The president's demeanor, standing as it does in perfect counterpoint to that of his political adversaries, is one of the reasons Republicans control the House, the Senate and the White House, and, I predict, will continue to do so. Americans prefer nice people, because they recognize that a thriving civilization requires civil people.
That made me throw up a little in my mouth
jszymkowski: What a piece of unabashed propoganda. Bush the uniter? Come on.. BushCo are the masters of divide-and-conquer.
Bud Tugly: Here's some more unabashed propoganda.  
LowFlyingMule: I thought he was the decider, not the uniter.
Hugh2d2: He's "decidedated" to "untieify".
in bush we trust
Hugh2d2: Dubya could roll up in a limo with three dead hookers, blow under his nose and the decapitated head of a baby seal on his lap and Bud would STILL think the guy is great.  
That kind of blind devotion is a dangerous thing, Bud.
fabulon7: That was comic gold. Thanks, bud.
funny stuff!
phlap: Kennedy is uncivial but Bush is swell as 2000 Ameri cans die for his niceness based upon a lie? Sir: deeds not smiles and words are what finally count. Deeds. got it?
Mac: Spellcheck....please!
JohnGalt: If you can't argue with facts, attack the spelling.
crataegus: No, in this case, the spelling needs to be attacked.
and there weren't really too many facts.  
but there was a spelling error. Not a real big one, but whatever.
I'd say it was a couchdive-grade spelling error, nowhere near beaglebot-level, but perhaps closest to a Kassi42-type. In terms of grammar, I would rate it about couchdive-level, with slight moderation of the score due to the comment's relatively short length.
foot2000: short on facts, long on opinion and mixed together with halftruths.  
i laughed more than once and fact-checked it 2 or 3 times just to make sure of the accuracy of the half truths.  
Personally, i think the writer should apply for a job with the colbert report or where such writing could tanslate to real entertainment value.  
10 and a comment for the witty sarcasm and giving us something to debate about.
Bud Tugly: I guess that would make it (?!) an opinion piece.
Courtesy vs Incivility
rover77: Theres alot of irony here...a 10 to help tip the scales
rover77: ok Bud get ready ..I'll draw their fire by posting disturbing pix of Muslim fanatics and then we'll run for it!