A new blockbuster book by WASHINGTON TIMES reporter Bill Gertz exposes how China recruited at least three CIA officers as spies, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned.  
Gertz writes in 'ENEMIES: HOW AMERICA'S FOES STEAL OUR SECRETS, AND HOW WE LET IT HAPPEN,' that details about the spies were first discovered in 1999 by counterspies who were able to trace some of the money paid by Beijing.  
Chinese intelligence paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to the spies, and one CIA officer alone got some $600,000 in Chinese money.  
How China used the agent, Katrina Leung, to pass disinformation to the highest levels of the U.S. government, including the White House, and fooled U.S. intelligence and policy leaders into adopting naïve and benign policies toward China.  
· How two senior FBI Agents, J.J. Smith and Bill Cleveland had long-time sexual relationships with Leung that contributed China’s successful spying penetration.  
· How the FBI falsely accused and hounded a dedicated CIA counterintelligence officer Brian Kelley and his family for nearly two years, while the real target of the Russian mole hunt, FBI Agent Robert Hanssen, operated freely and passed secrets to Moscow.  
· How Russian military personnel allowed to work at a U.S. command center in the Middle East secretly supplied Saddam Hussein with intelligence on U.S. military operations, and how the U.S. military ignored the case.  
· New details of how the KGB handled CIA turncoat Aldrich Ames, contained in a classified report showing how the KGB saved documents provided by Ames and only began exploiting the secrets after Ames was caught in 1993.  
· How North Korean intelligence agents kidnapped Japanese schoolgirl Megumi Yakota and took her to North Korea to train agents as part of an covert action program.  
· How North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il was so upset by the 2004 puppet comedy film “Team America: World Police,” that he ordered his intelligence agents to assassinate the producers.  
· How the legacy of Clinton administration restrictions and missteps on intelligence aided al Qaeda terrorists.  
When asked why I had such concerns about what really happened during the McCarthy era today, I said because I feared it was still happening now. I had no idea it was even worse.  
It's happened before
Nov. 2005
Psychomike: This is what I wrote in November of 2005:  
"What warnings do we draw from this?  
1. The CIA since it's inception has meddled in our political affairs.  
2. Intel agencies still refuse to share information with each other and have a way of dealing with subversion within that is sloppy, slow and well, stupid.  
3. Government agencies can bring down elected officials by using a spin instead of the courts or elections. This is a very serious threat to our Democracy. Far more than Joe ever was.  
4. The FBI clearly failed at stopping communist spies. As did OSS. CIA. The White House. And they destroyed a man rather than admit the truth.  
If I were in the White House, the CIA and FBI would no longer be invited to my morning meetings. And if they refused to share Intel or set up an appartus for dealing with spies within I'd dismantle the groups. Just as Truman did to OSS when he discovered how infiltrated it was.  
We have discovered a true hero, who tried for ten years to get spies thrown out of our government. Grombach. Odd that the McCarthy Era crumbles when we examine McCarren  
(see link at top of site) who actually did the things Joe is accused of, and McCarthy himself ceases to loom large over the period.  
Joe McCarthy was a whistleblower who believed the public could stop the problem. He was neither evil, wrong or anything more than a guy who discovered the problems and tried to tell us. We killed the messenger. The message, is still sadly, very real."  
I still stand by those statements. More than ever.
tomcat101147: "If I were in the White House,..."  
I hereby avow publicly and ferverntly the existance of an all powerful God, whatever he may be named by mankind of any ethnic group and pray that in his wisdom he prevents this situation from ever happening."
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I'm Abe Lincoln.

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