Every year, the Edmunds.com editors gather to ponder that eternal question, "What cars or trucks would we most want to park in our garage?" For the 2006 model year our editors have once again scoured the entire automotive spectrum looking for their favorite vehicles. What they've came up with are the Edmunds.com Editors' Most Wanted cars and trucks for 2006.  
We eat, breathe and dream automobiles, and in many instances, this love for the car overruled common sense during our selection process. But that's the great thing about the Edmunds.com Editors' Most Wanted list: it's guided by passion, not science (much like the majority of car purchases).  
Includes lists of consumers' most wanted, lowest true cost to own, used car best bets, depreciation ratings, most researched vehicles, and a ton of auto-related top-10 lists.
My pick didn't make the list
spacely_sprocket: Mercedes CLS 55 AMG  
therefore the list is fatally flawed.