Is this thing on?
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Test. Test.
Howdy, folks!
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I have returned.

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Things that annoy me to no end #83:  
Intermittent computer problems that appear to be hardware related.
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Two things:  
1) Neil Gaiman raises bees. Awesome.  
2) Neil Gaiman respond to my tweet asking him what his honey was like. More awesome.  
3) My wife went insane at #2.
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The whacking of this Individual would be greatly appreciated.
And he also made false teeth...
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Got Spore last week. I've played it for probably 8-10 hours. The Space stage--which is the bulk of the game play--is a broken piece of crap. For somebody having somebody as talented as Will Wright at the helm, they really dropped the ball. The mechanics and interface are mediocre, making management of your empire (down to the individual colony, of course) tedious, at best. The stage basically consists of getting spammed with requests from your own colonies and your allies to do save them from impending doom. On top of that, there is no quick, easy way to travel between known planets and systems. And because your civilization can apparently only produce a single ship, one must constantly run around trying to do a ton of tasks. Worse still, failure to do these tasks in a timely manner results in your alliances failing, your spice being stolen, and your colonies being destroyed.  
I realized tonight, after having defended my home planet for about the 10th time during this session, that I was no longer having any fun playing. I really had high hopes for this game. I bought into the hype, I suppose. The only thing I'm glad about is that I have a friend at EA, so I got the game for $10.
For smith:
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Ramiro Barrera and James Logan High School went to the Olympics. Here's a video of them at their bon voyage show.  
For poner
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Hey, cornpone...have you ever thought of selling your art on here: (See example)
LCD Soundsystem
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I know I'm a little late to the party (I've been hearing about these guys the last few years), but I finally got LCD Soundsystem's two album. The first is good. But Sound of Silver is awesome. I dig the grooves.
This cracks me up.
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A student dressed as Mohandas K. Gandhi sips a mango drink during an anti-tobacco campaign in Mumbai, India.  
May 30, 2008
OMG Pwnies!
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Every time we see this shirt, honeydew and I think of cornpone (even though they aren't unicorns)  
Mario Kart Wii
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Turns out I was all talk and had to eat crow. Clu kicked my ass this weekend (and in person, no less). I only won one race. I blame the wheel, the split screen, and/or the phase of the moon.  
Anyway, here's a mushroom for you clu  
Thanks again smith and clu! We had a great time!
bring it on!
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12 player online with split screen support.  
Mine ships May 1 from Amazon. Who's game?
bring it on!
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bring it on!
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Damn you Linkfilter Internal Error...
get this album
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Diablo Rojo = awesome.
is this thing on?
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Chapelle's Black Bush  
Most of you have probably seen this already. I just saw it this week. Laughed my ass off.
well, sheet.
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Jebus. I leave for a few weeks and everything goes all wonky 'round here.
b00p b00p
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Hi all!  
So I'm not dead, which is good (though I am getting over a cold). Honeydew and I have a place to live now (starting on July 23). bbbach is a cool guy with whom to hang out and chat. Work is a little overwhelming, but cool. Finally saw Star Wars (good) and Batman Begins (great). Our car exterior and engine compartment were oddly invaded by ants, which took several days and a can of RAID to remove.  
Details to follow...eventually. =)
California here we come!
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Not sure how much I'll be on for the next week or so. The movers are coming tomorrow to pack and load us up, then we're going to hit the road Thursday. Hopefully we'll make LA by Saturday night. Then I start the new job Monday while agent honeydew goes off to try to find us a place to live. Hopefully the hotel they're putting us up in will have free Internet access so we can check listings for rentals online (and LF, of course).  
Off to go finish organizing for the packers!
The doctor is in.
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Well, now that I'm officially Dr. Oofex and will be starting my new job in a week, I've got a question for the more financially savvy around here...  
Do you use a financial advisor? Why or why not? And if so, how'd you go about choosing one?  
I ask because honeydew and I know how to start getting our financial house in order, so to speak, but we'd really like to start planning for a home, kids and retirement savings. I think we can figure out the basics, but we'd be more comfortable having someone--at least initially--help us formulate a game plan.
I want to read this book....
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God vs. the Gavel  
Religion and the Rule of Law
Marci Hamilton  
God vs. the Gavel challenges the pervasive assumption that all religious conduct deserves constitutional protection. While religious conduct provides many benefits to society, it is not always benign. The thesis of the book is that anyone who harms another person should be governed by the laws that govern everyone else - and truth be told, religion is capable of great harm. This may not sound like a radical proposition, but it has been under assault since the 1960s. The majority of academics and many religious organisations would construct a fortress around religious conduct that would make it extremely difficult to prosecute child abuse by clergy, medical neglect of children by faith-healers, and other socially unacceptable behaviours. This book intends to change the course of the public debate over religion by bringing to the public’s attention the tactics of religious entities to avoid the law and therefore harm others.
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182 pgs to summarizes 5 years of school. Kind of scary and kind of depressing at the same time. I get to pick up from Kinkos in a couple hours then dump it off with my committee  
Hopefully it'll pass mustard and my talk next Tuesday will go OK.  
(and just so nobody gets all fancy-pants...yes, I know it's "pass muster")
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I'M SICK!!!! BASTARDS!!!!!!!!!!  
At least I know what the progression of symptoms is...  
Unfortunately, I didn't get my dissertation done. Hope my committee is understanding and lets it slide being a day or so late.
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If you're ill, STAY THE F__K HOME!  
Agent honeydew was throwing up last night and has a fever today. I'm betting she caught something from a couple of her coworkers who thought they had "food poisoning." Now I'm totally paranoid because I've got my dissertation do in a couple days and my defense in just over a week. The last thing I can afford is to spend a couple days bent over the porcelain god and running a fever. I'm washing my hands constantly and trying to drink a lot of fluids.  
If I get sick, I'm gonna visit these jerks and puke on their shoes.
For DV8 2XL
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Nuclear Power Plants As Energy Sources, Clifford Singer, Director, ACDIS and Professor of Nuclear Plasma and Radiation Engineering, University of Illinois MP3 of one-hour interview done on Friday June 3, 2005. See if you can figure out which caller I am. =P  
And on Thursday: The Benefits of Nuclear Energy Barclay Jones, Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Nuclear Plasma and Radiation Engineering at the University of Illinois.  
Flee in terror!
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FuzzyDave> Eet Hawt Onley Deth Scrobblesaecekans!  
ultrafastx> That's not a Space Onley!!! That's their evil allies the Lemurians.  
ultrafastx> And the one in the back is a right bastard.  
ultrafastx> Just look at that crazy m-f  
darkstar> hehehe  
FuzzyDave> his name is Ozzie, i'm thinkin  
darkstar> I think he's the ring-leader  
darkstar> urging on the others to do his nefarious bidding  
ultrafastx> The one in the center is clearly the daft, insane one.  
ultrafastx> So the one on the right must be the muscle.  
darkstar> that's usually the way of it.  
darkstar> Basically, it's darkstar, fuzzydave and ultrafastx.  
darkstar> I'll let you figure out who is who.
Honky tonkin'
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I'm on a Dwight Yoakam kick for some reason.  
This is a good collection of his stuff:  
So, he looks pretty slick and hip, right? Always has the beat up hat with the serious curvature. Wears tight jeans, usually kind of beat up. He's always cultivated a bit of a rebel/rocker outsider image.  
Here are some of his album covers...  
And then, a couple years ago I was shocked when I saw him in a movie, sans hat...and realized why he wears it. =)  
The Grandmatrix
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darkstar> Okay, results of today's experiment: Rose syrup in fizzy water makes a drink which is both thoroughly delicious and wholly nauseating.  
darkstar> It's like drinking Grandma.  
shigpit> d*, especially if her name is Rose.  
PAgent> "Drinking Grandma"--the new film from John Waters  
ultrafastx> soylent rose is made of grandma  
ultrafastx> my grandma would taste like pork products now  
darkstar> :)  
darkstar> ewwwww  
shigpit> "The Grandmatrix" -- starring Keanu Reeves' grandma.  
ultrafastx> "You must take the red pill and the blue pill, and this pill for your blood pressure, and this other pill for your arthritis, and this other pill...."  
shigpit> ufx: what's the little blue pill for?  
ultrafastx> "I know crocheting!"  
crataegus> There ain't pills enough for drinking Grandma  
ultrafastx> female Viagra?  
FuzzyDave> Bullet Time would become CruiseControl Time  
ultrafastx> too bad I'm not a fanfilm maker. We could totally make Grandmatrix  
shigpit> and instead of martial arts, it would be little old women hitting people with their canes and walkers.  
crataegus> All grandmothers are secret martial artists of the super secret Path of the Righteous Ear Smack with the Flat of the Hand