LiveJournal: Animated GIFS
Posted by Mac in the wired 12 years ago
Animated Gifs - Scraped from LiveJournal...updated regularly.  
I hope BudTugly doesn't get a hold of these
tomcat101147: Why hope that Bud doesn't see this link when we have you instead. Not everybody has dsl, cable or high speed, Mac. Some of us are still usung dial up and stuff like this really screws with the scan.
Mac: Sorry 'bout that TC...I'll try to take that into consideration going forward.
tomcat101147: Thank you!
Also, there are 20 people in Nebraska with old tape decks that can't listen to these dang-blasted mp3 files that you youngsters keep yammering on about. Please, people...stop clogging up the internet with your infernal technology.
my eyes!
blarp: About 8 pages down, on the 7:52pm June 16 post..  
Holy freaking shit.
blarp: oh, and unrelated..  
deathburger: You must have missed tc asking that giant gifs not be posted in comments here. That's over 1MB. I'm on fast DSL now, but I must say I'm not fond of huge gifs either.
fabulon7: But many people are fond of them. And I don't recall it being against the rules to post them.  
I think they almost always suck, but so what?  
Animatedgifsizepolice are tedious.