Internet use..
Posted by psychosomatic 10 years ago
We are all a little privileged here. Just admit it.  
What a we take for granted, a hell of a lot of people don't have.  
Basic internet access.  
I stopped posting here a few years ago. Was only because I lacked broadband, was not possible in the house I lived in, was old. Could not do dialup, only had decent internet at work.  
Moved into new house recently, got internet. linkfilter is still cool.  
Interesting question for you wise folk though.  
What do you pay for internet access, and for how much?  
I know there has been an upset in America recently with capping of downloads.  
Here in Australia, we are capped by default.  
I pay $88 aus dollars per month for 70 gig.  
Which region are you from, and what do you pay per month?  
(If that's not too personal. If it is, hey this is my journal)  
Appreciate all replies, just trying to gauge the basic cost of internet round the world.  
Thank, in advance,  
An old family friend just died..
Posted by psychosomatic 10 years ago
I'm trying to not mourn her passing too much. She had a rich and full life, made only more poignant by her cancer. Fought to the end. This was the kind of woman that took in stray dogs that no one else could manage, made them family pets.  
I knew her since I was born (35 yrs ago). She was another mother, of sorts.  
After her husband died, more than 2 decades ago, she (despite being legally blind) found herself.  
What a life.  
Note to not mourn too much, would be a waste.  
RIP Margaret  
See? Hope Can become reality.
Posted by psychosomatic 14 years ago
Thanx much shigpit.  
The New Year's statement...
Posted by psychosomatic 14 years ago
Bit torrent is better than any alternative.  
Retro is at 85% at least.  
Please try and be good to other people.
The fruitless quest to find Marathon Infinity.....
Posted by psychosomatic 14 years ago
Looking for this game so I can play the ported SDL version....need data files.  
If Anyone can help me find this...(Bungie stopped selling halo)...  
please let me know. ([email protected])
Listening to.....
Posted by psychosomatic 14 years ago
Good Australian music.
Anybody for a liberal hoedown?
Posted by psychosomatic 14 years ago
Both in my country, Australia, and a country that influences our decisions, the  
U.S.A, incumbent conservative governments have been re-elected with an increased majority. Well, at least if they get it right..(ha!) All of you who voted for them can say, well at least I voted for them. Safety in *ucking* numbers.  
Ranting ceases.
Conservative group savages anti-P2P bill
Posted by psychosomatic 14 years ago
The lion and the lamb....  
I am gonna stop posting these on the front page...I think my journal is the place for p2p issues....
Back at the filter....
Posted by psychosomatic 14 years ago
a month and a half away...has anything changed?
cute bears...heheh
Posted by psychosomatic 14 years ago
Last journal entry for a while....
Posted by psychosomatic 14 years ago
Hell, last anything for a while....Fare-thee-well.  
Leaving the filter...Sob... temporarily...the pain....
Posted by psychosomatic 14 years ago
Alas, due to events beyond my control I will have lost access to the 'Filter (and my broadband connection) for the next couple of weeks. I know this is not a long time, but it will feel like it. I have found you guys to be one of the most open-minded and cool communities on the internet. I will post my links for the 08072004, and then bid you adieu for a while.  
Cheers Linkfiltarians.  
Weather forecast says....
Posted by psychosomatic 14 years ago
It is going to rain, where i live, for the next week straight. crap I hate winter. Hello linkfilter.  
Quote of the year....
Posted by psychosomatic 14 years ago
Bender "Here's me with a busted ass and I don't see anybody kissing it"  
Dr Zoidberg "I'm coming, I'm coming"  
Futurama, Box 2, disc 1. (can't remember the episode)
My dog...
Posted by psychosomatic 14 years ago
I don't have a photo available i can link to...but he is a Gordon setter cross...and looks an awful lot like this....  
but has very short hair.
Listening to....
Posted by psychosomatic 14 years ago
Paul Simon's Graceland which I think is one the best albums ever, if ya don't hate him that is.  
Very Scary Squid...
Posted by psychosomatic 14 years ago
I saw this documentary on cable on the Red devil squid. These things are full on...see this if you can.  
A long standing question...can you help?
Posted by psychosomatic 14 years ago
Has anybody seen the John Hughes movie The Breakfast Club? In the scene where John Bender(Judd Nelson) is crawling across the ceiling, he is telling a joke when he falls through. Does anybody know the punchline to this joke? It starts thus a naked blonde walks into a bar with a poodle under 1 arm and a 2-foot salami under the other. The bartender says "well I guess you won't be needing a drink then" which is where the joke is interrupted. Anyone?
Top 10 animated TV shows
Posted by psychosomatic 14 years ago
1 - South Park  
2 - Ren & Stimpy (johnK episodes)  
3 - Daffy duck episodes (Duck Dodgers & robin hood)  
4 - Simpsons  
5 - Duckman  
6- Mr Hell show  
7 - Family guy  
8 - Starblazers  
9 - Futurama  
10 - Astro Boy
Best Quake2 source ports....
Posted by psychosomatic 14 years ago
Quake2maX is the longest lived and one of the best. much eye candy, many technological advances over the original engine. The stablest and best performer. 9/10  
Q2 evolved is a source port that aims to update the engine, includes much eyecandy and also involves a re-texturing & re-modeling project. Has a fair way to go. 7/10  
Knightmare's Q2 engine was originally released as a custom engine for brilliant level designer Mark Shan's mission pack Pax Imperia. This is at an early stage, but is very stable, performs well and is lovely to look at. 8/10  
Q2 ice is a fairly recent entry, looks promising but we will see. 7/10  
In praise of emule..
Posted by psychosomatic 14 years ago
eMule is an open source file sharing program based on the Ed2k network. It is excellent, and allows complete control over its settings. No spyware. 10/10
Victory is mine....Damn you
Posted by psychosomatic 14 years ago
If you are hijacked to  
I was afflicted with this little sh!t for a week...try this.  
Look in your running processes list...look for runsvc32.exe. M'kay. Now do a search on your hard disk(s) for this file, showing All files (hidden)  
Stop the process, and archive the file runsvc32.exe.  
Now you have stopped the process, you will find the hi-jack stops.  
Delete the file and associated prefetch, and also the search redirectors that will show up in the search.  
Should be cool now...worked for me, nothing malfunctions, but even so, back up the file...just in case. I am an enthusiastic amateur, not a pro.  
Postscript - I will be shortly converting to Firefox. Good day.  
Interesting articles about Afghanistan...
Posted by psychosomatic 14 years ago
this one about the upcoming elections, and this about a reporter on the Afghan drugs trail. Relevant to me, as the 'benefits' of 'Democracy' are starting to sell on the streets of my home town, and the death toll is rising. Funny how the poppy production in Afghanistan had ground to a halt, before GWB stepped in. Go figure.
Another Shitty Day.....v2.0
Posted by psychosomatic 14 years ago
No, really, I have had enough of winter. My best friends have gone overseas to warmer climes, my feet won't heat up and yet again, winter sucks.
Top 10 Console games 'o' all time.
Posted by psychosomatic 14 years ago
1 - Starwing (Starfox) (SNES)  
2 - Tekken 2 (PS)  
3 - Burnout 2 (PS2)  
4 - Donkey Kong Country 1 (SNES)  
5 - Crash Bandicoot 1 (PS)  
6 - Mortal Kombat 2 (SNES)  
7 - House of the Dead (DC)  
8 - Soulcalibur (DC)  
9 - Sonic (SMS)  
10 - Panzer Dragoon (GEN)  
Spyware Killing...try this crud. It works.
Posted by psychosomatic 14 years ago
1 - Google toolbar - Basic popup killer. free.  
2 - NoAdHosts - Nukes advertising, full freaking stop. Simple, elegant hack. free. updated regularly.  
3 - AdAware - Free for personal use, startup scan.  
4 - Spybot S&D - Free, resident protection. 5 stars.  
5 - Javacools Spyware Blaster - free. Heavy resident, stops hijacking. works hand in hand with Spybot S&D.  
Using all these things your surfing will be sweet.  
Cool Doom/Heretic/hexen/strife source ports.
Posted by psychosomatic 14 years ago
1 - Zdoom - Many custom games have been created for Zdoom. Nice port.  
2 - Doomsday - Graphically, the prettiest source port for doom, heretic and hexen. 3d models, hirez textures and particle effects  
3 - Vavoom - None better for playing Strife under Windows.
My top ten PC games 'o' all time
Posted by psychosomatic 14 years ago
1 - Doom (and 2,etc)  
2 - UFO enemy unknown  
3 - Neverwinter nights  
4 - Hexen 2  
5 - Eye of the beholder 1  
6 - Half life  
7 - Dune 2  
8 - Links 386  
9 - quake 1  
10 - Unreal Tournament
Posted by psychosomatic 15 years ago
Read this article about the miraculous powers of honey. Very interesting.  
/makes cup of tea..adds honey/
Just what Israel needs...A new killing machine.
Posted by psychosomatic 15 years ago
This article describes Israel's 'first' in developing a surface to surface missile in the middle east. great.