was from administrative difficulties. Some of you may have surmised this by now, and assume that this has to do with recent drama between some users who will remain nameless. This is not exactly the case. The recent drama on linkfilter has been a symptom of a ongoing problem, that ultimately neither Glitch nor I have any time or patience to deal with the day to day drama that seems to plague this community. When recent events threatened to involve lawyers or the FBI, it became clear that we could not continue to run the site. The "Technical Difficulties" page went up and plans were made to shut down for good.  
The six year legacy of linkfilter is something that I found very difficult to walk away from. Its something I've thought about doing for quite some time now, and only Glitch's insistance and help from users like Beaglebot have kept the site around for so long. For their hard work they've received very little but grief, and their jobs have been thankless ones. I want to sincerely and personally thank them for all their hard work and persistance over the years. I owe you both more beers than I could ever repay.  
That said, linkfilter is not going away. Darkstar has stepped up to be the sole responsible party for linkfilter. This will be a three month trial, which if successful will result in the code and data being turned over to him to run on his own servers. Glitch and myself are removing our names and email addresses from the site, except to credit as creators. The administration email account will no longer show up in our email boxes. Any problems or concerns by the users will have to go through Darkstar, and whomever he appoints to help him.  
Keep in mind that this is a trial period. Should the site flounder, I will not hesitate to shut it down. If such a thing were to occur, the database would be sterilized to protect identities and released publically. I am also open to suggestions, so feel free to make them. Right now, my primary concern is to get the site back up and running and to remove myself and Glitch as responsible parties.  
Thank you to all the users who have helped keep linkfilter around all these years.  
The folks at valleywag are a bunch of scheming bitches
Posted by potatono 13 years ago
Those slimebuckets took Amanda's video, downloaded it from blip, tagged it with the lamest "Approved by Valleywag" preroller i've ever seen. Like i should give a shit that you approve of what i watch. Then they posted it to Veoh, who in turn tagged it again. Then they posted it to their site. Now all the major news media people are picking up on the story, from them, and they're using the Veoh video. Shitbag Assholes! We could force Veoh to take it down, but apparently Amanda's team doesn't want to mess with it, and i don't blame them, there's enough drama. But i had to complain about it somewhere.
Posted by potatono 13 years ago
quality="high" width="320" height="256" name="movie" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" pluginspage="">  
Strange date/time bugs
Posted by potatono 13 years ago
Here's what's going on, the new database server and the application server can't agree on the date. Even though the dates are set the same, one reports the time from epoch differently than the other.. That's causing all kinds of havoc with new comment scans and /who. I think i've implemented a couple of temporary fixes until I get to the bottom of it, but they may cause more problems then they solve.  
New comments may look like they're an hour older than they are until i fix this correctly.  
Domain name changes
Posted by potatono 13 years ago
People seem to be having trouble with cookies because and seem to keep separate cookies (when did that start?). I've made redirect to so that it shouldn't be a problem anymore..  
But... There are some clever users (linkfilter has the most clever users) who have used and plain 'ol to distinguish between different users sharing a computer.. So for them i've created,, and Each one of those will have it's own cookie.  
Is that agreeable with everyone??  
Moved the database
Posted by potatono 13 years ago
I've moved the database over to another server.. All those links were just too much for one to handle.. Things should be snappy again.
Halloween, Fischerspooner, and turning 30.
Posted by potatono 14 years ago
I spent the last day of my twenties at the Fischerspooner show last night at Irving Plaza.  
One of the best shows i've ever been to, and quite a nice way to end another decade. They played Emerge at the end of the show and the place went nuts. It was way better than the lousy adult. show I was at a couple of weeks ago.  
On Magic Missileing...
Posted by potatono 14 years ago
For future reference, if you want to magic missile, that is delete all your posts and quit linkfilter, please e-mail me. I'll respect your request, but I at least like to make a backup in case you change your mind.