Opera 9.0 Browser Released
Posted by Mac in the wired 12 years ago
Opera 9 is now available for download! Take a look at the future of Web browsing with the new stuff in Opera 9, including: widgets, BitTorrent support, content blocking, tab preview, source viewer and much more.  
Here's the Changelog  
It now renders Deathburger's Greasefilter page properly, so despite fully passing the Acid2 test, they've added even more compatibility
glitch p-udding: email  
rss reader  
bit torrent  
all in a 4.6mb download. tiny, stable, fast application, with small memory footprint.  
glitch p-udding: also...runs on just about everything but your toaster.
deathburger: Want to see Opera's standards support? Until it can actually live up to it's claims and display standards-compliant pages, it can run on a set of platform shoes and won't make a lick of difference.  
Plus it's ugly.
deathburger: Woah! Nevermind, I commented off the NCS. :)
deathburger: Meaning that except probably the ugly bit, the comment doesn't apply.
deathburger: Have some more XP.
glitch p-udding: i'm not clear on what's so ugly about it. it's completely skinnable and the stock skin is very minimal.  
i'm not disagreeing with you or defending opera...i'm just not clear on what the problem is.
deathburger: The kind of thing I'm making reference to is in the standard skin, the icons on it's toolbar don't even line up with one another.  
Note I haven't tried 9.0 final yet, so if they've fixed some of those problems so much the better.
deathburger: Also, that low voter aint me, I gave it a 10.
deathburger: Okay, I updated it and it appears as though my gripes about the pages not rendering when they should aren't an issue anymore as the post says. Next time I update Greasefilter I'll make the alert go away for Opera.  
Opera's still ugly by default though. ;p
deathburger: Here's a couple examples of what I actually mean by ugly:  
Opera screenshot with text descriptions
Mac: If you rename them to much shorter names, they take up virtually no real estate
deathburger: Such as 1, 2, 3 etc? :) I hadn't tried that, and I'm sure it would work to some extent. My complaint with the panels button list is it can't be hidden entirely independently of the sidebar content.
shigpit: Hey BurgerBuggy™,  
You realize that Opera has skins, right? And you can turn off the names of the links too, if the icons make sense. (Notice my NYT logo isn't on the right link, that looks like a bug to me.)  
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deathburger: That skin does look somewhat better. I was sticking to the default skin, which the greater majority of those who go to use Opera will use for some time. Compared to the default skins in SeaMonkey, Firefox, and even (horror of horrors) IE, the one in Opera looks very slipshod and amateur.