Learn the DVORAK Keyboard
Posted by mhamrick23 in the wired 13 years ago
We walk amongst you undetected... users of the DVORAK keyboard. We sneak into your offices and homes while you're not looking and change your input method preferences. Bwa ha ha ha ha!! Soon we will rule the world and the only remaining QWERTY keyboards will be the chicklet monstrosities of the original TI-99/4! Join us now and avoid this fate!  
But seriously... I don't think Dvorak is going to take over the world anytime soon and several of us believe we're only marginally faster with Dvorak than QWERTY. However, I (and a number of other people) find Dvorak to be more comfortable... I feel I have a little less wrist strain these days by usign Dvorak. And I am a little bit of a faster typist...  
This is a link to a site with Dvorak lessons in four languages!
Kassi42: A basic course in Dvorak is what Greg and I used to switch.  
is that a keyboard where the v and the a keys are broken?
Kassi42: ha ha no, an alternative keyboard layout that puts noticably less stress on the wrists and improves WPM.
crataegus: I'm 99% certain that Fluffy was being fecelicious.
AcidRflux: Sounds challenging :)