Casey Sheehan's mother asks, “What did my son die for?” as she hops the globe with her traveling Cirque du Solemnity. His actions that fateful day provide the answer. Her son -- regrettably, now the second most famous Sheehan -- and the thousands of others like him, died for their brothers in arms.
phlap: Did you expect a conserv ative professional soldiler to think otherwwise? Why then have so many former soldiers from Nam and Iraq taken just an opposite position and said that the war is not worth the lives it has taken? If that soldiler wants to serve, so be it, because he clearly believes whatever he is told from the administration. Some of us, however, do not (:I have been in the military twice)...
He died for nothing
pejo: Bud why don't you go volunteer?  
Bud Tugly: I have served.  
It's your choice to hate the war and the President; and to work to endanger the troop's morale and the public's resolve - but it doesn't mean that Casey Sheehan dying for nothing.  
You are wrong.