Lotus Notes for Linux
Does your Lotus Domino infrastructure run on the Linux operating system? Now your Lotus Notes client can, too.  
On 10 July 2006, IBM announced a new platform option for IBM Lotus Notes software: Lotus Notes for Linux. Beginning 24 July 2006, Lotus Notes licensees will be able to run Lotus Notes 7.0.1 software on select Linux client operating systems. The option will be available at no additional charge for Lotus Notes licensees on active maintenance.  
Lotus Notes for Linux is delivered as Lotus Notes 7.0.1 software packaged with some enabling technology that allows it to run natively on Linux workstations.
deathburger: I hadn't expected this one to fare so well, since it's such a hated thing with the cubicle dwellers 'round here...
bozino: I've never been more tempted to one vote a link.  
I HATE me some Lotus Notes.
crataegus: I've used it as a knowledge management system AND I've supported it as an email client for a major retailer (good GOD don't ask). I can guarantee that I hate it more than just about anyone on LF.
Mac: When I last used it (v5), we fondly referred to it as Lotus Bloats, due to its incredibly high memory and disk footprint.
crataegus: aka Bloated Goats