AT&T is the largest telecommunications company in the United States and one of the largest in the world.  
It is the global company that will set the industry standard for a new era of integrated communications and entertainment services. Today, AT&T has IP-based (Internet Protocol) network capabilities, assets, and resources that are widely regarded as unsurpassed in the marketplace, enabling the company to lead the industry in using the language of the Internet to deliver innovative services that integrate voice, data and video. The combined IP assets of AT&T will enable innovations that neither the pre-merger SBC nor pre-merger AT&T could have accomplished on its own.  
AT&T serves millions of customers around the globe, including global, national, mid-size, regional and government customers. It delivers an unsurpassed portfolio of traditional and IP-based voice, broadband Internet, data transport, wireless and video services. It also offers online and print directory publishing and advertising.
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National Security
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Don't forget this is the company that allowed the NSA to install 'secret rooms' in their facilities.  
AT&T == Spy network
the death star
Utter rubbish...
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