A very informative Alex Jones Productions Google video describing, in conspiracy terms, the obvious connections of the Bush family in the assassination of John F. Kennedy.  
(Hour and 1/2 long)  
Erring on the safe side,
magicpixel: Watching this. I like conspiracy movies.
very interesting - 10
johnny2000: is changing my view on Hoover
just found as a by product of googling for Bill Liedtke
johnny2000: "On Dec. 17, 1992, former Iranian president Abolhassan Bani-Sadr sent the [US congressional] task force a detailed letter describing the conflict within the Iranian government over the secret hostage deal with the Republicans. Bani-Sadr said... 'Passendideh told me that if I do not accept this proposal, they [the Republicans] would make the same offer to my [radical Iranian] rivals. He further said that they [the Republicans] have enormous influence in the CIA."  
Online Journal and Consortium News, 15 May 1999  
oh these evil radical Muslims in Iran, they had to send them money and arms after the victory of Reagan over Carter ...